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Set List:

I Can't Explain Summertime Blues My Wife My Generation I Am The Sea The Real Me Punk And The Godfather I'm One Helpless Dancer 5.15 Sea And Sand Drowned Bell Boy Dr. Jimmy Love Reign O'er Me Won't Get Fooled Again Pinball Wizard See Me, Feel Me

The Concert File notes:

The Dallas Morning News writer, Terry Kliewer, gave the show a one-word review of "WOW" before elaborating on a superb performance, but Roger thought differently. In an interview with the Washington Post (December 7) regarding the tour, Daltrey commented that The Who "only had one weak concert. Dallas". He didn't elaborate as to why this was the case but his judgement stands. Charles Perry and Andrew Bailey wrote in Rolling Stone (January 3 1974): "'Rock & roll!' cried one lone voice, as Peter Townshend continued to explain where the upcoming song fit in his latest rock opera. The Dallas Convention Center Arena is like the inside of a UFO, perfectly circular with concentric rings of lights in the ceiling. Down on the stage beneath 144 coloured spotlights The Who were walking the tightrope of their first tour in two years, trying to put across songs from their first album in as long. After the US dŽbut in San Francisco they'd decided the selections from Quadrophenia needed a bit of synopsis. The surprising thing is that only one cry of 'Rock & Roll!' split the air, to say nothing of the possible 'Boogie!', 'Party!' or 'Get it on!' Because the story of Quadrophenia is not the fairy tale triumph of a trebly-handicapped teenage guru... And only one voice shouted 'Rock & Roll!' Ten thousand college and high-school age Texans crowded the sold-out Arena November 25th to watch four men in their late twenties, including a singer and guitarist who are bywords for athleticism, perform powerful crashing music about... events in 1965, and their possibly misspent youth."