Diana Ross

The Primettes


July 4, 1960 Windsor, ON (The Primettes (Florence Ballard, Betty McGlown, Diana Ross, Mary Wilson) win amateur talent show during the International Freedom Festival held during the Emancipation Day Celebrations. They perform "(Night Time Is) The Right Time" and four other songs)

September 1960 Betty McGlown leaves the group and is replaced by Barbara Martin.

The Supremes


? ?, 1961 Chit-Chat Lounge, Detroit, MI

? ?, 1961 Roostertail, Detroit, MI


Early 1962 Cleveland, OH (supporting Gladys Knight & the Pips. The Supremes first gig outside of Detroit. Not long after, Barbara Martin becomes pregnant and leaves the group)

(Motortown Revue 1962, headlined by Mary Wells & featuring Martha and the Vandellas, the Marvelettes, the Contours, Marvin Gaye, Little Stevie Wonder, the Supremes the Temptations & Sammy Ward)

October 26-November 1, 1962 Howard Theatre, Washington, DC (Motortown Revue)

November 2, 1962 Franklin Theater, Boston, MA (Motortown Revue)

November 3, 1962 New Haven Arena, New Haven, CT (Motortown Revue)

November 4, 1962 Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY (Motortown Revue)

November 5, 1962 Raleigh City Auditorium, Raleigh, NC (Motortown Revue)

November 6, 1962 County Hall, Charleston, SC (Motortown Revue)

November 7, 1962 Country Club, Augusta, GA (Motortown Revue)

November 8, 1962 Bamboo Ranch Club, Savannah, GA (Motortown Revue)

November 9, 1962 National Guard Armory, Birmingham, AL (Motortown Revue)

November 10, 1962 City Auditorium, Columbus, GA (Motortown Revue)

November 11, 1962 Magnolia Ballroom, Atlanta, GA (Motortown Revue)

November 12, 1962 Fort Whiting Auditorium, Mobile, AL (Motortown Revue)

November 13, 1962 State Fair Grounds, New Orleans, LA (Motortown Revue)

November 14, 1962 College Park Auditorium, Jackson, MS (Motortown Revue)

November 15, 1962 Memorial Auditorium, Spartanburg, SC (Motortown Revue)

November 16, 1962 City Armory, Durham, NC (Motortown Revue)

November 17, 1962 Township Auditorium, Columbia, SC (Motortown Revue)

November 18, 1962 Capitol Arena, Washington, DC (Motortown Revue)

November 19 DAY OFF

November 20, 1962 Civic Auditorium, Greenville, SC (Motortown Revue)

November 21, 1962 Palladium, Tampa, FL (Motortown Revue)

November 21, 1962 The Palms, Bradenton, FL (Motortown Revue)

November 22, 1962 The Armoury, Jacksonville, FL (Motortown Revue)

November 23, 1962 Auditorium, Macon, GA (Motortown Revue)

November 24, 1962 National Guard Armoury, Daytona Beach, FL (Motortown Revue)

November 25, 1962 Harlem Square Club, Miami, FL (Motortown Revue)

November 26, 1962 Skating Rink, Orlando, FL (Motortown Revue)

November 27, 1962 Field House, Tallahassee, FL (Motortown Revue)

November 28, 1962 Cheraw, SC (Motortown Revue)

November 29, 1962 Long High School Gymnasium, Charlotte, NC (Motortown Revue)

November 30, 1962 New Park Center, Louisville, KY (Motortown Revue)

December 1, 1962 Ellis Memorial Auditorium, Memphis, TN (Motortown Revue)

December 2, 1962 City Auditorium, Nashville, TN (Motortown Revue)

December 3, 1962 Fairground Coliseum, Pensacola, FL (Motortown Revue)

December 4, 1962 DAY OFF

December 5, 1962 Mosque Auditorium, Richmond, VA (Motortown Revue)

December 6, 1962 DAY OFF

December 7-16, 1962 Apollo Theatre, New York City, NY (Motortown Revue)

December 17, 1962 Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, PA (Motortown Revue)

December ?, 1962 Newark, NJ (unconfirmed)

December 31, 1962 Michigan State Fairgrounds Coliseum, Detroit, MI (with Marvin Gaye, Martha and the Vandellas, the Contours, Mary Wells, the Miracles & Little Stevie Wonder)


January ?, 1963 Baltimore, MD

January 25-31, 1963 Howard Theatre, Washington, DC (supporting Jackie Wilson & The Dells, with Jan Bradley, Freddie & Flo, Ruth Walton Dancers & Rick Henderson All Stars)

April ?, 1963 Uptown Theater, Philadelphia, PA

April 14, 1963 Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, MO (with Aretha Franklin, the Contours, Freddie King, Milt Buckner and his orchestra)

April 19 Beginning of a three months Motortown tour at the Regal Theater in Chicago (along with the Supremes on tour: Marvin Gaye, Mary Wells, Stevie Wonder, the Marvelettes, the Miracles the Contours). The three shows per day policy is changed to a four shows per day policy because of the success of the tour. Note: Chicago is mistaken with New York in Billboard April 27 issue compared to its May 4 issue. April 26 Motortown Revue in St Louis, MO. April 27 Motortown Revue at the Murat in Indianapolis, IN. April 28 Motortown Revue at the Coliseum in Evansville, IN, as part of the 1963 edition of the Show of Stars (a cast of 50 artists performing for 4 hours) May 3-9 Motortown Revue at the Howard Theater in Washington, DC May 10-16 Motortown Revue at the Royal Theater, Baltimore. May 17-26 Motortown Revue at the Uptown Theater in Philadelphia, PA. May 29 Motortown Revue at the Playland Roller Rink in York, PA. The Supremes are not on the poster advertising the concert, they are part of the “others”… June 4 Motortown Revue at the Apollo Theater in New York (week engagement?) June 14 Motortown Revue at the Convention Hall in Asbury Park, NJ (2 shows at 9 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.). Artists on the bill: Marvin Gaye, Mary Wells, the Miracles, Little Stevie Wonder, The Marvelettes, The Contours, Marv Johnson, Martha and the Vandellas, the Choker Campbell Orchestra, and Bill Murray. So the Supremes may not be part of these shows) Mid June Motortown Revue at the Apollo Theater in New York. (see also June 4) June 16 Motortown Revue at the Carr’s Beach, Annapolis, MD. (The Supremes may not be on the bill)

(June –) July Concert at the Greystone Ballroom in Detroit. The Supremes’ first performance at this place was after the release of “A Breath Taking Guy”. The concert occurred before July 31 or maybe on July 31 as the Supremes recorded there that day. July 4-7 Concerts at the Airport Drive-In in Philadelphia, PA. It’s not sure the Supremes are part of these concerts: the artists on the ads in the Philadelphia Daily News (ads in July 3 to July 6 issues) are Sam Cooke, Little Stevie Wonder, the Miracles, Little Anthony, the Contours, Choker Campbell and his fabulous Motor Town Revue Band, plus five other sensational acts. The Supremes could be one of those five acts… or not.

July ?, 1963 Greystone Ballroom, Detroit, MI

August 11, 1963 Carr's Beach, Annapolis, MD (with Little Stevie Wonder, the Temptations & Dave Hamilton and his band)

August 12, 1963 Township Auditorium, Columbus, SC (with Little Stevie Wonder, the Temptations & Dave Hamilton and his band)

September 20-29 Motortown Revue at the Uptown Theater in Philadelphia. Artists on the ad: Miracles, Marvelettes, Mary Wells, Contours, Kim Weston, Bill Murray, Choker Campbell & his orchestra. Note: An article in Billboard (May 4, 1963 issue) states: “… in September the review will be broken in three separate shows, each featuring several of the tour’s top stars plus some new Tamla-Motown talent.” So it’s unsure whether the Supremes are part of the October and November following dates of the Motortown Revue or not.

