Radio Sessions

Phil Lynott Solo

Grand Slam


February 19, 1970 Cloghran National School, Swords, IRE

February 20, 1970 St. Anthony's Hall, Dublin, IRE

March 5, 1970 Countdown Club, Dublin, IRE

March 9, 1970 Trinity College, Dublin, IRE

March 10, 1970 Liberty Hall, Dublin, IRE

March 28, 1970 The Astor, Belfast, NI

April 11, 1970 Countdown Club, Dublin, IRE

April 24, 1970 The Carousel, Belfast, NI

May 10, 1970 Queen's University MacMordie Hall, Belfast, NI

May 11, 1970 Town And Country Club, Dublin, IRE

June 1, 1970 Town And Country Club, Dublin, IRE

June 13, 1970 Afton Club, Dundalk, IRE

July 4, 1970 Afton Club, Dundalk, IRE

July 11, 1970 Countdown Club, Dublin, IRE

July 12, 1970 Glasnevin Tennis Club, Dublin, IRE

July 14, 1970 St. Aidan's Hall, Dublin, IRE

July 25, 1970 Afton Club, Dundalk, IRE

August 6, 1970 St. Johns Hall, Tralee, IRE

August 17, 1970 Town And Country Club, Dublin, IRE

August 20, 1970 Tiffany's, Dublin, IRE

August 22, 1970 Vernon Avenue Grounds, Dublin, IRE (22-23 Aug)

August 28, 1970 Marion Hall, Tipperary, IRE

August 29, 1970 Afton Club, Dundalk, IRE

September 4, 1970 Richmond Park, Dublin, IRE (Music Festival)

September 6, 1970 Television Club, Dublin, IRE

September 8, 1970 Afton Club, Dundalk, IRE

September 11, 1970 Wexford, IRE (Living Music Festival)

September 17, 1970 Tiffany's, Dublin, IRE

September ?, 1970 Zchivago's Club, Dublin, IRE

October 14, 1970 Silver Swan Hotel, Sligo, IRE

October 24, 1970 Afton Club, Dundalk, IRE

October 29, 1970 Stadium, Dublin, IRE (with Fleetwood Mac)

November ?, 1970 Zchivago's Club, Dublin, IRE

November 5, 1970 Peacock Theatre, Dublin, IRE

November 8, 1970 Silver Swan Hotel, Sligo, IRE

November 13, 1970 Mayfair, Kilkenny, IRE (with Black Aces)

November 14, 1970 Afton Club, Dundalk, IRE

November 18, 1970 Peacock Theatre, Dublin, IRE

December 12, 1970 Afton Club, Dundalk, IRE

December 18, 1970 Peacock Theatre, Dublin, IRE

December 26, 1970 Silver Swan Hotel, Sligo, IRE


02 Jan Afton Club, Dundalk, IRE

22 Jan Scaffold Club, Ballina, IRE

05 Feb Silver Slipper Ballroom, Strandhill, IRE

13 Feb Countdown Club, Dublin, IRE (with Iron Horse)

23 Feb Peacock Theatre, Dublin, IRE

25 Feb Peacock Theatre, Dublin, IRE

27 Feb Peacock Theatre, Dublin, IRE

15 Mar Television Club, Dublin, IRE (with Status Quo, Freedom)

16 Mar St. Anthony's Little Theatre, Dublin, IRE

19 Mar London Sisters Club (with Armada)  (cancelled)

20 Mar London Speakeasy (with Patto) (cancelled)

23 Mar London Ronnie Scott's Club Upstairs (Debut UK gig)

26 Mar Reading Thingamijig Club

27 Mar Kirklevington Country Club

31 Mar London Blaise's Club

02 April London Nags Head Blues Loft (with Patto)

03 April Hitchin Hermitage Ballroom (with Wild Turkey)

04 April Croydon, London Greyhound (with East of Eden)

05 April Chester Quaintways

07 April Derby Clouds

09 April London Marquee (with Status Quo)

11 April Bayston, Linconshire Playing Fields (with The Flirtations)

13 April Southend Fickle Pickle Club (with Titus Groan)

14 April Greenford Oldfield Tavern (with Alan Bown)

15 April Maidenhead Skindles Hotel

16 April Wallasey Tomorrow Club

21 April London Heads - 121 Queensgate

24 April London The Temple

25 April London Lyceum Ballroom (with Wishbone Ash)

26 April Chester Quaintways

27 April Southend Fickle Pickle

28 April Harlow, Essex Aquarius

29 April Risley, Lancashire Risley Remand Centre

30 April Cromer, Norfolk Pavilion

05 May Twickenham Mr Fox

07 May Bristol College

08 May Hitchin Hermitage Ballroom (with Medicine Head)

10 May London Horseshoe Hotel

14 May London Horseshoe Hotel

16 May Bristol Granary Club

17 May Maidenhead Skindles Hotel

18 May London Speakeasy

19 May Lancashire Keel Club

21 May Haverford West Venue unknown

22 May Glen Glen Ballroom

23 May Wisbech Burlesque Club, Rose and Crown Hotel

27 May Chiswick, London John Bull

28 May Scarborough Penthouse

29 May Kirklevington Country Club

30 May Manchester Apollo

31 May Edmonton Cooks Ferry Inn

June 1, 1971 Alexandra Hotel, Southend, ENG (Supporting Mick Abrahams)

03 June Chiswick John Bull

05 June Bournemouth The Hive

06 June Crewe Madley College

07 June Manchester Strangeways Prison

09 June Twickenham Winning Post (with Status Quo)

12 June Folkestone Tofts Ballroom

13 June Epping Groovesville

16 June Twickenham Winning Post

18 June Devizes Unknown Venue

19 June Cromer Links Pavillion

20 June Redcar Jazz Club, Coatham Hotel

24 June York Hypnotique

25 June London The Temple

26 June Salisbury Alex's Disco

27 June London Lyceum, Strand

June-July Germany - unknown dates and venues

08 July East Ham, London Hounds Green Man

09 July Weymouth Pavillion Theatre (with East Of Eden)

11 July West Bromwich 'Enrys Blues House

12 July Skewene, Glamorgan Skewene Rugby Football Club

13 July Hanley The Place

14 July Keele Keele University

15 July Leeke High School

16 July West Bromwich Krakatoa Club

17 July Epping Groovesville

18 July Manchester Mr. Smiths

20 July London Marquee

22 July Kilkenny, Ireland Mayfair

23 July Sligo, Ireland Summerhill College

24 July Castlebar, Ireland Unknown venue

26 July Donnycarney, Ireland Unknown venue

27 July Dundalk, Ireland Adelphi

28 July Derry, Ireland Unknown venue

29 July Limerick, Ireland Unknown venue

30 July Tramore, Ireland The Silver Slipper

31 July Bundoran, Ireland Holyrood Hotel

?? Aug Ballina, Ireland Unknown venue

?? Aug Seapoint, Ireland Seapoint Ballroom

06 Aug Arklow, Ireland Unknown venue

07 Aug Dublin, Ireland National Stadium

08 Aug Dublin, Ireland Blackrock Park

09 Aug Drogheda, Ireland Unknown venue

13 Aug Rainbow, London, ENG

14 Aug Boscombe Starkers Royal Ballroom (supporting Canned Heat)

15 Aug Fulham, London Greyhound

August 16, 1971 Starkers Royal Ballroom, Bournemouth, ENG (supporting Canned Heat)

