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Set List:

I Can't Explain Summertime Blues My Generation I Am The Sea The Real Me Punk And The Godfather I'm One Helpless Dancer 5.15 Sea And Sand Drowned Bell Boy Dr. Jimmy Love Reign O'er Me My Generation See Me Feel Me Magic Bus Pinball Wizard Let's See Action Naked Eye

'Let's See Action', the British-only single from 1971, was being played live for the first time on a handful of dates on this tour. It took the form of a semi-improvised jam and the vocals were added in an equally casual way. The bridge section sung by Pete was always completely omitted. Also, this was one of the few US concerts where 'My Generation' was played twice.

The St. Louis concert was reviewed by Ken Barnes in Phonograph Record (January 1974): "For the most part The Who again proved peerless hard-rockers... Abetted by a much clearer sound than on the last tour... Quadrophenia... was, in a word, stunning. The concert rendition supplied all the raucous power seemingly latent in the storyline, and the added dimension invested the monolithic Quad with the true rock & roll excitement missing in large part from the album. The Who, especially Townshend, seemed genuinely enthusiastic playing the new material... and it showed in a galvanising performance. Inevitably the remainder of the concert was a trifle anticlimactic ... It was definitely reassuring to witness a 1973 Who triumph... The group's brand of hyperkinetic excitement hasn't faded away; and at their best, The Who are still, simply, the best."