October 4-10 Motortown Revue at the Royal Theater, Baltimore. (The Supremes maybe not be on the bill) October 11-17 Motortown Revue at the Howard Theater, Washington DC. (The Supremes maybe not be on the bill) October (-) Note: According to Billboard (Dec 14, 1963 issue) the second Motortown Revue Tour begins around mid-October but the third Motortown Revue already begun in September (the second begun on April 19). This is an odd statement after the other one Billboard gave (see September 20-29). October 30 Motortown Revue at the Coliseum in Evansville, IN. Artists billed on ad: Stevie Wonder, the Contours, the Miracles, Mary Wells, Martha & the Vandellas, Choker Campbell and his band, and many others (also on ad: “all in person 50 artists, so the Supremes are most probably among the artists on tour). November 1 Motortown Revue at the Kiel Auditorium Opera House, St. Louis, MO. Stevie Wonder on the bill - The Supremes maybe not be on the bill. November 5 Motortown Revue at the Toledo Sport Arena. The Supremes maybe not be on the bill. November 7 Motortown Revue at the Circle Theater in Indianapolis, IN (shows at 7:15 p.m. & 9:30 p.m.). Mary Wells on the bill, the Supremes may not be on the bill. November 8-14 Motortown Revue at the Regal in Chicago, IL. The Supremes maybe not be on the bill. November 15 Motortown Revue at the Civic Center in Lansing, MI. The Supremes maybe not be on the bill. Nov 16 & 17 End of the six-weeks Motortown Revue tour at the Fox Theater in Detroit (2 shows per night) (so this tour begun around October 14). On tour: the Miracles, Mary Wells, the Marvelettes, Kim Weston, the Contours, the Temptations, Chocker Campbell & his band; on some dates: Stevie Wonder, Martha & the Vandellas. Note 1: according to Billboard December 14, 1963 issue, a six weeks Motor Town tour occurred and ended at the Fox Theater in Detroit on November 16 & 17 (with eight shows on two days instead of four) with the artists listed above. The Supremes are not listed so they may not be part of the tour. According to the ad on the Detroit Free Press (November 15, 1963 issue) the line-up is a bit different: Stevie Wonder, the Miracles, Marvin Gaye, Martha & the Vandellas (but the ad might not be exhaustive). A program of the Motortown Revue, announced (on eBay) as being sold during this engagement shows a picture of the Supremes on the lower right corner of the back cover.

Note 2: in 1963, the Supremes are opening act of the Vandellas at the Fox Theater in Detroit. They perform “I Am Woman” among other songs. During this engagement the story has it that the Supremes upstaged the Vandellas by appearing with the same gowns. It could have happened during this November 16 & 17 concerts as I haven’t found any other performances in newspapers of the Vandellas at the Fox Theater in 1963 yet. November 22 Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy: the show scheduled is cancelled as are the shows scheduled for the week-end (September 23 & 24).

December 1 Motortown Revue at the Civic Center in Baltimore, MD. The Supremes maybe not be on the bill. On the Ad: Stevie Wonder, the Miracles, Ben E. King, the Marvelettes, Rufus Thomas, Wilson Pickett, Annie Laurie, Garnet Mimms and the Enchanters (…)


January 10-16, 1964 Howard Theatre, Washington, DC

August 7-9, 1964 Twenty Grand Club, Detroit, MI

August 14-20, 1964 Twenty Grand Club, Detroit, MI

October 28-29, 1964 Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA

October 30, 1964 Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, PA

October 31, 1964 Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ

December 25-31, 1964 Fox Theatre, Detroit, MI


Jan – March Concert for the Prom at Yale University in New Heaven, CT, with Duke Ellington (as headliner?).

January 1, 1965 Detroit, MI (US TV "Bill Kennedy's Showtime" performing "Come See About Me" and they receive an award. This performance was re-used for the "Teen Town" show broadcast in February)

January 2, 1965 Packard Music Hall, Warren, OH

January 4 TV show “The Les Crane Show” (a late night talk show on ABC) (NY). The Supremes probably performed “Come See About Me” (unfortunately most existing shows were destroyed). According to the booklet of “More Hits By The Supremes – Expanded” this show was cancelled but it is listed in an official biography made by Motown (International Management Company) in 1969.

January (-) Shooting of the Supremes' segments for the movie “Beach Ball” in California.

January 26, 1965 New York City, NY (US TV "Hullabaloo!" performing "Come See About Me" and a medley of "Where Did Our Love Go", "When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes" & "Baby Love")

January 30, 1965 Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA ("The Battle Of The Sounds", performing "Baby Love", "Come See About Me" & "Where Did Our Love Go". Hosted by KYA DJ's Bob Mitchell & “Big Daddy” Tom Donahue, others appearing were the Ronettes, the Temptations, Sonny & Cher, the Shangri-Las, the Righteous Brothers, Bobby Freeman, Del Shannon, the Beau Brummels, J. Frank Wilson, Gary Lewis, Dionne Warwick, Dobie Gray & Ray Peterson)

February 2, 1965 Graystone Ballroom, Detroit, MI (Motown’s "Battle Of The Stars")

February 8 - Vocals on the medley intended for “Where The Action Is” (see February 18 and TVgraphy).

February 18 Taping of the Pilot episode of “Where The Action Is” (a Dick Clark production). The Supremes perform a medley of hits (Come See About Me/Baby Love/Stop! In The Name Of Love – the medley was recorded in studio on February 8). The Supremes can also be seen at the beginning credits in a car, during the Four Seasons’ segment (Diana, Florence and Diana’s mother Ernestine) and at the end with all the cast performing “Hard Day’s Night”. The pilot was recorded at Big Bear Lake, CA, for one of the two locations, the other one being at a beach with other artists. It was initially recorded for CBS, then bought by NBC and then by ABC but was not originally aired. The pilot episode was not broadcast until January 1st, 2006. This show is erroneously credited as being “A Go Go” and mistakenly located in Palm Springs in Mary Wilson’s “Dreamgirl”.

February 24, 1965 California (US TV "Shindig" performing "Eight Days A Week", "Stop! In The Name Of Love" & "You Can’t Do That". Broadcast date)

February 27, 1965 US TV "The Hollywood Palace" performing "Stop! In The Name Of Love". Broadcast March 27th.

March 3, 1965 San Francisco, CA (National Association of Record Merchandisers (NARM) banquet. The Supremes perform along with Peter, Paul and Mary, Brenda Lee, Robert Goulet & Johnny Cash. The NARM Awards were announced at the banquet but the Supremes didn’t win any)

March 5, 1965 Woolsey Hall, New Haven, CT

March 13 - LA Air date of “Shivaree”. The Supremes perform “Stop! In The Name Of Love”, “Baby Love” (NY airdate April 17). -

March 15 - The Supremes land in London. Arrival at the Cumberland Hotel.

March ~15-17 Concerts and promo tour in Holland (Rotterdam) and Germany (Hamburg). The TV show “Musik Aus Studio B” is recorded while in Hamburg (see April 5). The Supremes are also invited to a press conference in Hamburg by Aberbach publishers and CBS records.

Motortown Revue UK Tour 1965

March 18, 1965 Rediffusion Studios, Wembley, ENG (UK TV "Ready Steady Go! - The Sound Of Motown". A special one hour long program devoted to the"Motown Sound" hosted by Dusty Springfield. Broadcast on April 21st, after the end of the European tour)

March 19, 1965 EMI Headquarters, London, ENG (All the artists of the UK tour plus the Temptations participate in a special showcase at the launch of the Tamla Motown label in the UK)

March 20, 1965 Finsbury Park Astoria, London, ENG (Tamla Motown Show. 2 shows 6.40 & 9.10)

March 21, 1965 Hammersmith Odeon, London, ENG (Tamla Motown Show. 2 shows 6.00 & 8.00)

March 21, 1965 London Palladium, London, ENG (UK TV "Sunday Night at the London Palladium" performing "Stop! In The Name Of Love")

March 22, 1965 Day Off

March 23, 1965 Colston Hall, Bristol, ENG (Tamla Motown Show. 2 shows 6.30 & 8.45)

March 24, 1965 Capitol Theatre, Cardiff, WAL (Tamla Motown Show. 2 shows 6.00 & 8.30)

March 25, 1965 Odeon, Birmingham, ENG (Tamla Motown Show. 2 shows 6.45 & 9.00)

March 26, 1965 UK TV "Ready Steady Go!" performing "Stop! In The Name Of Love".

March 26, 1965 ABC, Kingston, ENG (Tamla Motown Show. 2 shows 6.45 & 9.00)

March 27, 1965 UK Radio "Saturday Club". Broadcast date.

March 27, 1965 Winter Gardens, Bournemouth, ENG (Tamla Motown Show. 2 shows 6.00 & 8.30)

March 28, 1965 Odeon, Leicester, ENG (Tamla Motown Show. 2 shows 5.40 & 8.00)

March 29, 1965 Day Off

March 30, 1965 Odeon, Manchester, ENG (Tamla Motown Show. 2 shows 6.15 & 8.45)

March 31, 1965 Odeon, Leeds, ENG (Tamla Motown Show. 2 shows 6.20 & 8.40)

April 5 - Day Off. - Germany: broadcast of the TV show “Musik Aus Studio B”, the Supremes lip-synched “Thank You Darling” (show probably recorded between March 15 and 18). Note: in an interview recorded in May 1966, Florence Ballard refers to a show in Hamburg, Germany, during which the backing tape they sung over broke. She most probably refers this show. Not all performances on this show were live, some were pre-recorded. If this is the show during which the backing track broke, in case of a pre-recorded performance (recorded around March 15 to 18) it would probably have been re-taped. If not, that would most likely mean that it was recorded under live conditions on April 5 and that the Supremes made a fast trip to Germany during the day off of the UK tour. All the "Musik Aus Studio B" shows of that period were erased.