17 Aug Redruth, Cornwall Flamingo Club (supporting Canned Heat)

19 Aug Hornsey Unknown venue

25 Aug Peterborough Clouds

27 Aug Fulham Greyhound

August 28, 1971 Picasso, Glasgow, SCOT

03 Sept Anglesea Dragonbeat

04 Sept Anglesea Dragonbeat

07 Sept Portsmouth Tricorn

08 Sept Botley Dolphin Hotel

09 Sept Galway, Ireland Unknown venue

10 Sept Sligo, Ireland Imperial Hotel (with Elmer Fudd)

11 Sept Dublin, Ireland Countdown Club (with Elmer Fudd)

12 Sept Milltown, Ireland Milltown Festival (with Elmer Fudd)

13 Sept Chester Quaintways (with Edgar Broughton)

22 Sept Lancashire Keel Club

23 Sept Twickenham Winning Post (cancelled)

24 Sept Brodick, Isle of Arran Unknown venue (with Sleaz Band)

25 Sept Whiting Bay, Isle of Arran Unknown venue (with Sleaz Band)

26 Sept Lamlash, Isle of Arran Unknown venue (with Sleaz Band)

02 Oct Potters Bar Farx, Potters Bar Youth Centre

04 Oct Stafford Borough Hall (with Judas Priest, Strife)

06 Oct Luxembourg Blow Up Club

08 Oct Boscombe Royal Ballrooms (with The Faces)

09 Oct Fearnhead, Warrington Padgate College (billed as Phin Lizzy)

25 Oct Kennington, London Surrey Rooms (with Uriah Heep)

30 Oct Bradford Bradford University (with Edgar Broughton)

04 Nov Fulham, London Greyhound

05 Nov London (with Status Quo)

13 Nov Bath Pavillion (with The Faces)

28 Dec Newtonards, Ireland Town 'n' Country Inn

December 31, 1971 The Hangar, Galway, IRE


January 1, 1972 Stephanies Disco, Tramore, IRE

02 Jan Sligo, Ireland Silver Swan Hotel

07 Jan The Bear Bearwood, Birmingham

20 Jan Fulham, London Greyhound

02 Feb Coventry College of Further Education (with Arrival)

03 Feb Teeside Technical College (with Arrival)

04 Feb High Wycombe College Of Technology (with Arrival)

05 Feb Bristol Polytechnic (with Arrival)

06 Feb Nottingham Mary Ward College (with Arrival)

07 Feb Stevenage Queensway Club (with Arrival)

08 Feb Bournemouth Chelsea Village (with Arrival)

09 Feb Billericay  Mayflowers (with Arrival)

10 Feb Lampeter St Davids College (with Arrival)

11 Feb Stafford Polytechnic (with Arrival)

12 Feb Reading University (with Arrival)

14 Feb Exeter St Georges Hall (with Arrival)

15 Feb Bolton Technical College (with Arrival)

17 Feb Southampton Totton College (with Arrival)

18 Feb Lowestoft Technical College (with Arrival)

19 Feb Loughborough Union of Colleges (with Arrival)

22 Feb Swansea  College (with Arrival)

24 Feb London, Ealing Town Hall (with Arrival)

25 Feb Ludlow College (with Arrival)

26 Feb Durham University (with Arrival)

27 Feb Glasgow University (with Arrival)

28 Feb Aberdeen University (with Arrival)

29 Feb Silloth, Cumbria Lido Holiday Centre (with Arrival)

01 Mar Connahs Quay Flintshire College (with Arrival)

02 Mar Stoke-On-Trent Alsagar College (with Arrival)

03 Mar Newport College of Technics (with Arrival)

04 Mar Cardiff Old Union University (with Arrival)

05 Mar Whitehaven Civic Hall (with Arrival)

10 Mar Gloucester Technical College

11 Mar Hendon College

14 Mar Bristol Polytechnic

15 Mar Weston-Super-Mare Venue Unknown

16 Mar Barnstaple Queen's Hall

17 Mar Hereford Training College

18 Mar Bognor Regis College Of Education

23 Mar Crewe Speakeasy

24 Mar Lydney  Town Hall

25 Mar Melksham Town Hall

30 Mar Droitwich Spa Winter Gardens

?? April Dublin, Ireland Croke Park

?? April Dublin, Ireland RTE Grounds

09 April Strandhill, Sligo, Ireland Silver Slipper Ballroom

13 April Crewe Up the Junction

14 April Liverpool Mardi Gras

18 April Corby Bowl (Richard Oliff on drums)

19 April Ayr Caledonian Hotel (Auchincruive College Ball)

21 April Glasgow University

22 April Glasgow

27 April Nottingham Venue Unknown

28 April Bolton Technic

02 May Nottingham  Palace (with Status Quo)

03 May Buckley  Venue Unknown

13 May Warrington Padgate College

14 May London Freaks Palace

14 May London Wardour Street Rings

16 May Birmingham Henrys Blues House

May 19, 1972 Mardi Gras Club, Liverpool, ENG

June 3, 1972 Mardi Gras Club, Liverpool, ENG (supporting Roy Young Band)

03 June Peterborough Clouds (date?)

17 June Cromer Links Pavillion

22 June Plymouth Guildhall (with Sha Na Na)

23 June Penzance Winter Gardens (with Strange Fruit)

26 June Chester Wall City, Quaintways

28 June Islington, London Pied Bull

July 2, 1972 Imperial Hotel, Sligo, IRE

July 3, 1972 Ballina, IRE

July 4, 1972 Carlton, Kilkenny, IRE

July 5, 1972 Stardust Club, Cork, IRE (Students End of Term Dance)

July 7, 1972 Limerick, IRE

July 8, 1972 National Stadium, Dublin, IRE

July 9, 1972 St. Mary's Diocean School, Drogheda, IRE

July 10, 1972 Kelly's Barn, Portrush, IRE

July 11, 1972 Flamingo, Ballymena, IRE

July 12, 1972 King's Arm's, Larne, IRE

July 13, 1972 Starkers Royal Ballroom, Boscombe, ENG (with Slade)

July 19, 1972 Tivoli Ballroom, Buckley, ENG

July 29, 1972 Rainbow, London, ENG (with Slade)

Aborted August tour of the USA with Skid Row

August 20, 1972 Chelsea Village Concert Hall, Bournemouth, ENG (with Strawbs)

August 27, 1972 Locarno Centre, Bristol, ENG (supporting David Bowie)

August 29, 1972 'Enry's Blues House, West Bromwich, ENG

September 22, 1972 St. Georges Hall, Liverpool, ENG

September ?, 1972 Olympic Stadium, Munich, GER

October 8, 1972 Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt, GER

October 10, 1972 Hives Disco, Bournemouth, ENG

October 15, 1972 Hardrock, Manchester, ENG (supporting Fanny)

November 3, 1972 City Hall, Newcastle, ENG (with Slade & Suzi Quatro)

November 4, 1972 Havering Technical College, Havering, ENG

November 5, 1972 New Theatre, Oxford, ENG (with Slade & Suzi Quatro)

November 6, 1972 Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, ENG (with Slade & Suzi Quatro)

November 8, 1972 Winter Gardens, Bournemouth, ENG (with Slade & Suzi Quatro)

November 9, 1972 City Hall, Sheffield, ENG (with Slade & Suzi Quatro)

November 10-11, 1972 Rainbow, London, ENG (with Slade & Suzi Quatro)

November 13, 1972 Town Hall, Leeds, ENG (with Slade & Suzi Quatro)

November 15, 1972 Free Trade Hall, Manchester, ENG (with Slade & Suzi Quatro)

November 16, 1972 Warrington Hall, Leek, ENG

November 17, 1972 Victoria Hall, Hanley, ENG (with Slade & Suzi Quatro)

November 18, 1972 Stadium, Liverpool, ENG (with Slade & Suzi Quatro)

November 19, 1972 Town Hall, Birmingham, ENG (with Slade & Suzi Quatro)

November 20, 1972 Dome, Brighton, ENG (with Slade & Suzi Quatro)

November 22, 1972 Top Rank, Doncaster, ENG (with Slade & Suzi Quatro)

November 23, 1972 Greens Playhouse, Glasgow, SCOT  (with Slade & Suzi Quatro)

November 24, 1972 Empire Theatre, Edinburgh, SCOT (with Slade & Suzi Quatro)

November 25, 1972 Stoneground, Manchester, ENG (supported by Help Yourself & Renia)

November 26, 1972 Guildhall, Southampton, ENG (with Slade & Suzi Quatro)

November 27, 1972 Hippodrome, London, ENG (with Slade & Suzi Quatro)

November 29, 1972 Top Rank, Brighton, ENG (with Slade & Suzi Quatro)

December 1, 1972 Caird Hall, Dundee, SCOT

December 2, 1972 Guildhall, Plymouth, ENG (with Slade & Suzi Quatro)

December 3, 1972 Top Rank, Cardiff, WAL (with Slade & Suzi Quatro)

December 12, 1972 Crown Hotel, Birmingham, ENG

December ?, 1972 Dublin, IRE (IRISH TV 'Spinoff')

December ?, 1972 Galway, IRE


07 Jan Strandhill, Sligo, Ireland Silver Slipper Ballroom

10 Jan Dublin, Ireland National Stadium

22 Jan Dublin, Ireland TV Club

26 Jan Burton-On-Trent 76 Club

01 Feb Bisley Pavillion

02 Feb Glasgow Queen Margaret Hall

03 Feb Glasgow Strathclyde University

09 Feb Kettering  Town Hall

10 Feb Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall

15 Feb Blackburn Technical College

16 Feb Salford Technical College

17 Feb Boston Starlight Rooms

22 Feb Stoke Heavy Steam Machine

23 Feb Devizes Corn Exchange

24 Feb Cromer Links Pavillion

02 Mar London Southbank Poly

03 Mar Reading  University

04 Mar Stevenage Locarno (with Country Joe)

05 Mar Chester Quaintways

06 Mar Southend Zero 6

07 Mar Bristol Boobs

17 Mar Dagenham Roundhouse

March 23, 1973 Rainbow, London, ENG (supporting Electric Light Orchestra)

March 24, 1973 The Rookery, Bromley, ENG (supported by Burlesque)

25 Mar Birmingham Town Hall

30 Mar Cheltenham  Town Hall

31 Mar Northampton Cricket Club

01 April Croydon  Greyhound

08 April Southend Queens Hotel

21 April Mullingar, Ireland Venue Unknown

22 April Ennis, Ireland Venue Unknown

23 April Dublin, Ireland National Stadium

24 April Cork, Ireland Venue Unknown

25 April Monaghan, Ireland Venue Unknown

26 April Limerick, Ireland Venue Unknown

27 April Galway, Ireland Venue Unknown

28 April Roscommon, Ireland Venue Unknown

29 April Templemore, Ireland Venue Unknown

30 April Dublin, Ireland TV Club

04 May Mt Brandon, Ireland Venue Unknown

05 May Navan, Ireland Venue Unknown

06 May Castleblayney, Ireland Venue Unknown

?? May Swindon College (with Star Park & XTC)

