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setlist : Of The Girl, Do The Evolution, Animal, Red Mosquito, Corduroy, Grievance, Light Years, Nothing As It Seems, Given To Fly, Even Flow, Faithfull, Untitled, Last Kiss, MFC, Breakerfall, Wishlist, Thin Air, Daughter, Evacuation, Immortality, Better Man/(Save It For Later), Black, Go

enc 1: Last Exit, Jeremy, Elderly Woman, Alive

enc 2: Yellow Ledbetter

notes: The opening show of the European tour in Lisbon is a total winner with PJ playing really well, looking very happy with the fantastic Portuguese fans in attendance. ‘Corduroy’ is one of the best ever versions. ‘Untitled’ (from the Live On Two Legs album) is a different, extended version, after which Matt begins having drum trouble and Ed starts doing ‘Last Kiss’ by himself. There is no recognizable ‘Daughter’ tag — just Ed singing and the entire crowd is singing even when he has ended. Later, Ed forgets the words to to ‘Immortality’ and the audience helps out. ‘Better Man’ includes a very small ‘Save It For Later’ tag. Mike is on fire toward the close of the first set, soloing behind his head, rolling around and falling backward while playing! They return for the encore and the crowd is yelling “EDDIE” and he responds “SUCKS!” which brings that to an end, and the crowd is then singing the chorus to ‘Alive.’ Ed says that they won’t have to sing that one since the crowd has already performed it. Dennis Rodman makes an appearance at the top of the second encore, bringing Ed out onto the stage over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. He exits soon, with Ed commenting on how that was the shortest amount of time that Dennis Rodman has been on a Pearl Jam stage ;) Another fantastic show in Lisbon with Mike in a great mood, playing hide and seek behind a speaker and Ed opening his shirt and patting his heart, obviously very moved by the crowd.