April 1, 1965 Odeon, Glasgow, SCOT (Tamla Motown Show. 2 shows 6.40 & 9.00)

April 2, 1965 ABC, Stockton, ENG (Tamla Motown Show. 2 shows 6.15 & 8.30)

April 3, 1965 City Hall, Newcastle, ENG (Tamla Motown Show. 2 shows 6.30 & 8.45)

April 4, 1965 Empire, Liverpool, ENG (Tamla Motown Show. 2 shows 5.40 & 8.00)

April 5, 1965 Day Off

April 6, 1965 ABC, Luton, ENG (Tamla Motown Show. 2 shows 6.30 & 8.45)

April 7, 1965 ABC, Chester, ENG (Tamla Motown Show. 2 shows 6.15 & 8.30)

April 8, 1965 City Hall, Sheffield, ENG (Tamla Motown Show. 2 shows 6.20 & 8.50)

April 9, 1965 ABC, Wigan, ENG (Tamla Motown Show. 2 shows 6.20 & 8.35)

April 10, 1965 Gaumont, Wolverhampton, ENG (Tamla Motown Show. 2 shows 6.30 & 8.40)

April 11, 1965 Gaumont, Ipswich, ENG (5.30 & 8.00)

April 12, 1965 Guildhall, Portsmouth, ENG (Tamla Motown Show. 2 shows 2 shows 6.30 & 8.50)

April 13, 1965 Olympia Theatre, Paris, FRA (Tamla Motown Show, recorded by the radio Europe n°1 and partially released on Tamla LP in November the same year (the complete concert is finally released in 2016)

April 13 The Supremes land in Paris at Le Bourget airport. During the day, they record a segment for the French TV show “Ni Figue, Ni Raisin” (the Supremes on the Champs Elysées causing a police intervention – show broadcast on French TV on May 24). This segment is re-used in “Swinging Time” aired January 22, 1966 (Detroit TV show). Also, photo sessions in different locations in Paris (Champs Elysées, Palais Garnier, Trocadero, bois de Boulogne…).

April 14-15 Diana Ross & Berry Gordy extend their stay alone in Paris at Hotel George V (and become romantically involved).

April 17 - NY airdate of “Shivaree”; The Supremes perform “Stop! In The Name Of Love”, “Baby Love” (LA airdate March 13).

April 30 Taping of the TV show “The Mike Douglas Show” (broadcast on May 5). The Supremes perform “Back In My Arms Again”. gives April 30 for broadcast but the booklets of “More Hits Expanded” & “I Hear A Symphony Expanded” state May 5, 1965. According to an article in the Journal Herald (May 5, 1965), the “Mike Douglas Show… is taped in Cleveland and seen here on a two-week delay.” The newspapers in Ohio and New York show the same delay between the dates given in them and the site which are all ahead of time of around 15 days compared to the ones given in the newspapers of those States. Therefore the date given by is most probably the recording date. Due to the lack of information in the newspapers, the exact date of broadcast (May 5) could not be verified.

May 2 The Supremes leave Detroit to New York to tape “Hullabaloo!” (broadcast May 11) .

May 5 Broadcast of the TV show “The Mike Douglas Show”. See also April 30 about those both dates.

May 9, 1965 Michigan Consolidated Gas Building, Detroit, MI (US TV "The Swingin’ Kind" recording. Broadcast December 8th)

May 11 TV show “Hullabaloo!” (NBC). The Supremes perform “Back In My Arms Again” and more (see TVgraphy).

May 24 Broadcast on French TV of the show “Ni Figue, Ni Raisin” with the Supremes lip-synching “Where Did Our Love Go” while on Champs Elysées – recorded April 13.

May 28-31, 1965 Steel Pier, Atlantic City, NJ

June ?, 1965 Boston, MA

June 11-12, 1965 Greenfield Village, Dearborn, MI (US TV "It's What's Happening Baby" performing "Stop! In The Name Of Love". Intended to promote President Lyndon Johnson's "War On Poverty", the show creates a stir because it shows an interracial audience dancing together. Broadcast June 28th)

June 12, 1965 Platters Dance Pavilion, Cadillac, MI

June 13, 1965 Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI (Benefit concert for Retarded Children, with the Beau Brummels, Paul Peterson & others)

June 18, 1965 Country Club of Detroit, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI (The Supremes perform at the debutante ball of Christy Wilson, hosted by her father Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Florence Ballard is replaced by Marlene Barrow of the Andantes)

June 19, 1965 Convention Hall, Philadelphia, PA (with the Dave Clark Five, the Kinks & the Moody Blues)

June 22-28, 1965 Basin Street Club, Boston, MA (Marlene Barrow fills in for Florence Ballard)

June 23-July 10 According to Billboard (May 29, 1965 issue), the Supremes tour in Italy as the top attraction of the “Cantagiro” singing tour. But according to the Italian magazine “Giovani” (September 14, 1967 issue), the Supremes’ first visit to Italy was only in September or October 1967. So their participation in this tour is unsure and according to their other engagements, it would have been possible only between June 29 and 30 or July 2 to 8. The last evening of the tour is broadcast on Italian TV Rai Uno. Note: the dates given here are those of the complete Contagiro tour which also included 3 dates outside Italy (July 1 in Moscow, July 7 in Frankfurt and July 8 in Vienna). The Supremes were not contestants for the tour but guests and therefore they are not in the list of participants at The TV show might also concerns only the contestants.

July 1 Benefit concert "Americans in Harmony," benefiting civil rights and local projects for the handicapped at the Band Shell at Belle Isle in Detroit, MI with the Supremes, Martha and the Vandellas, Marvin Gaye, the Four Tops, Jr. Walker and The All Stars, Brenda Holloway, the Contours, Tommy Good and the Tabs, Willie Tyler and Lester and The Choker Campbell orchestra. The concert is stopped by the promoters of the benefit when the crowd became too noisy, making it "impossible" for the performers to work. Actually a large exceeding throng was coming to the concert (over 12,000 for a 5,000 park-bench capacity; the crowd was even estimated between 20 000 to 40 000 on all Belle Isle) and fighting erupted forcing the police to intervene.

July 5, 1965 US TV "To Tell The Truth" performing "Baby Love" (partially only) & "Back In My Arms Again". Berry Gordy was a mystery guest.

July 9-18, 1965 Riptide Club, Wildwood, NJ July 21, 1965 US TV "Jackie Gleason And His American Scene Magazine", hosted by Al Hirt, performing "Nothing But Heartaches". Broadcast July 24th) July 23, 1965 Surf Ballroom, Nantucket, MA (with the Rockin’ Ramrods) July 25, 1965 Concord Resort Hotel, Kiamesha Lake, NY July 29-August 1, 3-8 & 10-15, 1965 Copacabana, New York City, NY July 29-August 18, 1965 Copacabana, New York City, NY (2 shows a night & 3 on the weekends)

July 28 TV show “The Tonight Show”. (Erroneously credited as the Jack Paar’s show in the More Hits Expanded booklet). Program unknown.

August 14 - TV show “Murray the K Continues” (broadcast). - The Supremes perform at the 35th Annual Bud Billiken Parade in Chicago, IL.

August 21, 1965 Oakland University Baldwin Pavilion at Meadow Brook, Rochester Hills, MI (with the Fugitives and New Gibson and Martin Trio, for the benefit of the scholarship fund)

August 29 Probable recording date of the “Dean Martin Show” that is broadcast only on March 24, 1966. The show is recorded at the Burbank studios in LA. August 29 is erroneously credited in Mary Wilson’s “Dreamgirl”, Tom Adrahtas' “Diana Ross The American Dream Girl” and the booklet of “More Hits Expanded” as being the broadcast of a “Dean Martin Show”. Several facts prove it’s not the broadcast date of this show (unfold below to read more on this). See also November 18, 1965 and March 24, 1966 for additional information.

     The new season of Dean Martin shows begun only in September 16, 1965 and was broadcast on Thursdays. August 29, 1965 is a Sunday. (Moreover, August 29 is also the date on which Gemini V landed. The coverage of the event greatly impacted the TV programs – and by the way “Where Did Our Love Go” was played in space during the mission!). 
     According to the Los Angeles Times (September 27, 1965 issue) the original air date scheduled for this show was November 18th: “…to meet at NBC in Burbank, where the Supremes were taping a Dean Martin show which will air November 18th…” This article obviously refers to the taping that occurred in late August. This airdate was postponed to March 24, 1966 for an unknown reason. Interestingly, the last part of the sentence ("which will air November 18th") was deleted from the copy of the article sent by the Fan Club on November 11, 1965. 
     The Supremes perform “Mother Dear” (see TVgraphy – March 24, 1966 for more information about the program). At that time, Berry Gordy considered releasing and promoting “Mother Dear” as the Supremes’ next 7” single. This is also the reason they sung “Mother Dear” on “the Red Skelton Hour” taped around the same time (see “end of August”) which was also broadcast only much later (January 1966). Even after being re-recorded several times (September 1965, March 1966), “Mother Dear” was finally not released on 7” single. 