20 May Chelmsford Chancellor Hall

21 May London Playhouse Theatre

09 June Berlin Waldbuhne, Germany

10 June Frankfurt, Germany Radstadion - Summer Rock festival

15 June Manchester Carousel

22 June Sunderland Locarno

27 June Sheffield  Top Rank

28 June London Marquee

30 June Dagenham Roundhouse (with Argus)

22 July Fulham Greyhound

24 July Bridge End, Somerset Unknown venue

26 July London Golders Green  Hippodrome - B.B.C. 'In Concert'

27 July Charing Cross, London Global Village (with Blue)

01 Aug Torquay Town Hall (with Steamhammer)

02 Aug Truro  City Hall (with Stool Pigeon)

?? Aug Birmingham Mothers

?? Aug Chester Quaintways

?? Aug Nottingham Boatclub

?? Aug Southgate Farx Club

?? Aug London Marquee

09 Sept Copenhagen, Denmark Revolution Club

14 Sept Amsterdam, Holland Paradiso

15 Sept Emmen, Holland Tin Pan Alley

18 Sept Berlin, Germany Funkausstellung

21 Sept Penzance Winter Gardens

22 Sept Newquay Blue Lagoon

26 Sept London Marquee

29 Sept Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall

02 Oct Cheltenham Town Hall

03 Oct Bristol Boobs

04 Oct Glamorgan Treforest Polytechnic

05 Oct Wincanton The Racecourse

06 Oct Glasgow St. Mary's, Glasgow University

08 Oct Chester Quaintways

10 Oct Barrow-in-Furness Civic Hall

11 Oct Liverpool Cavern

12 Oct Southgate Mr. Badger

13 Oct Coventry Polytechnic

14 Oct Fulham Greyhound

15 Oct Cleethorpes Wintergardens

16 Oct Stockport Warren Country Club

18 Oct Stafford Top of the World

19 Oct Nottingham Intercon

20 Oct Bourne Corn Exchange

21 Oct Gravesend Woodesville Hall

24 Oct Birmingham Town Hall

25 Oct Bedworth Civic Centre

October 26, 1973 City Hall, St. Albans, ENG (supported by Budgie)

03 Nov Hitchin Hitchin College

09 Nov Newcastle Mayfair Ballroom

12 Nov Spennymoor Top Hat Club

13 Nov London Marquee

16 Nov Friedberg, Germany Zentralstudio

17 Nov Nendorf, Germany Gasthof Zur Post

18 Nov Kirberg, Germany Ranchbeitriebe

19 Nov Wiesbaden, Germany Club Big Apple

20 Nov Geilenkirchen, Germany Club Las Vegas

November 22, 1973 Zoom Club, Frankfurt, GER

23 Nov Reutlingen, Germany Club Black Mustang

24 Nov Weisenohe, Germany Club Two Act

25 Nov Genzendorf, Germany Brauerei Sauer

26 Nov Augsburg, Germany Club Village

28 Nov Lubbecke, Germany Atelier Disco

December 8, 1973 Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone, ENG

December 9, 1973 Fulham Greyhound, London, ENG (cancelled)

December 14, 1973 Leytonstone Red Lion, London, ENG (cancelled)

December 15, 1973 Hastings Pier Ballroom, Hastings, ENG (Cancelled because Brian Downey was taken ill)

December 20, 1973 City Hall, Cork, IRE

December 31, 1973 Queens Hall, Belfast, NI (Eric Bell's last gig)


12 Jan Belfast, N. Ireland Ulster Hall

16 Jan Dublin, Ireland National Stadium

01 Feb London Central Polytechnic (with The Pink Fairies, The Pretty Things)

02 Feb Manchester University

05 Feb London The Marquee Club (Filmed for TV)

07 Feb Liverpool The Cavern Club

08 Feb Aberdeen University

09 Feb Glasgow University

10 Feb Birmingham Barbarella's

11 Feb Merthyr Tydfil Boobs

13 Feb Cardiff Top Rank

14 Feb Northwich Memorial Hall

15 Feb Leytonstone Red Lion

16 Feb Kings Lynn Corn Exchange

17 Feb London The Roundhouse (with Ducks Deluxe)

18 Feb Spennymoor Top Hat

22 Feb Oxford Polytechnic, Lincolnshire

23 Feb Scunthorpe Baths Hall

24 Feb Gravesend Woodville Hall

28 Feb Liverpool The Cavern Club

02 Mar Westminster Technical College

05 Mar Dublin, Ireland Countdown Club

08 Mar Bristol University

09 Mar Dublin, Ireland  Trinity College

10 Mar Dublin, Ireland Liberty Hall

28 Mar Dublin, Ireland The Astor

30 Mar Cromer Links Pavilion

10 April Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall

13 April Bracknell Sports Centre

14 April Bristol Locarno

24 April Belfast Carousel

26 April Newcastle U Tyne Polytechnic

27 April Cambridge Corn Exchange

03 May Lund, Sweden Olympen (cancelled)

?? May Bremen, Germany Musikladen, NDR 1 German TV

?? May Germany (Germany 1974 Bootleg)

?? May Hamburg, Germany Venue Unknown

?? May Dortmund, Germany Venue Unknown

?? May Hannover, Germany Venue Unknown

?? May Berlin, Germany Venue Unknown

?? May Kassel, Germany Venue Unknown

?? May Lochem, Germany Festival (cancelled)

15 May Stuttgart, Germany Mausefhalle

16 May Crailsheim, Germany Jahnhalle

04 June London Marquee

05 June London Marquee

08 June Dagenham The Roundhouse (cancelled ?)

21 June Newcastle Mayfair (with Judas Priest) (cancelled)

?? July Wolverhampton Lafayette Club (Gorham-Robertson debut)

?? July Liverpool The Cavern Club

?? July Swansea Pandoras

09 July London The Marquee (In front of Phonogram reps)

14 July Dublin, Ireland St. Aidan's Hall

25 July Dublin, Ireland Zero's Club (with the Bell-Brush Band)

26 July Portrush, Ireland Kelly's Hotel

27 July Antrim, Ireland Deerpark Hotel

28 July Bangor, Ireland King's Club

29 July Dundalk, Ireland Imperial Hotel

30 July Ballybunion, Ireland Horans Hotel

01 Aug Antrim, Ireland Deerpark Hotel

02 Aug Tramore, Ireland The Atlantic Hotel

03 Aug Dublin, Ireland Zero's Club

04 Aug Skerries, Ireland Red Island

05 Aug Tralee, Ireland Horan's Hotel

06 Aug Kilkenny, Ireland The Carlton Hotel

07 Aug Galway, Ireland Salthill

08 Aug Belfast, N. Ireland Ulster Hall

11 Aug Dublin, Ireland Zero's Club (with the Bell-Brush Band)

23 Aug London The Marquee (with Trouble at Mill)

24 Aug Reading Festival

11 Sept Liverpool Stadium

?? Sept London Westminster College (with Blackfoot Sue)

?? Sept London North London Polytechnic

28 Sept Bedford College

29 Sept Twickenham Winning Post

01 Oct Birmingham Barbarella's

03 Oct Warwick University

04 Oct Aberystwyth University

05 Oct Liverpool Stadium

08 Oct London The Marquee

09 Oct Liverpool Stadium

12 Oct Cambridge The Corn Exchange

13 Oct Kenilworth Chesford Grange

18 Oct Inverness Caledonian

19 Oct Glasgow University

25 Oct Sunderland Locarno (with Quicksand)

26 Oct Dagenham The Roundhouse (with FBI)

October 27, 1974 Greyhound, Croydon, ENG (supported by The Jam)

28 Oct Bristol Boobs

31 Oct Stafford Talk of The Town

03 Nov London Chalk Farm Roundhouse

05 Nov Oxford The New Theatre

06 Nov Keele University

08 Nov Stoke-on-Trent Alsager College

09 Nov Liverpool Stadium (with Seventh Wave)

10 Nov London Rainbow Theatre

11 Nov London Rainbow Theatre

13 Nov Wolverhampton Lafayette Club

15 Nov Salford University

16 Nov Ewell Technical College

18 Nov Bristol Boobs

22 Nov Derby Art College

23 Nov Barking, London East London Poly

26 Nov Stafford Top of the World

27 Nov London Hippodrome - BBC 'In Concert'

29 Nov Swindon College of Education

30 Nov Skipton Town Hall

01 Dec Twickenham Winning Post

02 Dec Plymouth Guild Hall

03 Dec Cardiff Top Rank

07 Dec Amsterdam, Holland Paradiso

15 Dec Boblingen, Germany Sporthalle (with Humble Pie & Focus)

21 Dec Dublin, Ireland The National Stadium

26 Dec Portrush, Ireland Kellys

27 Dec Limerick, Ireland St Johns

28 Dec Galway, Ireland Romano

29 Dec Derry, Ireland

31 Dec Tralee, Ireland Horans Hotel


03 Jan Ballymena, Ireland Flamingo

12 Jan Croydon Greyhound

18 Jan Malvern Winter Gardens

25 Jan London Imperial Colleg

26 Jan Gravesend Civic Hall

09 Feb Twickenham, London Winning Post

12 Feb Dunstable Queensway Hall

16 Mar Louisville, KY, USA Unknown venue (with BTO)

17 Mar Louisville, KY, USA Unknown venue (with BTO)

20 Mar Terre Haute, IN, USA Hulman Civic University Center (with BTO)

22 Mar Normal, IL, USA Illinois State University (with BTO)

23 Mar Dayton, Ohio, USA Palace Theatre

?? Mar Syracuse, USA War Memorial Auditorium

23 Mar Newark, NJ, USA Palace Arts And Leisure Centre

?? Mar Los Angeles, CA, USA Unknown venue

?? Mar Tulsa, OK, USA Pavilion (with BTO)

