The Residents were once infamous for their rare live performanes, but since 1982 they've been fairly regular

1971: As The Delta Nudes

1971 Concert Poster

1971 Concert Poster

October 18th 1971, The Boarding House, San Francisco, California (Featuring Snakefinger)

  • Full recording released on 'Daydream B-Liver'

October 31st 1971, Arcata, California

  • Full recording Released on 'A Nickle If Your Dick's This Big'

1972: As Residents Uninc

Spring 1972, Redwood, California

  • Full recording Released on 'A Nickle If Your Dick's This Big'

1976: As The Residents

June 7th 1976, Berkeley, California (Featuring Snakefinger)

  • Full recording released on "Oh Mummy! Oh Daddy! Can't You See That It's True, What The Beatles Did To Me I Love Lucy Did To You""


The Mole Show (1982-1983)

April 10th 1982, The House, Santa Monica, California [

  • Full Recording Released on "PAL TV LP Special Edition"

October 26th - 27th 1982, Kabuki, San Francisco, California (

  • Film released on "Mole Show Bag"

October 29th - 30th 1982, Roxy, Los Angeles, California

  • Recording Release on "Mole Show"

October 31st 1982, Perkins palace, Pasadena, California


May 23rd, 1983, Rotation, Hannover, Germany

May 25th - 26th, 1983, Secession, Vienna, Austria

May 27th, 1983, Alabamahalle, Munich, Germany

May 28th 1983, Volksbildungsheim, Frankfurt, Germany

May 29th 1983, Schumannsaal, Dusseldorf, Germany

May 30th 1983, Metropol, Berlin, Germany

June 1st 1983, Falkoner Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark

June 2nd 1983, Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany

June 3rd 1983, Zeche, Bochum, Germany

June 4th 1983, Muziekcentrum, Utrecht, Netherlands

  • Released on "Mole Show, Live In Holland"

June 5th 1983, Plan K, Brussels, Belgium

June 7th 1983, Olympia, Paris, France

June 8th 1983, Palais D'Hiver, Lyon, France

June 9th 1983, Volkhaus, Zurich, Switzerland

June 12th 1983, TeatroTenda, Bologna, Italy

June 13th 1983, The Rolling Stone, Milan, Italy

June 14th 1983, Teatro Apollo, Firenze, Italy

June 17th 1983, Salon Cibeles, Barcelona, Spain

June 18th 1983, Sala Extases, Valencia, Spain

June 19th - 20th 1983, Rock Ola, Madrid, Spain

  • Filmed and Broadcast on Spanish TV, excerpts released on "Kettles Of Fish On The Outskirts Of Town"

21st June 1983, Le Edad de Oro, Madrid, Spain

23rd June 1983, Cinema le Femina, Bordeaux, France

24th June 1983, Theatre Municipal, Poitiers, France

27th June 1983, Town Hall, Birmingham, England

28th June 1983, Hammersmith Odeon, London, England

29th June 1983, Royal Court, Liverpool, England

30th June 1983, Queens Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland

1st July 1983, Polytechnic, Leicestershire, England

7th October 1983, New Music Festival, Washington, DC (Released on "The Mole Box", filmed excerpts appear on The Mole Show VHS, & Icky Flix)


The Eyeball Show Featuring Snakefinger (1985)

28th October 1985, Kyoto Silk Hall, Kyoto, Japan

29th - 31st October 1985, Parco Space, Tokyo, Japan

  • (Released on "13th Anniversary Show - Live In Tokyo", partially filmed)

The 13th Anniversary Show Featuring Snakefinger (1985-1987)

10th - 13th December 1985, Wolfgangs, San Francisco, California

26th December 1985, The Palace, Los Angeles, California


9th - 10th January 1986, 688 Club, Atlanta, Georgia

12th January 1986, City Gardens, Trenton, New Jersey

16th - 17th January 1986, The Ritz, New York City, New York

  • Recording released on "13th Anniversary Show - Ritz NY - Jan 16, 1986"

20th January 1986, The Channel, Boston, Massachusetts

22nd January 1986, Le Spectrum, Montreal, Québec, Canada

24th January 1986, Music Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

25th January 1986, Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, Michigan

27th - 28th January 1986, Peabody's Down Under, Cleveland, Ohio

  • Recording released on "The 13th Anniversary Show - Cleveland"

29th January 1986, The Graffitti, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

31st January 1986, Lisner Auditorium, Washington, DC

7th February 1986, Vic Theatre, Chicago, Illinois

8th February 1986, The Palms, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

