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Vin Goodwin - Stay With Me Till Dawn [Parody]

Mia Silvas - Bully

Vin Goodwin - Bring The Rain

Adam Brown - Drive

Lorna Blackwood - Dark Days

Pete Davison (Alice Drinkwater Vocals) - Til It's Over

Laura & The Tears - See You Later

Tony Moore - The Cup Of Tea Song

Tamsin Warley - Don't Look Behind You

Gus MacGregor & Amy Smith - The House

Vashti - All At Sea

Mia Silvas - After The Crash

Lucie Silvas - Joan Of Arc [Video]

Tom Baxter - Icarus Wings/Skybound/Love Is Not Enough

Mia Silvas - One Minute

Bailey Tzuke - Ladies Night

Tim Deal - Parallel Lives

Bailey Tzuke - The Choices You've Made

Judie Tzuke - Man And A Gun/Stay With Me Till Dawn