27 Mar Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA Unknown venue (with Kiss, Rush)

03 April Madison, WI, USA Dane County Coliseum (with Bob Seger, BTO)

04 April St. Cloud, MN, USA Hallenbach Hall (with Bob Seger, BTO)

05 April Chicago, IL, USA Unknown venue (with Bob Seger, BTO)

06 April St. Paul, MN, USA Unknown venue (with Bob Seger, BTO)

07 April Milwaukee, WI, USA Milwaukee Arena (with Bob Seger, BTO)

08 April Des Moines, IA, USA Unknown venue (with Bob Seger, BTO)

09 April Lincoln, NE, USA Unknown venue (with Bob Seger, BTO)

10 April Laramie, WY, USA Unknown venue (with Bob Seger, BTO)

11 April Wichita, KA, USA Henry Levitt Arena (with Bob Seger, BTO)

12 April Tulsa, OK, USA Unknown venue (with Bob Seger, BTO)

13 April Oklahoma City, OK, USA Unknown venue (with Bob Seger, BTO)

23 April Dublin National Stadium

01 May Glasgow Apollo (with BTO)

02 May Manchester Free Trade Hall (with BTO)

03 May London Hammersmith Odeon (with BTO)

04 May London Hammersmith Odeon (with BTO)

05 May Zurich, Switzerland Volkhaus (with BTO

06 May  Offenbach, Germany Stadthalle (with BTO)

07 May  Hamburg, Germany Congress Centrum (with BTO)

08 May Rotterdam, Holland De Doelen (with BTO)

09 May Forest National, Brussels, BEL (with BTO)

May 10, 1975 Dagenham Roundhouse, London, ENG (cancelled)

10 May Dusseldorf, Germany Philipshalle (with BTO)

11 May Ludwigshaven, Germany Friedrich Ebert Halle (with BTO)

12 May Munich, Germany Circus Krone (with BTO)

13 May Sindelfingen, Germany Messehalle (with BTO)

17 May Cambridge  Corn Exchange

31 May Nottingham Albert Hall

01 Jun? Croydon The Greyhound

05 Jun? Croydon The Greyhound

June 6, 1975 Locarno, Sunderland, ENG

June 7, 1975 Dagenham Roundhouse, London, ENG

June 8, 1975 Twickenham Winning Post, London, ENG

June 10, 1975 St. Catherines Colleg, Cambridge, ENG

June 12, 1975 Cleopatra's, Derby, ENG

June 14, 1975 Links Pavillion, Cromer, ENG

June 15, 1975 Mr. George's, Coventry, ENG

June 17, 1975 Barbarellas, Birmingham, ENG

June 20, 1975 Technical College, Maidstone, ENG

June 21, 1975 Hastings Pier Ballroom, Hastings, ENG (Cancelled because their equipment truck had broken down)

June 22, 1975 Roundhouse, London, ENG

June 27, 1975 Hereford College, Hereford, ENG

July 12, 1975 Cardiff Castle, Cardiff, WAL (supporting 10cc & Steeleye Span, with Man)

July 19, 1975 Spurriers Park, Harlow, ENG

August 1, 1975 Brunel University, Swindon, ENG

August 3, 1975 Palace Lido, Douglas, ENG

August 7, 1975 Pavilion, Torquay, ENG

August 8, 1975 Mayfair, Newcastle, ENG

August 22, 1975 City Hall, St. Albans, ENG

23 Aug Reading Festival

02 Sept Bournemouth Village Bowl

04 Sept Munich, Germany Circus Krone

06 Sept Ludwigshafen, Germany Freisheim Radstadion (with Status Quo)

08 Sept Munster, Germany Munsterlandhalle (with Status Quo)

14 Sept Wolfsburg, Germany Stadthalle (with Status Quo, SNAFU)

19 Sept Amsterdam, Holland Paradiso

20 Sept Utrecht, Holland Tivoli (with Coloseum II)

21 Sept Arnhem, Holland Stokvishal (with Coloseum II)

27 Sept Birmingham Town Hall

29 Sept Bristol Colston Hall

30 Sept Cardiff Top Rank

02 Oct Glasgow City Hall

04 Oct Edinburgh Citadel

08 Oct Manchester Free Trade Hall

10 Oct Newcastle City Hall

11 Oct Liverpool Stadium

12 Oct London New Victoria Theatre

17 Oct Malmo, Sweden Pirieus

18 Oct Vaxjo, Sweden Barbarella

19 Oct Stockholm, Sweden Jarlateatern (wrong date?)

20 Oct Turku, Finland Concerthouse

22 Oct Stockholm, Sweden Jarlateatern  (wrong date?)

23 Oct Kopenhagen, Denmark Hard Rock Cafe

24 Oct Kalmar, Sweden Folkets Park

25 Oct Ronneby, Sweden Club Ron

26 Oct Oslo, Norway Chateau Neuf

07 Nov London Queen Mary College S.U. Rag Ball

08 Nov Dagenham Roundhouse

14 Nov London Thames Polytechnic

15 Nov Rochdale Champness Hall

16 Nov Newark Palace

17 Nov Swansea University

21 Nov Derby College of Art And Technology

22 Nov Southend Kursaal

28 Nov Malvern Winter Gardens

29 Nov Guildford Technical College

30 Nov Twickenham, London Winning Post

02 Dec Plymouth Fiesta

04 Dec Sheffield Crucible

05 Dec Hull Chamber of Commerce

06 Dec Middleton St. Georges College

?? Dec Limerick, Ireland Savoy

10 Dec Dublin, Ireland The National Stadium

12 Dec Bath University

December 14, 1975 Fox At Greyhound, Croydon, ENG

16 Dec Huddersfield Ivanhoes

20 Dec Bracknell Sports Centre

December 31, 1975 Olympia, London, ENG (Great British Music Festival)


16 Jan Warwick University

17 Jan Leeds University

25 Jan Wolverhampton Civic Hall

06 Feb Great Yarmouth Tiffany's Club

07 Feb Cromer Links Pavillion

10 Feb Huddersfield Ivanhoe's

05 Mar Sheffield University

06 Mar Colchester University of Essex

07 Mar Croydon Greyhound

08 Mar Bournemouth Winter Gardens

09 Mar Southampton University

10 Mar Guildford Civic Hall

11 Mar Cheltenham Town Hall

12 Mar Cambridge Corn Exchange

13 Mar Exeter University

15 Mar Birmingham Town Hall

16 Mar Scunthorpe Tiffanys

17 Mar Bradford St. Georges Hall

18 Mar Newcastle City Hall

19 Mar Manchester Free Trade Hall

20 Mar Liverpool Stadium

21 Mar Bristol Colston Hall

22 Mar Stafford Top of the World

23 Mar Portsmouth Guildhall

24 Mar Cardiff  Top Rank

25 Mar Aberystwyth University

26 Mar Brunel University

27 Mar Southend Kursaal

29 Mar Glasgow City Hall

30 Mar Stirling Albert Hall

31 Mar Edinburgh Leith Hall

01 April Middlesborough Town Hall

02 April Burnley Nelsons Column

03 April Maidenhead Skindels

04 April London New Victoria Theatre

16 April Chicago, IL, USA Riviera Theatre

17 April Pekin, IL, USA Memorial Arena (with Rush, Starcastle)

April 21, 1976 Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL (supported by Be-Bop Deluxe)

02 May Milwaukee, WI Oriental Theatre

?? May Tampa Bay, FL, USA Unknown venue

11 May Cleveland, OH, USA Agora Theatre

14 May Detroit, MI, USA Ford Auditorium

15 May Kansas City, KA, USA Memorial Hall

21 May San Jose, CA, USA Civic

22 May San Jose, CA, USA Winterland (with Joe Cocker)

23 May Phoenix, Arizona, USA Celebrity Theate

25 May Ft. Wayne, IN, USA Memorial Coliseum (with Rush, Aerosmith)

29 May St. Paul, MN, USA Civic Centre (with Rush, BOC)

30 May Washington, WA, USA Nelson Centre (with Rush)

31 May Cleveland, USA Agora Theatre

?? June Dallas, Texas, USA Electric Ballroom

02 June Santa Monica, CA, USA Civic (with Journey)

04 June Chicago, IL, USA Aragon Ballroom

06 June Austin, Texas, USA Armadillo World Headquarters

10 June Omaha, NE, USA Civic (with Nazareth)

11 June Columbus OH, USA St. John Arena (with Rainbow) (cancelled)

13 June Allentown, PA, USA Fairgrounds (with Rainbow) (cancelled)

15 June Cleveland, OH, USA Allen Theatre ( cancelled)

17 June New York, NY, USA Beacon Theatre (cancelled)

11 July London Hammersmith Odeon

September 4, 1976 Philipshalle, Düsseldorf, GER (Sensational Sunshine Festival 1976)

