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Set List:

I Can't Explain Summertime Blues My Generation I Am The Sea The Real Me The Punk And The Godfather I'm One Helpless Dancer 5.15 Sea And Sand Drowned Bell Boy Doctor Jimmy The Rock Love Reign O'er Me My Generation Pinball Wizard See Me Feel Me Won't Get Fooled Again

This was a much better show than Stoke but still rife with problems. The synthesiser backing tapes used on 'Helpless Dancer', 'Bell Boy', 'Dr. Jimmy', 'The Rock' and 'Love Reign O'er Me' proved difficult to play along to and didn't mix too well with the band's stage sound. The instrumental piece 'The Rock' was a courageous inclusion at best, and Townshend, Moon and Entwistle were tested to their limits to keep it in shape. Other frustrations weighed heavily on Pete. A new lighting rig in the small (1700 capacity) hall produced a level of heat on the stage that bent the strings of Pete's white Gibson SG out of tune. To cap it all, each time he leapt across the stage, the lead fell out of his guitar. Quadrophenia was symbolically sandwiched between versions of 'My Generation'. Daltrey mentioned that the band had played Quadrophenia for the first time the previous evening, to which Pete added: "yes, and it was bloody horrible!" Townshend then went on to say that "It should have been in the bleeding shops by now." He explained the reasons for not playing the full work: "If we played it all, you'd fucking fall asleep!"

It was perhaps equally courageous of the band to invite London-based journalists to this concert as a press launch for the new work. Rob Mackie wrote in Sounds (November 10): "Like Tommy, Quadrophenia builds to a fine climax... In case that wasn't enough, the audience got a lot more for their money... Pete even found time for a jokey bit of Slade audience manipulation right in their own backyard. 'Arms up, down', he ordered. Of course, he was obeyed... Three hours of The Who is well worth a foggy journey down the M1 any day." Disc carried a review by Ray Fox-Cumming (November 10): "Despite PA problems which swallowed up much of the lyrics, it was a triumphantly successful evening with the fans going bananas and the band enjoying themselves just as much." Roy Carr praised the performance in New Musical Express (November 3): "Townshend is 101 per cent pure raw nervous energy; his licks are as fresh and aggressive as in his old auto-destruct days." Melody Maker's Chris Welch said (November 3): "Roger Daltrey, stripped of his famous fringes and now in more Spartan attire, sang with demoniac power. Screams of 'Roger!' from the milling throng crushed in the front rows show how The Who have gone full circle and become a teenage band again, at least in some respects... "