Vancouver Pop Festival

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The Vancouver Pop Festival was a Canadian rock festival held at the Paradise Valley Resort in Squamish, British Columbia. The dates of the festival were August 22, 23 and 24, 1969. It was produced by Candi Promotions.

Neither the Grateful Dead nor Strawberry Alarm Clock played. A band named Crow was the surprise hit for those who liked hard rock. Bikers provided an uncomfortable, "avoid taking hallucinogens" vibe.

Due to problems with paid attendance, only some of the acts listed below performed. It has been claimed that the Grateful Dead did not perform, but Jerry Garcia biographer Blair Jackson disputed this, and speculated the Dead took the gig to move on from their poor performance at the Woodstock festival a week earlier. The groups playing at the festival included (in alphabetical order):

The Chambers Brothers Chicago Alice Cooper Crome Syrcus Crow Flying Burrito Brothers The Grass Roots Grateful Dead The Guess Who Love Taj Mahal Brownie McGhee Merryweather Motherlode Poco The Rascals Little Richard Merrilee Rush Strawberry Alarm Clock Sonny Terry

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