September 30, 1976 Barbarella, Vaxjo, SWE

01 Oct Gothenburg, Sweden Konserthuset, Liseberg Tivoli

02 Oct Scandinavia Unknown venue

07 Oct Hamburg, Germany Musikhalle (with Robin Trower)

08 Oct Ginsheim, Germany Insel Nonneau, Festival

08 Oct Offenbach, Germany Stadthalle (with Robin Trower)

09 Oct Luwigshaven, Germany Friedrich Ebert Halle (with Robin Trower)

10 Oct Erlangen, Germany Stadthalle (with Robin Trower)

11 Oct Dusseldorf, Germany Philipshalle (with Robin Trower)

16 Oct Brussels, Belgium Konink Circus Royale (with Robin Trower)

17 Oct Amsterdam, Holland RAI Congress Center (with Robin Trower)

18 Oct Paris, France Pavilion Baltard (with Robin Trower)

20 Oct Oxford New Theatre

21 Oct Cardiff Capitol

22 Oct Bristol Colston Hall

23 Oct Bracknell Sports Centre

24 Oct Hemel Hempstead Pavillion

25 Oct Leicester De Montfort Hall

26 Oct Birmingham Odeon

27 Oct Malvern Winter Gardens

28 Oct Liverpool Empire

29 Oct Manchester Free Trade Hall

30 Oct Glasgow Apollo

31 Oct Edinburgh Usher Hall

November 1, 1976 City Hall, Newcastle, ENG

November 2, 1976 Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, ENG

November 4, 1976 City Hall, Sheffield, ENG

November 5, 1976 Lancaster University, Lancaster, ENG

November 6, 1976 Leeds University, Leeds, ENG

November 7, 1976 Victoria Hall, Hanley, ENG

November 8, 1976 Guildhall, Portsmouth, ENG

November 9, 1976 New Theatre, Coventry, ENG

November 10, 1976 St. George's Hall, Bradford, ENG

November 13, 1976 Kursaal, Southend, ENG

November 14-16, 1976 Hammersmith Odeon, London, ENG

November 18, 1976 National Stadium, Dublin, IRE

November 28, 1976 Palladium, New York City, NY (cancelled)

November 30, 1976 Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA (Supported by Be Bop Deluxe & Graham Parker)


03 Jan London Hope & Anchor - The Dire Ear Band

18 Jan Detroit, Michigan, USA Cobo Hall (with Queen)

20 Jan Saginaw, Michigan, USA Civic Centre (with Queen)

21 Jan Louisville, Kentucky, USA Elliot Hall of Music (with Queen)

22 Jan Kalamazoo, USA Wings Stadium (with Queen)

23 Jan Cleveland, Ohio, USA Richfield Coliseum (with Queen)

25 Jan Ottawa, Canada Canadian Exhibition Centre (with Queen)

26 Jan Montreal, Canada Forum, (with Queen)

28 Jan Chicago, USA Stadium (with Queen)

29 Jan Dayton, Ohio, USA Hara Arena (cancelled)

30 Jan Toledo, Ohio, USA St. Johns Arena (with Queen)

01 Feb Toronto, Canada Maple Leaf Gardens (with Queen)

03 Feb Springfield, Mass, USA Civic Centre (with Queen)

04 Feb Madison, Maryland, USA College Park (with Queen)

05 Feb New York, NY, USA Madison Square Garden (with Queen)

06 Feb Long Island,  USA Nassau Coliseum, (with Queen)

08 Feb Syracuse, NY, USA War Memorial Auditorium (with Queen)

09 Feb Boston, Mass, USA Gardens (with Queen)

10 Feb Providence, RI, USA Civic Centre (with Queen)

11 Feb Philadelphia, PA, USA Civic Centre (with Queen)

19 Feb Miami, Florida, USA Sportatorium (with Queen)

20 Feb Lakeland, Florida, USA Civic Centre (with Queen)

21 Feb Birmingham, Alabama Auditorium (with Queen)

22 Feb Atlanta, GA, USA Fox Theatre (with Queen)

24 Feb St Louis, MO, USA Kiel Auditorium (with Queen)

25 Feb Norman, OK, USA Lloyd Noble Centre (with Queen)

26 Feb Dallas, Texas, USA Moody Coliseum (with Queen)

27 Feb Houston, Texas USA Sam Houston Hall (with Queen)

01 Mar Phoenix, AZ USA Coliseum (with Queen)

02 Mar Los Angeles, USA Forum (with Queen)

03 Mar Los Angeles, USA Forum (with Queen)

05 Mar San Diego, USA Sports Arena (with Queen

06 Mar San Francisco, USA Winterland (with Queen)

08 Mar Sacramento, CA, USA Memorial Auditorium (with Sammy Hagar)

09 Mar Fresno, CA, USA Seiland Arena (with Sammy Hagar)

11 Mar Vancouver, Canada PNE Coliseum (with Queen)

12 Mar Portland, OR, USA Paramount (with Queen)

13 Mar Seattle, WA, USA Arena (with Queen)

16 Mar Calgary, Canada Jubilee Auditorium (with Queen)

17 Mar Calgary, Canada Jubilee Auditorium (with Queen

18 Mar Edmonton, Canada Northlands Arena (with Queen)

07 Aug Turku, Finland Ruisrock Festival

08 Aug Oslo, Norway Chateau Neuf

09 Aug Gothenburg, Sweden Liseberg

10 Aug Stockholm, Sweden Grona Lund Tivoli

12 Aug Copenhagen, Denmark Tivolis

14 Aug Bilzen, Belgium Bilzen Festival

20 Aug Celbridge, Ireland Westwing Castle Townhouse

August 21, 1977 Dalymount Park, Dublin, IRE (supported by Graham Parker & The Rumour, Fairport Convention & Boomtown Rats)

27 Aug Reading Festival

03 Sept Nuremburg, Germany Zeppelinfield (with Santana, Rory Gallagher)

September 4, 1977 Wildparkstadion, Karlsruhe, GER (Karlsruhe Rock Festival 1977, supporting Santana, Chicago, Udo Lindenberg, Rory Gallagher & Lake)

21 Sept San Diego, CA, USA Fox Theater

23-Sep Seattle, WA, USA Paramount Theater

24 Sept Vancouver, Canada The Gardens

25 Sept Portland, OR, USA Paramount Theater

27 Sept Fresno, CA, USA Warner Theater

28 Sept Las Vegas, NV, USA Aladdin Hotel

29 Sept Santa Monica, TX, USA Civic Auditorium

30 Sept Santa Monica, TX, USA Civic Auditorium

01 Oct San Francisco, CA, USA Winterland

02 Oct San Jose, CA, USA Auditoriu

04 Oct Phoenix, AZ, USA Celebrity Theatre

05 Oct Phoenix, AZ, USA Celebrity Theatre

07 Oct Oklahoma City, OK, USA Music Hall

08 Oct Kansas City, KS, USA Memorial Auditorium

09 Oct St Louis, MO, USA Kiel Open House

11 Oct San Antonio, TX, USA Municipal Auditorium

12 Oct Dallas, TX, USA SMU Moody Coliseum

13 Oct Houston, TX, USA Music Hall

15 Oct Cincinnati, OH, USA Taft Auditorium

16 Oct Washington, DC, USA Lizner Auditorium

19 Oct Pittsburgh, PA, USA Stanley Warner Theatre

20 Oct Philadelphia, PA, USA Tower Theatre

21 Oct Philadelphia, PA, USA Tower Theatre

22 Oct New York City, NY, USA Palladium

23 Oct Boston, MA, USA Orpheum

26 Oct Detroit, MI, USA Masonic Temple

28 Oct Toronto, Canada Seneca College Fieldhouse

29 Oct Cleveland, OH, USA Music Hall

31 Oct Minneapolis, WI, USA St. Paul Civic Center

November 1, 1977 Riverside Theatre, Milwaukee, WI (supported by Graham Parker & The Rumour)

November 2, 1977 Dane County Coliseum, Madison, WI (supported by Graham Parker & The Rumour)