End August Recording of the TV show “The Red Skelton Hour” (in which they perform “Mother Dear”) in Hollywood (it’s before September 11 according to an article in the Pittsburgh Courier). Broadcast on January 25, 1966. See also August 29 about “Mother Dear”. Note: according to the article in Variety “The Supremes Just Concluded The Copa”, this episode of “The Red Skelton Hour” was scheduled to be broadcast on September 21. It was obviously postponed to January 25, 1966 for an unknown reason, like the “Dean Martin Show”.

September 2-6, 1965 Michigan State Fairgrounds Coliseum, Detroit, MI (free concerts)

September (-) (probably in September). Concert in a club at Grand Bahama Island (maybe the Camelot Room at the King’s Inn & Golf Club in Freeport? – for now only information about Diana Ross & the Supremes performing there have been found with no date yet).

September 10 - Taping of the TV show “Discophonic Scene” hosted by Jerry Blavat (local TV show in Philadelphia). Broadcast on September 11 (date guessed, see below) - Concert at the John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia. September 11 Broadcast of the TV show “Discophonic Scene” hosted by Jerry Blavat (local TV show in Philadelphia). The Supremes perform “Nothing but heartaches” (taped on Friday afternoon and broadcast on Saturday). The dates September 10 & 11 are guessed according to the following facts: the show occured in late summer, was recorded on Friday afternoons and broadcast on Saturdays, and the Supremes were on Friday September 10 in Philadelphia for a concert. September 13 TV show “Hullabaloo!”. The Supremes perform “Nothing but heartaches”, “Toot-toot-tootsie (with Sammy Davis Jr.) and a medley.

September 17-26, 1965 Safari Room, San Jose, CA

September 18 TV show “Shivaree” according to some biographies but this is only a rebroadcast of the two Supremes previous performances on this show - see March 13).

September~20~25 The Supremes in Los Angeles. In the September 25th issue of KRLA Beat: The Supremes are “in town to record the title tune to American International’s Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machines” (and in the September 18th issue of KRLA Beat: "the Supremes has just signed to record the title tune to AIP's "Dr. Goldfoot & the Bikini Machine").

September (-) In “All That Glittered”, Tony Turner erroneously situates the Flamingo engagement before the new Supremes European tour of October 1965 (p.92), but the first time the Supremes were engaged at the Flamingo was in September 1966. Such an engagement in also mentioned in the Detroit Free Press (November 5, 1965 issue) as a past event but it’s also erroneous information as the November 7, 1965 issue of the Tennessean states: “…a Las Vegas debut, at the Flamingo Hotel, Sept. 29 0ct. 19 (1966)…” September 30 The Supremes fly off to represent the U.S. at Holland's annual popular song festival in Amsterdam (see October 2) and for a short European tour (to October 8).

October (-) KRLA Beat (August 28, 1965 issue ) erroneously states that the Supremes have a month long engagement at London’s Talk of the Town but the Supremes were in Europe only for a bit more than a week (around September 30 to October 8). October (~1-8) The Supremes visit Copenhagen in Denmark for interviews only. They didn’t perform.

October 2 The Netherlands: “Grand Gala du Disque Festival in Amsterdam – The International Edison Awards” at the Congress Building. The Supremes represent the USA with a ¾ hour show. The show is also televised on Dutch and Belgium TV. Amsterdam is followed by stops in Brussels and England.

October 7, 1965 UK TV "Top Of the Pops" performing "Nothing But Heartaches". Broadcast date.

October 8, 1965 UK TV "Ready, Steady, Go!" performing "Nothing But Heartaches". Broadcast date.

October 10, 1965 US TV "The Ed Sullivan Show" performing "You’re Nobody Til Somebody Loves You". "I Hear A Symphony" was also rehearsed for the show but cancelled.

October 13, 1965 Arthur Nightclub, New York City, NY

October 15, 1965 Philharmonic Hall, New York City, NY (Supported by the Soul Brothers)

October 18 TV show “Hullabaloo!” (the Supremes perform “I Hear A Symphony” and an all-stars medley– see TVgraphy). October 16-24 Engagement at Blinstrub’s Club in Boston, MA. October 20-25 Erroneous dates for the engagement at Blinstrub’s Club in Boston in Mary Wilson’s “Dreamgirl”, Tony Turner’s “All That Glittered” (p.99) and the booklet “I Hear A Symphony Expanded”. The Detroit Free Press (August 19, 1965 issue) announces a 10 days engagement at the Blinstrub beginning October 15 but this must have been shortened because of the concert held at the Lincoln Center in New York.

October 25-November 7, 1965 Latin Casino, Philadelphia, PA (with Bobby Ramsen & the Agostinos)

November 3, 1965 Philadelphia, PA (US TV "The Mike Douglas Show" performing "Back In My Arms Again". "Make Someone Happy", "I Hear A Symphony" & "Queen Of The House". Broadcast live)

November 10, 1965 Blackham Coliseum, Lafayette, LA (supported by the Lovin' Spoonful)

November 11, 1965 Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN (supported by the Lovin' Spoonful)

November 12, 1965 Civic Center, Tulsa, OK (supported by the Lovin' Spoonful)

November 13, 1965 Dallas, TX (supported by the Lovin' Spoonful)

November 14, 1965 Oklahoma State Fair Arena, Oklahoma City, OK (supported by the Lovin' Spoonful) (Afternoon show?)

November 14, 1965 Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY ("USO A Go Go!", benefit concert for the USO)

November 16, 1965 Statesboro, GA (supported by the Lovin' Spoonful)

November 17, 1965 Savannah, GA (supported by the Lovin' Spoonful)

November 18, 1965 City Auditorium, Atlanta, GA (supported by the Lovin' Spoonful)

- the broadcast originally planned on November 18 of the TV show “Dean Martin Special” is postponed (see also August 29, 1965 and March 24, 1966). NBC aired instead “Hallmark Hall of Fame: Inherit the Wind” from 9 p.m. to 11:15 p.m., followed by the Tonight Show. (Erroneously credited as being broadcast on November 18 in Mary Wilson’s “Dreamgirl”). - The picture on page 22 of the booklet of the Ultimate Merry Christmas CD is miscredited: the photo wasn’t taken on November 18 but on October 18, 1965 at the end of “I Hear A Symphony” on Hullabaloo.

November 19, 1965 Township Auditorium, Columbia, SC (supported by The Shirelles & the Lovin' Spoonful)

November 20, 1965 Charlottesville, VA (supported by the Lovin' Spoonful)

November 21, 1965 University of North Carolina Carmichael Auditorium, Chapel Hill, NC ('Beat Dook weekend', supported by the Lovin' Spoonful)

November 24, 1965 Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, TN (supported by the Lovin' Spoonful)

November 25, 1965 Memorial Auditorium, Raleigh, NC (supported by the Lovin' Spoonful)

November 26, 1965 Lyric, Baltimore, MD November 26, 1965 Lyric Theatre, Baltimore, MD (2 shows 8.00 & 10.30, supported by the Lovin' Spoonful)

November 27, 1965 Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC (supported by the Lovin' Spoonful)

November 28, 1965 Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC (supported by the Lovin' Spoonful)

December 1, 1965 IMA Auditorium, Flint, MI

December 3, 1965 University of Bridgeport, Connecticut’s Winter Formal (two shows). This is their first appearance on a campus. After the success of these sold out concerts, Berry Gordy organizes a College tour (“Hitsville USA to Collegeville USA Tour”) in early spring of 1966 but the Supremes are not part of it.

December 4-11, 1965 Twin Coaches, Pittsburg, PA

December 6 A “Hullabaloo!” is listed in Mary Wilson’s “Dreamgirl” and Adrahtas’ “Diana Ross The American Dream Girl” and also announced in the November 6, 1965 issue of KRLA Beat and in Variety (September 1, 1965 issue) but there’s no appearance of the Supremes in the show broadcast on this day and it’s been postponed to December 13. December 8 Broadcast of the TV show “The Swingin’ Kind” on WXYZ-TV (Detroit channel 7), recorded on May 9 at the Michigan Consolidated Gas building in Detroit. Main guests are the Supremes and the Temptations. (Two other “The Swingin’ Kind” shows were recorded: one at the Metropolitan Beach, recorded June 23&24 on aired August 1, and the other one at the Edgewater Park in Cleveland, taped in early July and aired on October 13. Those two other shows were with other Motown artists than the Supremes: Marvin Gaye, the Miracles...). See also May 9. December 9 Rehearsal and taping of “Hullabaloo!” (broadcast on December 13). Possible conflict with the engagement in Pittsburg (4-11). December 13 TV show “Hullabaloo!” The Supremes perform “Children’s Christmas Song”, “My favorite things” and “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. December 15 TV show “Where The Action Is” according to Mary Wilson’s “Dreamgirl” and Adrahtas’ “Diana Ross The American Dream Girl” but no other traces of the Supremes on this show than the Pilot episode (taped on February 18, 1965) have been found. See also July (-), 1966 (after July 4, 1966). December 16 The Supremes make an appearance at the Shamrock Hilton DJ Party in Houston, Texas. December 17 - Taping of the “Larry Kane Show” from Houston: “I Hear A Symphony”. - The Supremes open for Judy Garland at the Houston Astrodome.

