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setlist : Sometimes, Grievance, Corduroy, Go, Hail Hail, Dissident, Evacuation, Wishlist, Better Man, Given To Fly, State of Love and Trust, Untitled, MFC, Habit, Thin Air, Even Flow, Black, Insignificance, Porch

enc 1: Soon Forget, Do The Evolution, Leatherman, Nothingman, Elderly Woman, NEW SONG!!, Rearviewmirror

enc 2: Fuckin’ Up

notes: ‘Go’ has Mike spinning in circles. “Good evening, Portland,” Ed says after ‘Dissident,’ hefting the wine bottle. “I’ve got some good news, and some good news. The good news – we made it! *sarcastic snort* No, switch that. The good news is, YOU made it. The really good news is that we’ve come to Oregon … tonight, knowing we play in a swing state — you’re all swingers whether you know it or not — your vote counts!” ‘Wishlist’ has an extra verse that begins, “I wish I was the president/but I smoked too much pot …” ‘Better Man’ has no ‘SIFL’ tag but instead has a repeated refrain instead. ‘Untitled’ is extended/expanded with additional lines, probably due to some tech problems with Matt’s equipment. In ‘Habit,’ Ed falls back, comes to the front and says, “Speaking as a child from a town about five hours north of here …” The song finishes with this wicked jam in which Ed breaks a string and Mike starts moving the guitar behind his head. “That song’s about coffee in the morning, beer at night … caffeine. It’s a gateway drug.” ‘Thin Air’ is introduced as “one of the better songs about new love – I can say that because it’s written by Stone Gossard.” The magic ‘Even Flow’ 8-ball gives us: “This one’s called ‘Have A Drink On Me.” ‘Soon Forget’ has a *lengthy* dedication to Paul Allen (who owns the Rose Garden): “Are you here, Paul? You’d think he’d be here … he can get in for free! He’s kind of money conscious … but he’s not evil, I mean — You know, Neil Young had a quote about Richard Nixon, ‘even Richard Nixon has got soul’ – I could never figure that line out.” [From the song 'Campaigner']. ‘DTE’ lyric change: “They won’t let me sing in the choir.” ‘Elderly Woman’ ends and it sounds like Ed is going into a little extended ending, but instead starts singing an entirely new song, all the guys were playing, they were all playing with concentration, it was tight, this was not an improv!