04 Nov Indianapolis, MI, USA Circle Theater

05 Nov Chicago, IL, USA Uptown Theater

11 Nov Newcastle City Hall

12 Nov Glasgow Apollo

13 Nov Glasgow Apollo

14 Nov Edinburgh Odeon

16 Nov Liverpool Empire

17 Nov Liverpool Empire

18 Nov Bridlington Spa Royal Hall

19 Nov Oxford New Theatre

21 Nov Bristol Colston Hall

22 Nov Bristol Colston Hall

23 Nov Sheffield City Hall

24 Nov Bradford St Georges Hall

25 Nov Manchester Free Trade Hall

26 Nov Manchester Free Trade Hall

28 Nov Brighton Dome

29 Nov Portsmouth Guildhall

30 Nov Bournemouth Winter Gardens

02 Dec Birmingham Odeon

03 Dec Birmingham Odeon

04 Dec Wolverhampton Civic Hall

05 Dec Leicester De Montford Hall

07 Dec Southampton Gaumont

08 Dec Cardiff Capitol

10 Dec London Hammersmith Odeon

11 Dec London Hammersmith Odeon

13 Dec London Lewisham Odeon

14 Dec London Lewisham Odeon

17 Dec Southend The Kursaal Ballroom


16 Feb London Music Machine, Greedy Bastards (Cancelled)

29 Mar London Rainbow Theatre

05 May Hamburg, Germany Audi Max

07 May Saarbrucken, Germany Saarlandehalle

08 May Karlsruhe, Germany Stadthalle

09 May Offenbach, Germany Stadthalle

10 May Nurnberg, Germany Nibelunghalle

11 May Munchen, Germany Circus Krone

12 May Goppingen, Germany Haldenberghalle

13 May Hamburg, Germany Musikhalle

15 May Geleen, Holland Pinkpop Festival

17 May Brussels, Belgium Ancienne Belgique (cancelled)

18 May Paris, France Stadium

25 May Dublin, Ireland Baggot Inn - Lynott, Downey, Shiels

26 May Dublin, Ireland Moran's -  Lynott, Downey, Bell - Lizzy Reunion

14 June Belfast, N. Ireland Ulster Hall

15 June Belfast, N. Ireland Ulster Hall

17 June Glasgow The Apollo

18 June Manchester Belle Vue

20 June Newcastle City Hall

22 June London Wembley Empire Pool

23 June London Wembley Empire Pool

06 July  Ibiza, Spain Bull Ring Festival - Robbo's last gig

29 July London Camden Electric Ballroom - Greedy Bastards

08 Aug Jackson, MI, USA Memorial Coliseum (with Kansas)

09 Aug Shreeveport, LA, USA Hersch Memorial Coliseum (with Kansas)

10 Aug Memphis, TN, USA Midsouth Coliseum (with Kansas)

12 Aug Oklahoma City, OK, USA Myriad Convention Center (with Kansas)

13 Aug Dallas, TX, USA Convention Centre (with Kansas)

14 Aug El Paso, TX, USA Unknown venue

15 Aug Phoenix, AZ, USA Veterans Memorial Coliseum (with Kansas)

16 Aug Los Angeles, CA, USA The Forum, (with Kansas)

17 Aug Los Angeles, CA, USA The Roxy

18 Aug Sacramento, CA, USA Cal Expo (with Journey & The Cars)

20 Aug San Jose, CA, USA Cow Palace (with Kansas &The Cars)

25 Aug Austin, TX, USA Unknown venue

26 Aug Alpine Valley, WI, USA Unknown venue (with Reo Speedwagon)

27 Aug Alpine Valley, WI, USA Unknown venue (with Reo Speedwagon, Cancelled)

28 Aug Marquette, MI USA Lakeview Arena (with Reo Speedwagon)

30 Aug Kalamazoo, MI, USA Wings Stadium (with Reo Speedwagon)

?? Sept Sacramento, CA, USA California State Fair

05 Sept Boston, MA, USA Paradise Theatre (with Blue Oyster Cult)

06 Sept Boston, MA, USA Paradise Theatre (with Blue Oyster Cult)

08 Sept Philadelphia, PA, USA Tower Theatre

09 Sept Pittsburg, PA, USA Stanley Theatre (with Blue Oyster Cult)

10 Sept Louisville, KY, USA Fairgrounds (with Steve Miller, Foreigner, BOC)

11 Sept Flint, MI, USA I.M.F. (with Blue Oyster Cult

12 Sept Vancouver Pacific Coliseum

13 Sept Royal Oak, MI, USA Royal Oak Theatre (with AC/DC)

16 Sept Cleveland, OH,  USA The Palace Theatre (with AC/DC)

22 Sept Chicago, IL, USA Aragon Ballroom (with AC/DC)

23 Sept Kansas City, MO, USA Uptown Lounge (with AC/DC)

24 Sept Omaha, NB, USA Music Hall Civic Centre (with AC/DC)

27 Sept Fitchburg, MA, USA Wallace Civic Center (with Blue Oyster Cult)

28 Sept Rochester, NY, USA War Memorial  (with AC/DC & Blue Oyster Cult)

29 Sept New York, NY, USA The Palladium (with Blue Oyster Cult)

30 Sept New York, NY, USA The Palladium (with Blue Oyster Cult)

01 Oct New York, NY, USA The Palladium (with Blue Oyster Cult)

07 Oct Salt Lake City, UT, USA Salt Palace (with Styx)

10 Oct Pasadena, CA, USA Civic

13 Oct Houston, TX, USA Music Hall

20 Oct Brisbane, Australia Botanical Gardens - Mark Nauseef - drums

22 Oct Newcastle, Australia Intern Sports Centre - Mark Nauseef - drums

27 Oct Melbourne, Australia Myer Music Bowl - Mark Nauseef - drums

28 Oct Melbourne, Australia Myer Music Bowl - Mark Nauseef - drums

29 Oct Sydney, Australia Opera House - Mark Nauseef - drums

30 Oct Sydney, Australia Opera House - Mark Nauseef - drums

01 Nov Auckland, New Zealand Western Springs - Mark Nauseef - drums

16 Dec London Electric Ballroom - Greedies

17 Dec London Hammersmith Odeon

20 Dec Dublin, Ireland Stardust Ballroom - Greedies

21 Dec Dublin, Ireland Stardust Ballroom - Greedies


09 Jan Old Grey Whistle Test (Gary Moore & Friends - Phil & Scott)

25 Feb? Sacremento, CA , USA Memorial Auditorium (with Nazareth)

27 Feb? Sacremento, CA, USA Memorial Auditorium (with Nazareth)

02 Mar Midland, TX, USA Chapparel (with Nazareth)

03 Mar Dallas, TX, USA Convention Centre (with Nazareth)

04 Mar Shreveport, TX, USA Municipal Auditorium (with Nazareth)

05 Mar Corpus Christi, USA Memorial Coliseum

06 Mar Beaumont, USA Civic Theatre (with Nazareth)

07 Mar Houston, TX, USA Sam Houston Coliseum

09 Mar Memphis, TN , USA Orpheum Theatre (with Nazareth)

10 Mar Nashville, TN, USA Municipal Auditorium (with Nazareth)

11 Mar St Louis, MI, USA Kiel Auditorium (with Nazareth)

12 Mar Evansville, IN, USA Evansville Coliseum (with Nazareth)

14 Mar Indianapolis, IN, USA Convention Centre (with Nazareth)

15 Mar Dayton, OH, USA Hara Arena (with Nazareth)

16 Mar Charleston, USA Civic Centre (with Nazareth)

17 Mar Pittsburgh, PA, USA Stanley Theatre (with Nazareth)

18 Mar Colombus, OH, USA Fairgrounds Coliseum (with Nazareth)

20 Mar Madison, WI, USA Dane County Arena (with Nazareth)

21 Mar Waterloo, USA McElroy Auditorium (with Nazareth)

22 Mar Kalamazoo, USA Wings Stadium (with Nazareth)

23 Mar Chicago IL, USA Aragon Ballroom (with Nazareth)

24 Mar Detroit, MI, USA Cobo Hall (with Nazareth)

25 Mar Saginaw MI, USA Civic Centre (with Nazareth)

29 Mar Brighton, Brighton Centre

31 Mar Oxford New Theatre

01 April Birmingham Odeon

02 April Birmingham Odeon

03 April Stoke Trentham Gardens

04 April Stamford Stamford Hall

05 April Leicester De Montfort Hall

06 April Portsmouth Guildhall

07 April Bournemouth Winter Gardens

08 April Bristol Colston Hall

09 April Bristol Colston Hall

10 April Stafford Bingley Hall

11 April Newcastle City Hall

12 April Newcastle City Hall

14 April Glasgow Apollo

15 April Glasgow Apollo

16 April Edinburgh Odeon

17 April Preston Guildhall

18 April SheffieldCity Hall

19 April Bradford St. George's Hall

20 April Bridlington Bridlington Spa Pavillion

22 April London Hammersmith Odeon

23 April London Hammersmith Odeon

24 April Ipswich Gaumont

25 April Southhampton Gaumont

27 April London Hammersmith Odeon

28 April London Hammersmith Odeon

01 May Manchester Apollo

02 May Manchester Apollo

03 May Liverpool Empire

06 May Gothenburg, Sweden Konsertmuset

07 May Oslo, Norway Chateauneuf

09 May Lund, Sweden Olympen

10 May Copenhagen, Denmark Falkoner Teatret

11 May Stockholm, Sweden Issatadion

14 May Koln, Germany Sartory Saal

15 May Munich, Germany Circus Krone

16 May Zurich, Switzerland Volkshaus

17 May Mannheim, Germany Rheingoldhalle

19 May Neunkirchen, Germany Hemmerleinhalle

20 May Saarbrucken, Germany Kongresshalle

21 May Offenbach, Germany Stadthalle

22 May Hamburg, Germany Musichalle

24 May Lochum, Holland Lochum Festival (cancelled)

25 May Poperingen, Belgium Unknown venue

26 May Droixhe, Belgium (cancelled)

27 May Amsterdam, Holland Jaap Edenhal, (cancelled)

28 May Brussels, Belgium Ancienne Belgique (cancelled)

29 May Paris, France Stadium (cancelled)