December 18 Broadcast of the “Larry Kane Show”. December 20 - In Detroit: ABC-TV film segments for “The Anatomy Of Pop: The Music Explosion” (broadcast February 15, 1966). - A Hullabaloo is announced in the 1965 winter fan club newsletter and an ad published in late 1965 but has been aired the previous week (see December 13). Dec 23-Jan 1 Engagement at the Café Pompeii at the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami, FL.

December 31 The Supremes at the Orange Bowl Parade in Miami, also broadcast on TV (on NBC). Parade also dated January 1st 1966 which might be the broadcast on TV (booklet “I Hear A Symphony Expanded”).


1965 or early 66 Lake Tahoe, NV (recorded for an unreleased live LP)

January 1, 1966 Eden Roc Hotel Café Pompeii, Miami, FL.

January 4, 1966 Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI (Inaugural Ball of Detroit’s Mayor, Jerome P. Cavanaugh)

January 6-22, 1966 Cancelled tour of Vietnam

January 15, 1966 Arie Crown Theater, Chicago, IL

Mid-January 1966 The Supremes visit the studios of WLS radio in Chicago during station’s United Cerebral Palsy “Celebrity Day”.

January 17-30, 1966 Roostertail, Detroit, MI (The opening night is broadcast live on Detroit local TV WXYZ by DJ's Lee Alan and Danny Taylor. The station's other jockeys, Marc Avery, Dave Prince, Steve Dundy, and Pat Murphy, interview the Supremes and talk with the opening-night crowd. The Supremes are also featured on a five-hour special on Detroit radio WKNR with Scott Regan on the Roostertail opening night)

January 22, 1966 US TV "Swinging Time", hosted by Robin Seymour.

January 25, 1966 US TV "The Red Skelton Hour" performing "Mother Dear" & "Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody". Broadcast date.

January 25, 1966 Washington Hilton Grand Ballroom (Recording for the CBS TV program "Washington Hilton Grand Ballroom Performance"

January 31-February 8, 1966 El San Juan Hotel Club Tropicoro, San Juan, Puerto Rico

February ?, 1966 A small tour of Germany, France and Scandinavia was planned but cancelled due to Florence having flu.

February 12, 1966 Holy Cross College Field House, Worcester, MA (afternoon show)

February 12, 1966 Brandeis University Shapiro Athletic Center, Waltham, MA (evening show)

February 15, 1966 Broadcast of “Anatomy Of Pop” on ABC.

February 17–March 2, 1966 Copacabana, New York City, NY

February 20, 1966 US TV "Ed Sullivan Show" performing "My World Is Empty Without You" & "Somewhere"

February 27, 1966 US TV "What’s My Line". The Supremes are the mystery guests.

March 4, 1966 Rockefeller Center, New York City, NY (US TV "The Sammy Davis, Jr. Show" performing "My World Is Empty Without You", “Fancy Passes” and a medley with the Andrew Sisters. Broadcast date.

March 4-20, 1966 Eastern U.S. concert tour.

March ?, 1966 University of Virginia

March 10, 1966 University of Rochester Palestra, Rochester, NY (part of the University's Winter Weekend)

March 18, 1966 US TV "The Supremes At The Copa" broadcast.

March 19, 1966 Notre Dame University Stepan Center, Notre Dame, IN

March 22-April 3, 1966 Blinstrub's Club, Boston, MA (cancelled after the third night after Diana faints on stage with exhaustion and is hospitalised)

March 24, 1966 US TV "The Dean Martin Show" performing "Mother Dear". They are also part of an all guest “Love Song” medley. Broadcast date.

April ?, 1966 A concert for troops at Guantanamo is cancelled due to Diana’s hospitalisation.

April 8-17, 1966 Deauville Hotel Casanova Room, Miami, FL (partially cancelled after Diana collapsed three times and was hospitalised)

April 18-23, 1966 Blinstrub's Club, Boston, MA (cancelled)

April 19-26, 1966 A Caribbean tour is cancelled

April 28, 1966 Reynolds Coliseum, Raleigh, NC (cancelled)

April 29, 1966 Duke University's Indoor Stadium, Durham, NC (cancelled, replaced by the Beach Boys)

May ?, 1966 Hilton Hotel, Chicago, IL (during these concerts, recovering soldiers were refused attendance to one of the shows by the hotel, so The Supremes decided to visit soldiers at the Letterman hospital in San Francisco on May 23, during their engagement at the Fairmont Hotel. The Supremes also performed before soldiers at the Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC on an unknown date)

May 1, 1966 New York City, NY (US TV "Ed Sullivan show" performing "Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart")

May 4-14, 1966 The Cave, Vancouver, BC

May 8, 1966 Detroit, MI (The 15th annual AWRT convention (American Women in Radio and Television) was held from May 5 through May 8 in Detroit. For its closing diner on May 8, entertainment was focused on the Motown Sound with live performances of several Motown artists. The show opened with a filmed interview between Miss Murray and The Supremes who sang a special number on film. Live performances were provided by Brenda Holloway, Gladys Knight and the Pips & Marvin Gaye)

May 19-June 8, 1966 Fairmont Hotel Venetian Room, San Francisco, CA

June 12, 1966 Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, CA

June 20-25, 1966 O’Keefe Center, Toronto, ON (supported by Stevie Wonder)

June 28-July 3, 1966 St. John Terrell's Music Circus, Lamberville, NJ (2 shows on Saturday 2nd 6.00 & 9.30 & Sunday 3rd 4.00 & 7.30, supported by Red Buttons, Stevie Wonder & the Wellingtons)

June 30, 1966 US TV "The Today Show"

July 4, 1966 Motown picnic in Detroit

July ?, 1966 US TV "Where The Action Is". Dick Clark did an entire show from the Roostertail Club featuring only Motown acts

July 8, 1966 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton, NH

July 9, 1966 Yale Bowl, New Haven, CT

July 11, 1966 Colonie Summer Theatre, Latham, NY

July 12, 1966 US TV "The Mike Douglas show" taping. The Supremes co-host the show, which also features The Temptations. Broadcast July 13th.

July 14-19, 1966 Leo's Casino, Cleveland, OH (2 shows each night. This engagement was disturbed by the Hough Riots that begun just a few blocks away between 8 and 9 p.m. on July 18 (and ended on July 23-24). The mayor ordered all the bars and cafes in the Hough neighborhood closed on July 19. Most probably the second concert of July 18 was cancelled, as were those of July 19)

July 16, 1966 Cleveland, OH (US TV "Upbeat" hosted by Don Webster)

July 24-30, 1966 Steel Pier, Atlantic City, NJ (on the 30th Local Philadelphia TV show "Summertime on The Pier Show" is broadcast from the Steel Pier)

July 24, 1966 US TV "The Ed Sullivan show" (possible re-broadcast)

August 2-8, 1966 Circle Star, San Carlos, CA

August 9-14, 1966 Carousel Theater, West Covina, CA

August 10-16, 1966 Los Angeles, CA (US TV "ABC Stage 67: Rodgers And Hart Special". Rehearsal and taping of the TV show, broadcast on March 2, 1967 or May 11, 1967)

August 13, 1966 US TV "A Mod Mod World", filmed at the Palisades Amusement Park in New Jersey, probably taped around late July)

August 18, 1966 US TV "The Tonight Show", guest hosted by Bob Newhart

August 19, 1966 Alan B. Shepard Jr. Civic Center, Virginia Beach, VA (2 shows)

August 20, 1966 Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, Queens, NY (Forest Hills Music Festival, supported by The Temptations & Stevie Wonder)

August 26-30, 1966 Minnesota State Fair, St. Paul, MN

September 2-22 Tour of the Orient (concerts: September 3-21), arriving in Tokyo, Japan on September 2nd. A film is made during this tour that is still unreleased. Main tour stops: Tokyo, Okinawa, Yokohama (Japan), Taiwan (Republic of China), Hong Kong (aboard an aircraft carrier in Kowloon Harbor), Manila (Philippines), 7 Asian countries in all.