10th February 1986, First Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Recording released on "Live In The USA! 13th Anniversary Tour"

12th February 1986, Cogburns, Lawrence, Kansas

14th February 1986, Arcadia, Dallas, Texas

16th February 1986, Cullen Auditorium, Houston, Texas

Second Leg

4th - 7th August 1986, Tivoli, Sydney, Australia

8th August 1986, Easts, Brisbane, Australia

9th August 1986, Jet club, Brisbane, Australia

10th August 1986, Art Factory, Baron Bay, Australia

11th August 1986, The Red Parrot, Perth, Australia

13th - 14th August 1986, Tivoli, Adelaide, Australia

15th - 17th August 1986, Seaview Ballroom, Melbourne, Australia

19th August 1986, Canberra labour club, Canberra, Australia

20th August 1986, Hills Inn, Sydney, Australia

21st August 1986, Tivoli, Sydney, Australia

22nd August 1986, Town Hall, Christchurch, New Zealand

23rd August 1986, Galaxy, Auckland, New Zealand

28th August 1986, Selinas, Sydney, Australia

European Leg

3rd October 1986, Ungdomens Hus, Tromsoe, Norway

  • Excerpts heard on 'Fingerprince' & 'Duck Stab' pREServed.

4th October 1986, Falkoner Teatret, Copenhagen, Denmark

5th October 1986, Norske Opera, Oslo, Norway

  • Filmed for Norwegian TV

6th October 1986, Fryshuset, Stockholm, Sweden

8th October 1986, Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany

9th October 1986, Zeche, Bochum, Germany

10th October 1986, Batschkapp, Frankfurt, Germany

11th October 1986, Theaterfabric, Munich, Germany

12th October 1986, Posthof, Linz, Austria

13th October 1986, Sofiensale, Vienna, Austria

15th October 1986, Maison de la Culture, Rennes, France

16th October 1986, Maison de la Culture, Paris, France

17th October 1986, Chapiteau de la Pepiniere, Nancy, France

20th October 1986, Salle de la E.N.T.P.E, Lyon, France

21st October 1986, Geneva, Switzerland

23rd October 1986, Nighttown, Rotterdam, Netherlands

24th October 1986, Hof ter Lo, Antwerp, Belqium

25th October 1986, Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Recorded and released on "13th Anniversary Show - Live In Holland"

26th October 1986, Noorderligt, Tilburg, Netherlands

28th October 1986, The Hammersmith Palais, London, England

29th October 1986, Hacienda Club, Manchester, England


10th January 1987, Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, California

  • Recorded and released on Diskomo - Live In San Francisco

24th August 1987, The Snakey Wake, San Francisco

  • Recorded and released on The Snakey Wake

Cube E (1987 - 1990)

26th November 1987, Boudisque Anniversary Bash, Amsterdam


March 15, 1988 - Tele 5 Studios, Grünwald, Germany

  • Filmed, released on Cube-E boxset.


21st - 22nd July 1989 - Lincoln Center, New York City, New York

21st - 24th September 1989 - Cowell Theater, San Francisco, California

  • Recording released on 'Buckaroo Blues & Black Barry' cassette.

13th October 1989 - Nancy Jazz Festival, Nancy, France

14th October 1989 - Grenoble, France

16th October 1989 - Theaterhaus, Stuttgart, Germany

17th October 1989 - Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany

18th October 1989 - Audimax, Hamburg, Germany

19th October 1989 - Kurhaus, Wiesbaden, Germany

21st October 1989 - San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy

23rd October 1989 - Theaterfabrik Unterfoehring, Munich, Germany

24th October 1989 - Festspielhaus, Recklinghousen, Germany

25th October 1989 - L'Aerouef, Lille, France

26th October 1989 - La Cigale, Paris, France

27th October 1989 - Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium

31st October 1989 - Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, Denmark

1st November 1989 - Stora Salen, Lund, Sweden

2nd November 1989 - Nya Vagen, Gothenburg, Sweden

3rd November 1989 - Oslo Opera House, Oslo, Norway

5th November 1989 - Saddler Wells, London, England

7 - 8th November 1989 - Club Rodon, Athens, Greece

9th November 1989 - The Cinerama, Tel Aviv, Israel

11th November 1989 - Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia

12th November 1989 - Graz, Austria

13th November 1989 - Bank Austria Zelt, Vienna, Austria

Second Leg

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