30  May Lyon, France Palais D'Hiver (cancelled)

02 June Saratoga, USA Performing Arts Centre (with Journey)

13 June New York City, USA Central Park (with Journey)

15 June Saratoga, NY, USA Performing Arts Centre (with Journey)

17 June New York, NY, USA Central Park (with Journey)

29 June San Bernadino, CA, USA Swing Auditorium (with Journey)

30 June Longbeach, CA, USA Longbeach Arena (with Journey)

01 July Longbeach, CA, USA Longbeach Arena (with Journey)

02 July Fresno, CA, USA Selland Arena

04 July Oakland, CA, USA Oakland Coliseum, (Moore's last gig)

06 July Reno, NV, USA Coliseum (cancelled due to Moore's exit)

12 July Wichita, KA, USA Coliseum (three-piece line up)

13 July Tulsa, OK, USA Assembly Center (three-piece line up)

14 July Oklahoma City, OK, USA Myriad (with Journey)

15 July Little Rock, AK, USA Barton Coliseum (with Journey)

18 July New Orleans, MS, USA Louisiana Municipal Auditorium (with Journey)

19 July Shreveport, LA, USA Hirsch Coliseum (with Journey)

21 July St. Petersburg, USA Bayfront Arena (with Journey)

22 July Miami, FL, USA Jai Alai (with Journey

24 July Atlanta, GA, USA Fox Theatre (with Journey)

25 July Nashville, KY, USA Municipal Auditorium (with Journey)

26 July Memphis, TN, USA Mid-South Coliseum (with Journey)

27 July Louisville, KY, USA Louisville Gardens (with BOC)

28 July Cleveland, OH, USA Lakefront (Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Journey, AC/DC)

29 July Grand Rapids, MI, USA Welsh Auditorium (with Journey)

30 July Saginaw, MI, USA Civic Centre (with Journey)

01 Aug New York City, NY, USA Central Park (with Journey)

03 Aug Indianapolis, IN, USA Convention Centre (with Journey)

04 Aug St. Louis, KY, USA Checkerdome (with Journey)

05 Aug Chicago, IL, USA Comiskey Park, (with Journey, Santana)

06 Aug Kalamazoo, MI, USA Unknown venue (with Journey)

07 Aug Madison, WI, USA Dane County Coliseum (with Journey)

08 Aug East Troy, USA Alpine Valley Music Centre (with Journey)

10 Aug Lansing, USA Civic Centre (with Journey)

11 Aug Detroit, USA Cobo Hall (with Journey)

12 Aug Toronto, Canada O'Keefe Centre  (with Journey)

13 Aug Shelton, CT, USA Pinecrest Country Club (with Journey)

14 Aug New York, NY, USA Central Park (with Journey)

25 Aug Reading Festival (Lizzy pulled out)

24 Sept Osaka, Japan Festival Hall

25 Sept Tokyo, Japan Nakano Sun Plaza

26 Sept Nagoya, Japan Kookaido Hall

29 Sept Tokyo, Japan Korakuen Hall

30 Sept Tokyo, Japan Nakano Sun Plaza

16 Dec Manchester Apollo

17 Dec Manchester Apollo

18 Dec Stafford Bingley Hall

25 Dec London Studio 21 Charity match + gig - Phil & Gorham


02 April Leisureland, Galway, IRE (Snowy White and Midge Ure)

03 April Astoria, Bundoran, IRE (cancelled)

04 April Lakeland Forum, Enniskillen, IRE

05 April Forum, Antrim, IRE

06 April Baymount Ballroom, Sligo, IRE

07 April Downtown Ballroom, Dundalk, IRE

08 April Hillgrove, Mullingar, IRE

10 April Carlton, Kilkenny, IRE

11 April Savoy, Limerick, IRE

12 April St. John's, Tralee, IRE

13 April City Hall, Cork, IRE

22 April Drammenshallen, Drammen, NOR

?? April Helsinki, NOR

24 April Forum, Copenhagen, DEN

25 April Olympen, Lund, SWE

26 April Isstadion, Stockholm, SWE

27 April Scandinavium, Gothenborg, SWE

01 May City Hall, Newcastle, ENG

02 May City Hall, Newcastle, ENG

03 May Caird Hall, Dundee, SCOT

04 May Odeon, Edinburgh, SCOT

05 May Apollo, Glasgow, SCOT

06 May Apollo, Glasgow, SCOT

07 May Empire, Liverpool, ENG

08 May Empire, Liverpool, ENG

10 May Queens Hall, Leeds, ENG

11 May Guildhall, Preston, ENG

12 May City Hall, Sheffield, ENG

13 May Bingley Hall, Stafford, ENG

16 May Conference Centre, Brighton, ENG (cancelled Phil, flu)

17 May Coventry Centre, Coventry, ENG (cancelled Phil, flu)

18 May De Montfort Hall, Leicester, ENG (cancelled Phil, flu)

20 May Gaumont, Southampton, ENG (cancelled Phil, flu)

21 May Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, WAL (cancelled Phil, flu)

22 May Odeon, Birmingham, ENG

23 May Odeon, Birmingham, ENG

24 May Colston Hall, Bristol, ENG

25 May Apollo, Manchester, ENG

26 May Apollo, Manchester, ENG

28 May Hammersmith Odeon, London, ENG

29 May Hammersmith Odeon, London, ENG

30 May Hammersmith Odeon, London, ENG

31 May Rainbow Theatre, London, ENG

01 June Rainbow Theatre, London, ENG

03 June Guildhall, Portsmouth, ENG

04 June New Theatre, Oxford, ENG

05 June New Theatre, Oxford, ENG

06 June? Kings Hall, Belfast, NI

07 June RDS, Dublin, IRE

11 June De Montfort Hall, Leicester, ENG

12 June Coventry Centre, Coventry, ENG (re-scheduled date)

13 June Conference Centre, Brighton, ENG (re-scheduled date)

14 June Gaumont, Southampton, ENG (re-scheduled date)

15 June Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, WAL (re-scheduled date)

25 Aug Theatre Royal, Nottingham, ENG (ATV Rockstage, cancelled)

26 Aug Theatre Royal, Nottingham, ENG (ATV Rockstage, cancelled)

24 Sept Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, JPN

25 Sept Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, JPN

29 Sept Seinenkan Hall, Nihon, JPN

30 Sept Kokusai Hall, Kobe, JPN

01 Oct Expo Hall, Osaka, JPN

02 Oct Seinen Hall, Nihon, JPN

03 Oct Nagoya Hall, Nagoya, JPN

04 Oct Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, JPN

09 Oct Capitol Theatre, Sydney, AUS

10 Oct Capitol Theatre, Sydney, AUS

11 Oct The Playroom, Surfers Paradise, AUS

12 Oct The Playroom, Surfers Paradise, AUS

13 Oct Festival Hall, Brisbane, AUS

15 Oct Old Lion Hotel, Adelaide, AUS (after a gig by The Village People)

16 Oct Apollo, Adelaide, AUS

18 Oct Entertainment Centre, Perth, AUS

20 Oct Festival Hall, Melbourne, AUS

22 Oct Capitol Theatre, Sydney, AUS

25 Oct Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland, NZ

15 Nov Agora, Columbus, OH

16 Nov Agora, Cleveland, OH

17 Nov Center Stage, Detroit, MI

18 Nov Agora, Youngstown, OH

19 Nov Park West, Chicago, IL

20 Nov Uncle Sam's, Buffalo, NY

21 Nov Triangle Theatre, Rochester, NY

22 Nov JB Scott's, Albany, NY

29 Nov Stage West, Hartford, CT

30 Nov Mr. C's, Lowell, MA

01 Dec Center Stage, Providence, RI

02 Dec Paradise Theatre, Boston, MA

04 Dec Fountain Casino, Aberdeen, NJ

05 Dec Ritz Theatre, NY

06 Dec Emerald City, Cherry Hill, NJ

09 Dec Ontario Theatre, Washington DC

11 Dec Agora, Atlanta , GA

12 Dec Warehouse, New Orleans, LA

13 Dec Agora, Houston, TX

14 Dec Opry House, Austin, TX

15 Dec McFarland Arena, Dallas, TX

17 Dec Rainbow Theatre, Denver, CO

19 Dec Fox Warfield, San Francisco, CA

20 Dec Santa Monica Civic, Los Angeles, CA


January 17, 1981 Palais de Sportes, Lille, FRA

January 18, 1981 Pavillion, Baltard, Paris, FRA

January 19, 1981 Tivoli, Strasbourg, FRA

January 21, 1981 Stadhalle, Offenbach, GER

January 22, 1981 Musensaal, Mannheim, GER

January 23, 1981 Kongresshalle, Saarbrucken, GER

January 24, 1981 Messehalle, Sindelfingen, GER

January 25, 1981 Tauberfrankenhalle, Wuerzberg, GER

January 27, 1981 Neue Welt, Berlin, GER

January 29, 1981 Niedersachsenhalle, Hannover, GER

January 30, 1981 Stadthalle 4, Bremen, GER

January 31, 1981 Westfallanhalle 3, Dortmund, GER

February 2, 1981 Musikhalle, Hamburg, GER

February 3, 1981 Vejlby-Risskovhall, Aarhus, DEN

February 5, 1981 Drammenshallen, Drammen, NOR

February 6, 1981 Scandinavium, Gothenburg, SWE

February 7, 1981 Isstadion, Stockholm, SWE

February 8, 1981 Olympen, Lund, SWE

February 9, 1981 Forum, Copenhagen, DEN

February 11, 1981 Hammerleinhalle, Neunkirchen, GER

February 13, 1981 De Vereeniging, Nijmegen, NED

February 16, 1981 Oosterpoort, Groningen, NED

February 17, 1981 Edenhal, Amsterdam, NED

February 18, 1981 Stuttgart, GER

February 20, 1981 DT Museum, Munich, GER

February 22, 1981 Lyon, FRA

April 11, 1981 OGWT UK TV (Phil Lynott And Friends)