September 3, 1966 Tachikawa Officers' Open Mess in Japan

September 4, 1966 Benny Decker Theatre, Yokosuka, JPN The Supremes also perform aboard U.S.S. Coral Sea at Yokosuka naval base.

September 5, 1966 Hotel Ohtani, Tokyo, JPN (Press conference)

September ?, 1966 Kajikawa naval base, Kajikawa, JPN

September ?, 1966 Club 13, Taipei, TAI

September 14, 1966 The Supremes leave for Manila in the Philippines.

September ?, 1966 City Hall Auditorium, Hong Kong, HK and later on the same day they performed at the Kinglsland Club. The Supremes stayed only one day in Hong Kong.

September 21, 1966 Last concert in the Orient.

September 22, 1966 return flight to the USA.

September 2?, 1966 Boston, MA (Benefit performance, cancelled because Florence had walking pneumonia)

September 25, 1966 US TV "Ed Sullivan Show" performing "You Can’t Hurry Love" & a medley

September 26, 1966 The Roostertail, Detroit, MI (2 shows. These shows were recorded for an as yet unreleased live LP)

September 29-October 19, 1966 Flamingo Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV

October 21, 1966 US TV "The Hollywood Palace" taping, Broadcast October 29th.

November 1, 1966 College, ?, ?

November 2, 1966 College, ?, ?

November 3, 1966 Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, CA

November 4, 1966 Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA

November 5, 1966 Penn State Recreation Hall, University Park, PA (2 shows)

November 6, 1966 St. Joseph's College, Philadelphia, PA

November 7, 1966 Westchester County Center, White Plains, NY (2 shows 7.00 & 8.00)

November 9-20, 1966 Blinstrub's, Boston, MA

November 22-27, 1966 Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR (2 shows on 25th, 26th & 27th at e Portland Auto Show)

December 1, 1966 Barbados (Command performance to celebrate Barbados independence, in presence of Duke and Duchess of Kent)

December 4, 1966 New York City, NY (US TV "The Ed Sullivan Show". Rehearsals on 2nd & 3rd)

December 22, 1966 US TV "Swinging Time" hosted by Robin Seymour

December 23, 1966-January 1, 1967 Deauville Hotel, Miami, FL

December 31, 1966 Miami, FL (King Orange Jamboree Parade)


January 6, 1967 Butler University Clowes Hall, Indianapolis, IN (2 shows 7.00 & 9.30)

January 8, 1967 Millikin University, Decatur, IL

January 11, 1967 Indiana University IU Auditorium, Bloomington, IN

January ?, 1967 Germany on the U.S. club circuit (Bonn, Munich?)

January 22, 1967 US TV "The Andy Williams Show"

January 23-27, 1967 Elmwood Casino, Windsor, ON

January 29, 1967 McCormick Place, Chicago, IL

February 2, 1967 University of Pennsylvania Palestra, Philadelphia, PA

February 3, 1967 Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA

February 4, 1967 Cannes, FRA (Closing gala of the MIDEM festival. The Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, the Supremes and Andy Williams are equal awarded a National trophy. None of those artists attend the event and the trophies are given to representatives but Barbra Streisand and Diana Ross each give a phone call during the ceremony.

February 5, 1967 Dorton Arena, Raleigh, NC

February 9, 1967 Music Hall, Cleveland, OH

February 10, 1967 MSU Auditorium, East Lansing, MI (2 shows 7.00 & 9.00)

February 13, 1967 US TV "Ice Capades Special" )highlights only). Recorded between December 5 & 18, 1966

February ?, 1967 Detroit, MI (The Supremes spend two days (between 13-17) taping for "Voice of America")

February 13-25, 1967 Roostertail, Detroit, MI (Cancelled. The Toys performed as replacement the first week (February 13-19) and Tony Bennett for the second (February 20-26)

February 27-?, 1967 Americana Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico

March 11, 1967 Fordham University Rose Hill Gymnasium, New York City, NY

March 13-26, 1967 Latin Casino, Cherry Hill, NJ (2 shows each night supported by the comedy team of Pepper Davis & Tony Reese)

March 22, 1967 Adams Theater, Detroit, MI (The Supremes attend the opening Gala for "The Happening" film premiere with Faye Dunaway & Anthony Quinn)

March 22-April 2, 1967 Eden Roc Pompeii Room, Miami, FL (with Sonny Sands) (Supremes definitely performed here on the 27th & 31st)

Spring 1967 La Cave, Vancouver, BC (unconfirmed)

April 7-15, 1967 Twin Coaches, Pittsburg, PA

April ?, 1967 Atlanta, GA

April ?, 1967 University of Tennessee, Murfeesboro, TN

April ?, 1967 Memphis, TN

April 21, 1967 Stokely Athletic Center, Knoxville, TN

April 23, 1967 Loyola College Field House, New Orleans, LA (Diana Ross and Mary Wilson only. Too drunk, Florence Ballard missed the morning departure to New Orleans and missed the show. She is sent back to Detroit and the concert is assured by Diana Ross and Mary Wilson only. A meeting at Berry Gordy’s mansion follows, during which Florence is asked to leave the group. Flo is then replaced by Marlene Barrow of the Andantes)

April 29, 1967 Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA (charity event for the United Negro College Fund and for the UCLA School of Music, with Johnny Rivers, The Seeds, Buffalo Springfield, Brenda Holloway & Fifth Dimension. Cindy Birdsong's first appearance with the Supremes in place of Florence Ballard. Following the performance, Berry Gordy learned that Birdsong was still contractually committed to Patti Labelle & the Blue Belles when that group's lawyers filed an injunction against him. In May, Ballard returned for what she believed was a probationary period, although in reality it was a stopgap measure until Gordy was able to buy out Birdsong's contract. During May and June, knowing that she was one step away from being dismissed, Ballard made an attempt to toe the line, slimming down and showing up to commitments on time and sober. Despite this, Birdsong was secretly traveling with the Supremes, studying their routines)

May 7, 1967 US TV "The Ed Sullivan Show"

May 11-24, 1967 Copacabana, New York City, NY (2 shows each night 8.00 & midnight, 3 shows on 12-14 & 19-21 8.00, 11.00 & 2am)

May ?, 1967 Stern Brothers, New York City, NY (The Supremes participate in the 100th anniversary of the Stern Brothers store, they probably also performed live)

May 21, 1967 US TV "What's My Line", game show. The Supremes are mystery guests and promote their appearance at the Copacabana.

May 22, 1967 US TV "The Tonight Show". Florence Ballard's last TV appearance with the Supremes.

May 26, 1967 University of Cincinnati Armory Fieldhouse, Cincinnati, OH

May 27, 1967 Southern Illinois University, Carmondale, IL

May 28, 1967 Hara Arena, Dayton, OH

May 29, 1967 Minneapolis Auditorium, Minneapolis, MN

May 30, 1967 Duluth Arena Auditorium, Duluth, MN

June 1-10, 1967 Shoreham Hotel Blue Room, Washington, DC

June ?, 1967 Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC (sometime during their engagement at the Shoreham Hotel, the Supremes performed at this medical center for an hour to entertain injured troops)

June 7, 1967 The Supremes perform on Wednesday afternoon during an outdoor swimming pool dedication ceremony for low-income youngsters who live in Washington’s Frederick Douglas Homes. The ceremony is headed by Vice President Humphrey in presence of Berry Gordy. “Things Are Changing” recorded by the Supremes for the Equal Opportunities Campaign was also played. The brief performance of the Supremes included "Stop! In The Name Of Love" & "Baby Love".

June 11, 1967 Symphony Hall, Newark, NJ

June 13-26, 1967 Ambassador Hotel Cocoanut Grove, Los Angeles, CA (2 shows Friday's and Saturday's at 9.30 & midnight)

June 23, 1967 Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, CA (The Supremes attend the Democratic Party fund-raising dinner-ball, in the presence of President Lyndon Johnson. The second show of the evening at the Cocoanut Grove must have been cancelled for this event. The Supremes meet the President after their show)

June 29-July 19, 1967 Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas, NV (2 shows each day 8.15 & midnight. Billed as "the Supremes with Diana Ross", the first time in which Ross was billed separately from the group. One month later, Berry Gordy renamed the group "Diana Ross & the Supremes," putting Ross's name ahead of the group. Florence Ballard is fired after the first show of July 1st, the second show of the evening and the rest of the engagement are performed with Cindy Birdsong)

July 29, 1967 Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, Forest Hills, NY (supported by The Four Tops)

July ?, 1967 Yale Bowl, New Haven, CT

August 5-9, 1967 Allentown Fair, Allentown, PA

August 8, 1967 St. Moritz Hotel, New York City, NY

August 12, 1967 Concord Resort Hotel, Kiamesha Lake, NY

August 13-19, 1967 Steel Pier, Atlantic City, NJ (the 19th is featured on US TV "Summertime on The Pier Show", Cindy Birdsong’s first TV appearance as a Supreme)

August 20-22, 1967 salle Wilfried Pelletier, Place des Arts, Montreal, QC

August 21-23, 1967 Expo Theatre, Montreal, QC (2 shows each day 6.30 & 9.30)

August 27, 1967 Roostertail Supper Club, Detroit, MI (concert is part of the Motown “Showcase '68”, the all-Motown show, headlined by Diana Ross & the Supremes and also featuring Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell, Gladys Knight & the Pips, Chris Clark, the Spinners & the Messengers. Motown’s Showcase ’68 was the company's first national convention held August 25 to 28. Earlier in the day the Supremes attended a reception at Detroit's Pontchartrain Hotel)

August 28-30, 1967 Ohio State Fair, Columbus, OH

September 2-4, 1967 Michigan State Fair (Three days of free concerts at 3.00, 6.00 & 9.30)

September 11-16, 1967 Carousel Theatre, Framingham, MA (supported by the Temptations)

September 17, 1967 Rhodes Island Auditorium, Providence, RI

September 18-19, 1967 Big E Coliseum, West Springfield, MA (2 free shows each day during the run of New England's state fair at 4.30 and 7.30)

September 20-22, 1967 US TV "Hollywood Palace" taping. Broadcast September 26th. Cindy Birdsong’s first National TV appearance with the Supremes.

September - October 1967 The Supremes attended the premiere of the film “The Happening” in Rome, Italy (“Cominciò pergioco”) and also give some shows (possibly between September 23 to 26 or October 15 to 26.

September 26-October 1, 1967 Melodyland Theatre, Anaheim, CA (supported by The Temptations)

October 2-14, 1967 The Cave, Vancouver, BC

October 27, 1967 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

October 28, 1967 Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR

October 29, 1967 Spokane Coliseum, Spokane, WA

October 30, 1967 Seattle Arena, Seattle, WA

November 3, 1967 Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, CA ?

November 3, 1967 Oakland Coliseum Arena, Oakland, CA (supported by Hugh Masekela & Sandy Baron

November 4, 1967 UCLA Pauley Pavilion, Los Angeles, CA (supported by Hugh Masekela & Sandy Baron)

November 6-12, 1967 Los Angeles, CA (US TV "The Tennessee Ernie Ford Special". Rehearsal and taping. Broadcast on December 3rd)

November 19, 1967 US TV "The Ed Sullivan Show" performing "In And Out Of Love" & duets with the Temptations on a medley. The duets were recorded on either November 16th or 17th)

December 22-31, 1967 Deauville Hotel Casanova Room, Miami, FL


January 8 or 9, 1968 Milan, ITY ITALIAN TV performing "L'Amore Verra"

January 14, 1968 GERMAN TV "The Supremes in Berlin"

January 16, 1968 Amsterdam, NED (The concert is filmed and broadcast on Dutch TV March 4th)

January 17 or 19, 1968 SPANISH TV "Tele-Ritmo"

January 19, 1968 Munich, GER "Bambi Awards Ceremony"

January 20, 1968 Bayerisher Hof Hotel, Munich, GER (Private afternoon concert for the Burda Ball Bal Pare. Other performers included Tom Jones, Mireille Mathieu & Henri Mancini)

January 21, 1968 Palais des Festivals, Cannes, FRA (Gala du MIDEM. At the end of their performance Bernard Chevry presents Diana with the 1967 MIDEM trophy that they were unable to receive in person the previous year. Broadcast on French TV February 24th)

January 22-February 3, 1968 Talk Of The Town, London, ENG (Amongst the opening night attendees were Paul McCartney, Michael Caine, Cliff Richard, the Shadows, Cat Sevens, Shirley Bassey, Roman Polanski, Sharon Tate, Samantha Eggar, Laurence Harvey, Tony Blackburn, Engelbert Humperdinck, Jane Asher & Joan Collins. There was an after party held at the Speakeasy)

January 28, 1968 Club Dell’ Aretusa, London, ENG (Party held by the Duke and Duchess of Bedford. Guests included Lord Thompson of Fleet, Jean Paul Getty, Charles Clore, Marquis & Marchioness of Bath, Marquis & Marchioness of Queensburry, Lord & Lady Londonderry, Tom Jones, Marianne Faithfull, Michael Caine, Lynn & Vanessa Redgrave, Christopher Plummer, Warren Beatty, Leslie Carron, Terence Stamp, Julie Christie, the Beatles & the Rolling Stones)

February 3, 1968 FRENCH TV "Studio 102", broadcast), hosted by the famous French singer Claude François. Recorded in January.

February 4, 1968 UK TV "Eamonn Andrews Show"

February 5-11, 1968 Berns, Stockholm, SWE

February 12, 1968 Geneva, SUI (SWISS TV)

February 16-29, 1968 Caribe Hilton, San Juan, Puerto Rico (2 shows at 10.00 & midnight on Saturday 17 & 24)

March ?, 1968 University of Oregon, McArthur Court, OR

March 3, 1968 Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, OH (with Jimmy Wilkins Band, Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers & Willie Tyler)

March 4, 1968 Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, MO

March 5, 1968 University of Wisconsin Field House, Madison, WI

March 6, 1968 Hinkle Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, IN

March 7, 1968 Hall of Music, Lafayette, IN

March 8, 1968 University of Iowa Field House, Iowa City, IA

March 11, 1968 Veteran's Memorial Auditorium, Columbus, OH

March 12, 1968 Music Hall, Cleveland, OH

March 13, 1968 Civic Center, Charleston, WV

March 15, 1968 Sports Arena, Hershey, PA

March 16, 1968 Boston Arena, Boston, MA (2 shows 7.00 & 10.00)

March 17, 1968 Villanova University, Villanova, PA

March 24, 1968 US TV "The Ed Sullivan Show"

March 28-April 11, 1968 Copacabana, New York City, NY (The show April 4th was cancelled due to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. The rest of the engagement is postponed for a month)

April 5, 1968 US TV "The Tonight Show". Diana performs "Somewhere" with a new monologue included in the lyrics. After the show, the group flies to Atlanta to attend Dr. King's funeral on the 9th)

April 12, 1968 Eden Roc, Miami, FL (an engagement around this time)

April 22-May 4, 1968 Latin Casino, Cherry Hill, NJ (2 shows each night)

May 5, 1968 US TV "The Ed Sullivan Show" to salute Irving Berlin’s 80th Birthday.

May 5-12, 1968 Copacabana, New York City, NY (rescheduled shows that were postponed due to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King in April)

May 9, 1968 Civic Center, Atlanta, GA (Benefit concert organized by Berry Gordy for the Southern Christian Leadership’s Poor People’s Campaign, with Diana Ross & the Supremes, the Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Chuck Jackson, Yvonne Fair, Mrs. Coretta King, Father James Groppi. Berry Gordy and the Motown artists, together with Mrs. King, unveiled a plaque in the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King)

May 13-18, 1968 Westbury Music Fair, Westbury, NY

May 20-26, 1968 Fisher Theater, Detroit, MI

June 1, 1968 Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA (concert organized by the Kennedy "gala committee", also starring Bill Cosby, Bobby Darin, Andre Previn, Sonny & Cher & Andy Williams)

June 24-30, 1968 Rock Creek Park Carter Barron Amphitheater, Washington, DC (supported by Stevie Wonder & the Little Step Brothers)

July 2-15?, 1968 Frontier Hotel Venus Room, Las Vegas, NV (2 week engagement)

July 19, 1968 International Sports Arena, San Diego, CA (Supported by Stevie Wonder)

July 20, 1968 Forum, Inglewood, CA (Supported by Stevie Wonder & Shorty Long)

July 22-27, 1968 Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ (Supported by George Kirby & the Little Step Brothers)

August 3, 1968 Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, New York City, NY (Supported by Stevie Wonder & Shorty Long)

August 5, 1968 Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY

August 9-18, 1968 Wisconsin State Fair, West Allis, WI (free concert. The Supremes performed at sometime during this fair)

August 10, 1968 Yale Bowl, New Heaven, CT (postponed until the 11th due to rain)

August 11, 1968 Yale Bowl, New Heaven, CT (rescheduled from the 10th due to rain)

August 16, 1968 Forum, Inglewood, CA (unconfirmed)

August 17, 1968 Bayfront Auditorium, Miami, FL (Diana Ross & the Supremes and the Four Tops perform during the awards banquet of the annual convention of (NATRA) the National Association of Television and Radio Announcers)

August ?, 1968 NBC Studios, Burbank, CA (US TV "TCB (Taking Care Of Business) Special", with the Temptations recorded over two days. Broadcast December 9th)

August 26-28, 1968 Lansdowne Park, Ottawa, ON (Central Canada Exhibition)

August 29, 1968 Indiana State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, IN (2 shows 6.00 & 8.30)

August 31, 1968 Virginia Beach, VA

September 1, 1968 Civic Center, Baltimore, MD (supported by Chuck Jackson, Yvonne Fair & Willie Tyler & Lester)

September 6, 1968 US TV "Dick Clark And A Cast Of Thousands"

September 17, 1968 Rhodes Island Auditorium, Providence, RI

September 29, 1968 US TV "The Ed Sullivan Show" lip-syncing "Love Child"

October 1-14, 1968 Ambassador Hotel Cocoanut Grove, Los Angeles, CA

October 17-30, 1968 Harrah’s, Lake Tahoe, NV

October 23, 1968 US TV "Bing Crosby Special". Recorded during the Cocoanut Grove engagement.