July 28, 1981 Gloucester Hall, Fort Regent Centre, Jersey

July 30, 1981 Beau Sejour Leisure Centre, Guernsey

August 2, 1981 Coliseum, St. Austell, ENG

August 8, 1981 Milton Keynes Bowl, Milton Keynes, ENG (supported by Ian Hunter Band, Judie Tzuke, Q-Tips & Trimmer & Jenkins)

August 10, 1981 Ice Rink, Kirkcaldy, SCOT

August 11, 1981 Fusion, Aberdeen, SCOT

August 12, 1981 Ice Rink, Inverness, SCOT

August 13, 1981 Magnum Centre, Irvine, SCOT

August 16, 1981 Slane Castle, Co. Meath, IRE

August 29, 1981 Lorelei, GER (Rockpalast Festival)

November 11, 1981 Coliseum, St. Austell, ENG

November 12, 1981 Colston Hall, Bristol, ENG

November 13, 1981 Arts Centre, Poole, ENG

November 14, 1981 Brighton Centre, Brighton, ENG

November 16-17, 1981 Apollo, Manchester, ENG

November 19, 1981 Queens Hall, Leeds, ENG

November 20-21, 1981 Odeon, Birmingham, ENG

November 22-23, 1981 Empire, Liverpool, ENG

November 25-28, 1981 Hammersmith Odeon, London, ENG

November 30, 1981 Gaumont, Southhampton, ENG

December 1, 1981 Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, WAL

December 3, 1981 Playhouse, Edinburgh, SCOT

December 4, 1981 Caird Hall, Dundee, SCOT

December 5, 1981 Capitol Theatre, Aberdeen, SCOT

December 6, 1981 Apollo, Glasgow, SCOT

December 8, 1981 Apollo, Coventry, ENG

December 9, 1981 City Hall, Sheffield, ENG

December 10, 1981 City Hall, Newcastle, ENG

December 12, 1981 Guildhall, Preston, ENG

December 14, 1981 De Montford Hall, Leicester, ENG

December 15, 1981 Guildhall, Portsmouth, ENG

December 16, 1981 Gaumont, Ipswich, ENG

December 17, 1981 Assembly Rooms, Derby, ENG


04 Feb Grugahalle, Essen, GER

06 Feb Musikteatret, Holstebro, DEN

08 Feb Vejlby-Risskov Hallen, Aarhus, DEN

09 Feb Olympen, Lund, SWE

11 Feb Drammenhallen, Drammen, NOR

12 Feb Isstadion, Stockholm, SWE

13 Feb Scandinavium, Gothenburg, SWE

17 Feb Whitla Hall, Belfast, NI

18 Feb Whitla Hall, Belfast, NI

20 Feb RDS, Dublin, IRE

22 Feb Dreamland, Athy, IRE

23 Feb City Hall, Cork, IRE

24 Feb Leisureland, Galway, IRE

25 Feb West Olympic, Newcastle, IRE

28 Feb Pavillion Baltard, Paris, FRA

01 Mar Palais de Sportes, Lille, FRA

02 Mar Palais D'Hiver, Lyon, FRA

04 Mar Veldrome de Amoeta, San Sebastian, SPA

?? Mar Valladolid, SPA

07 Mar Lisbon, POR

08 Mar Porto, POR

09 Mar Pabellon del Real, Madrid, SPA (without Gorham)

14 Mar Grugahalle, Essen, GER (without Gorham)

15 Mar Hammerleinhalle, Nurnberg, GER (without Gorham)

16 Mar Stadthalle, Offenbach, GER (without Gorham)

18 Mar Stadthalle, Freiburg,GER (without Gorham)

22 Mar City Hall, Sheffield, ENG (cancelled, Gorham ill)

23 Mar Odeon, Birmingham, ENG (cancelled, Gorham ill)

24 Mar Apollo, Manchester, ENG (cancelled, Gorham ill)

25 Mar City Hall, Newcastle, ENG (cancelled, Gorham ill)

27 Mar Dominion, London, ENG (cancelled, Gorham ill)

28 Mar Dominion, London, ENG (cancelled, Gorham ill)

21 April Apollo, Coventry, ENG (cancelled, equipment problems)

22 April Apollo Theatre, Oxford, ENG

23 April Odeon, Birmingham, ENG (re-scheduled date)

24 April Apollo, Manchester, ENG (re-scheduled date)

25 April Apollo, Manchester, ENG

26 April City Hall, Sheffield, ENG (re-scheduled date)

27 April City Hall, Newcastle, ENG (re-scheduled date)

29 April De Montfort Hall, Leicester, ENG (re-scheduled date)

30 April Dominion, London, ENG

01 May Dominion, London, ENG (re-scheduled date)

29 May SFX, Dublin, IRE (re-scheduled date)

01 Aug Castlebar, IRE (Castle Bar Rock Festival)


26 Jan Hitchin Regal Theatre, London, ENG (BBC In Concert)

28 Jan Newcastle, ENG (Tyne-Tees Television The Tube)

09 Feb Futurist Theatre, Scarborough, ENG

10 Feb Queens Hall, Leeds, ENG

12 Feb Apollo Theatre, Manchester, ENG

13 Feb Royal Court, Liverpool, ENG

14 Feb City Hall, Sheffield, ENG

15 Feb City Hall, Sheffield, ENG

17 Feb De Montfort Hall, Leicester, ENG

18 Feb Assembly Rooms, Derby, ENG

19 Feb Apollo, Coventry, ENG

21 Feb Odeon, Birmingham, ENG

22 Feb Odeon, Birmingham, ENG

24 Feb Gaumont, Ipswich, ENG (cancelled)

25 Feb Brighton Centre, Brighton, ENG

26 Feb Guildhall, Portsmouth, ENG

27 Feb Apollo, Oxford, ENG

28 Feb Apollo, Oxford, ENG

01 Mar St. George’s Hall, Bradford, ENG

02 Mar Gaumont, Southampton, ENG

03 Mar Colston Hall, Bristol, ENG

04 Mar Leisure Centre, Gloucester, ENG

06 Mar Arts Centre, Poole, ENG

09 Mar Hammersmith Odeon, London, ENG

10 Mar Hammersmith Odeon, London, ENG

11 Mar Hammersmith Odeon, London, ENG

12 Mar Hammersmith Odeon, London, ENG

14 Mar Guildhall, Preston, ENG

15 Mar Market Hall, Carlisle, ENG

17 Mar Playhouse, Edinburgh, SCOT

18 Mar Capitol, Aberdeen, SCOT

19 Mar Apollo, Glasgow, SCOT

20 Mar City Hall, Newcastle, ENG

21 Mar City Hall, Newcastle, ENG

23 Mar St. George's Hall, Bradford, ENG

24 Mar Theatre Royal, Nottingham, ENG

25 Mar Victoria Hall, Hanley, ENG

27 Mar St. David's Hall, Cardiff, WAL

28 Mar Odeon, Birmingham, ENG

29 Mar Apollo, Manchester, ENG

31 Mar Cornwall Coliseum, St Austell, ENG

05 April City Hall, Cork, IRE

06 April Leisureland, Leisure Centre, Galway, IRE

08 April King's Hall, Belfast, NI

09 April RDS, Dublin, IRE

10 April RDS, Dublin, IRE

23 April Hammerleinhalle, Nurnberg, GER (cancelled)

24 April Lowenbraukeller, Munich, GER

25 April Eizer Hof, Mainz, GER (cancelled)

26 April Philipshalle, Dortmund, GER (cancelled)

27 April Vjelby-Risskov Hallen, Aarhus, DEN

28 April Falkoner Theatre, Copenhagen, DEN

29 April Scandinavium, Gothenburg, SWE

30 April Johanneshov Isstadion, Stockholm, SWE

01 May Falkonecenteret, Copenhagen, DEN

03 May Gaumont, Ipswich, ENG

04 May Leisure Centre, Gloucester, ENG

19 May Shibuya Kohkaidoh Hall, Tokyo, JPN

20 May Nagoya, JPN

21 May Banpaku Festival Hall, Osaka, JPN

23 May Kaseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, JPN

28 Aug Reading, ENG (Reading Festival)

02 Sept Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, GER

03 Sept Kaiserslauten,GER (Monsters of Rock Festival)

04 Sept Nuremberg, GER (Monsters of Rock Festival (last gig)

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