November 2, 1968 Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix, AZ

November ?, 1968 Olympia Hall, Paris, FRA

November 10, 1968 Berns, Stockholm, SWE

November 11, 1968 London Palladium, London, ENG (unconfirmed)

November 12, 1968 Hamburg, GER (2 shows)

November 13, 1968 Stadsteater, Malmo, SWE

November 14, 1968 Falkoner Centret, Copenhagen, DEN

November 16, 1968 Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, BEL

November 18, 1968 London Palladium, London, ENG (Royal Variety Performance. Broadcast on November 24th)

November 21, 1968 Adelphi Cinema, Dublin, IRE

November ?, 1968 Belfast, NI

November 23, 1968 Free Trade Hall, Manchester, ENG

November 24, 1968 London Palladium, London, ENG (2 shows)

November 26, 1968 Hamburg, GER

November 28, 1968 Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt, GER (2 shows 7.00 & 9.45)

November 29, 1968 Munich, GER

December ?, 1968 Vienna, AUT


January 5, 1969 US TV "The Ed Sullivan Show" performing "Love Child" live

January 10, 1969 Trinity University Earl C. Sams Memorial Center, San Antonio, TX (2 shows 7.00 & 9.00)

January 18, 1969 Ohio University Convocation Center, Athens, OH

January 23, 1969 Kitchener Auditorium, Kitchener, ON (Waterloo University’s Carnival)

January 24, 1969 Ashland College Physical Education Center, Ashland, OH

January 26, 1969 Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, MO

January 30-February 12, 1969 Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

February ?, 1969 San Francisco, CA

February 17, 1969 US TV "Bob Hope Special"

February 21, 1969 Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA

February 22, 1969 Convention Center, Anaheim, CA

March 7, 1969 Indiana State University Arena, Terre Haute, IN

March 8, 1969 US TV "The Hollywood Palace" hosted by Diana Ross and the Supremes

March 8, 1969 Assembly Hall, Champaign, IL

March 9, 1969 KRNT Theater, Des Moines, IA

March 10, 1969 Pershing Auditorium, Lincoln, NE

March 13-16, 1969 Auditorium Theater, Chicago, IL (2 shows on Saturday 15th 7.00 & 10.00)

March ?, 1969 Drake Hotel, Chicago, IL (Diana Ross & the Supremes are presented a plaque award by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) during the NARAS awards dinner)

March 18, 1969 US TV "The Tonight Show"

March 22, 1969 Beverly Hilton, Berverly Hills, CA (Benefit dinner to pay off Bobby Kennedy's campaign debts. The evening is emceed by Andy Williams, with Carol Burnett, Rosey Grier and Diana Ross headlining the entertainment, with Cary Grant, Dean Martin, Paul Newman & Alfred Hitchcock among the audience)

March 27, 1969 Auditorium Theater, Chicago, IL (Benefit concert on behalf of the Urban League, with Chuck Jackson & Willie Tyler)

April 3, 1969 Sports Stadium, Orlando, FL (supported by Gladys Knight & the Pips)

April 4-13, 1969 Deauville Hotel, Miami, FL (2 shows each night 9.00 & Midnight. On the 4th they interrupted their performance to pay tribute to Martin Luther King on the first anniversary of his death. On the 11th Diana Ross & the Supremes hosted the annual dinner-dance sponsored by the Suburban League at the hotel)

April 13, 1969 US TV "Like Hep! Special". Diana's first TV performance without the Supremes broadcast.

April 21-26, 1969 O’Keefe Center for the Performing Arts, Toronto, ON

May 1, 1969 Iowa State University Ames Armory, Ames, IA (Veishea annual celebrations, 2 shows 7.00 & 9.45)

May 11, 1969 US TV "The Ed Sullivan Show"

May 11, 1969 Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York City, NY (Benefit for the Free Southern Theater which supports workshops in black communities. Ava Gardner and Bill Cosby co-chair the benefit, Dinah Shore, Jack Lemmon, Lena Horne, Diana Ross & Duke Ellington providing the entertainment)

May 14-17, 19-24 & 26-31, 1969 Waldorf Astoria Hotel Empire Room, New York City, NY (2 shows each night 9.00 & Midnight)

June 1, 1969 US TV "The Ed Sullivan Show". No performance. Diana is in the audience and takes a bow.

June 2-15, 1969 Latin Casino, Cherry Hill, NJ (During this engagement, Diana’s dogs ate rat poison during the last of the Friday 6th concerts and the rest of the engagement (June 7-15) is cancelled)

June 28, 1969 Flamingo Hilton, Las Vegas, NV ?

June 30-July 6, 1969 Rock Creek Park Carter Barron Amphitheater, Washington, DC (supported by Julius Wechter and the Baja Marimba Band)

July 8-12, 1969 Carousel Theatre, Framingham, MA (supported by Stevie Wonder)

July 14-19, 1969 Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ (supported by Stevie Wonder)

July 21-26, 1969 Westbury Music Fair, Westbury, NY (supported by Stevie Wonder)

July 28-August 2, 1969 Opera House, Seattle, WA (supported by Stevie Wonder)

August 3, 1969 Coliseum, Portland, OR

August 9, 1969 Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg, MN

August 11, 1969 Daisy Club, Beverly Hills, CA (Diana hosts a party to introduce the Jackson 5)

August 12-13, 1969 Wisconsin State Fair, Milwaukee, WI (Free concerts. 2 shows each day 6.30 & 9.00)

August 15, 1969 Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA

August 16, 1969 Forum, Ingelwood, CA (suppoted by Jackson 5, Edwin Starr & Edwin Hawkins Singers)

August 17, 1969 International Sports Arena, San Diego, CA

September 22, 1969 US TV "Rowan & Martin’s “Laugh-In". Diana's second solo TV appearance)

September 26, 1969 Brown University Meehan Auditorium, Providence, RI (2 shows 7.00 & 10.30)

September 27, 1969 University of Massachusetts Curry Hicks Cage, Amherst, MA (2 shows 7.00 & 10.00)

September 28, 1969 University of Maine Memorial Gym, Orono, ME (2 shows 7.00 & 9.15)

October 1, 1969 Memorial Auditorium, Burlington, VT

October 2, 1969 Forum, Montreal, QC

October 3, 1969 Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA (2 shows 7.30 & 10.00)

October 4, 1969 Albany Armory, Albany, NY (2 shows 5.00 & 9.00)

October 5, 1969 Bushnell Memorial, Hartford, CT (Big D Show, 2 shows 5.00 & 8.30)

October 10, 1969 US TV "The Hollywood Palace". Diana Ross and the Supremes host the show. This is also the first TV appearance of the Jackson 5. Broadcast October 18th)

November 11, 1969 US TV "The Tonight Show"

November 12, 1969 US TV "GIT (Gettin' It Together) On Broadway" Broadcast. Recorded sometime in August or September.

December 14, 1969 US TV "Ed Sullivan Show". Diana Ross is in the audience and takes a bow just after the Jackson 5's performance.

December 21, 1969 US TV "Ed Sullivan Show"

December 23, 1969-January 14, 1970 Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas, NV (Diana Ross & the Supremes final performance)

June 22-28, 1970 Club Venus, Towson, MD

October 18, 1970 SMU McFarlin Auditorium, Dallas, TX

August 9-15, 1971 Carter Barron Amphitheatre, Baltimore, MD (with Four Tops)

August 14, 1972 Valley Forge Music Fair, Devon, PA (with The Temptations)

November 2, 1973 Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, OH (supported by Donny Hathaway & Bloodstone)

May 14, 1976 New Victoria Theatre, London, ENG

  • Mary Wilson
  • Scherrie Payne
  • Susaye Greene

June 12, 1977 Theater Royal Drury Lane, London, ENG (the Supremes farewell concert before disbanding, supported by Billy Ocean)

March 25, 1983 Pasadena Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, CA (Motown 25)

September 9-10, 1983 Carlton Celebrity Dinner Theater, Bloomington, MN

November 16, 1985 Indiana University Auditorium, Bloomington, IN (with The Temptations)

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