1988.03.06 Falcon, London, ENG (Lush's first public appearance, supporting The Rosehips & Big)

16th March: Camden Falcon

1988.03.19 Falcon, London, ENG (supporting The McTells)

1988.06.04 Greyhound, Fulham, ENG (supporting The Pastels, My Bloddy Valentine & The McTells)

1988.06.12 Brixton Canterbury Ams (supporting Jesse Garon and the Desperadoes, with Horsehead)

1988.06.19 Ealing College of Higher Education

1988.06.22 Finsbury Park The George Robey  (supporting Kitsch & The Beat Maniacs)

1988.06.25 Hammersmith The Clarendon    (supporting ATV)

26th April: Camden Falcon

1988.07.22 Camden Falcon   (supporting The Sperm Wails)

1988.10.09 Camden Falcon   (supporting The Sun Carriage)

1988.11.10 Camden Falcon   (supported by Thrilled Skinny)

1988.12.03 Hampstead Old White Horse  (supporting East Village)

1988.12.10 Camden Falcon      (supporting The Grooveyard)


1989.01.17 Oval Cricketers, London, ENG (supporting The Senseless Things, Perfect Daze & Snuff)

1989.01.21 Hampstead The White Horse    (supporting The Grooveyard)

1989.01.24 Euston Drummonds   (supporting Wolfhounds & Whirl)

1989.02.01 London ULU  (supporting Laugh)

1989.02.16 London ULU  (supporting My Bloody Valentine & The Wolfhounds, with The Sperm Wails)

1989.02.24 London ULU bar, Malet Street  (supporting East Village)

1989.02.25 Camden Falcon      (supporting Whirl)

1989.03.07 Camden Dublin Castle   (supported by Th' Faith Healers)

1989.03.08 Marquee, London, ENG (supporting The Wishing Stones & Milltown Brothers)

1989.03.14 Kensington Cricketers (supporting Snuff, with Trench Feever)

1989.03.16 Stoke Newington New Pegasus    (supporting The Motorcycle Boy)

1989.04.19 Islington Powerhouse  (supporting The Wolfhounds, with Peter Panic)

1989.04.27 New Pegasus, London, ENG (supported by The James Dean Driving Experience)

1989.04.29 Camden Falcon      (supporting Pale Saints)

1989.05.02 Kentish Town North London Poly  (supported by Excretia Face Clair)

1989.05.21 Brighton Escape Club     (supporting Whirl)

1989.05.31 Cardiff The Venue    (supporting The House of Love)

1989.06.01 Keele Keele University

1989.06.02 Essex Essex University

1989.06.03 Southampton Southampton University   (Supporting House Of Love)

1989.06.05 ICA, London, ENG (supporting The House of Love & Kitchens of Distinction)

1989.06.22 Bath Moles Club    (supporting Bob Hope, with Beef)

1989.07.06 Chelmsford Y Club  (supported by Big Licks & The Frozen Hearts)

1989.07.16 Camden Falcon         (supported by Savage Lucy)

1989.09.09 Tunbridge Wells Rumble Club  (supported by Electric Sex Circus & The Walton Brothers)

1989.10.06 Brighton Pavilion Theatre    (supporting 14 Iced Bears, with Loveless)

1989.10.11 London Subterania (supporting The Chills, with Stitch)

1989.10.13 Camden Falcon

1989.10.14 Chelmsford YMCA

1989.10.17 Kent Kent University       (supporting The Darling Buds)

1989.10.18 Keele Keele University

1989.10.21 Trent Trent Polytehcnic

1989.10.22 Cardiff Cardif University

23rd October: Manchester International 1  (Supporting Darling Buds)

1989.10.24 Leeds Leeds University   (Supporting Darling Buds)

1989.10.25 Newcastle Newcastle University

1989.10.26 London ULU, Malet Street       (supporting Eat)

1989.10.28 Liverpool Liverpool University      (supporting The Darling Buds)

1989.10.29 Leicester Leicester University

30th October: London Polytechnic (Supporting Darling Buds)

1989.11.09 Town & Country Club, London, ENG (supporting House Of Love, with Something Pretty Beautiful)

1989.11.14 Camden Workers Social Club      (supporting Felt, with Heide Berry)

1989.11.27 Leeds Warehouse    (supporting Pale Saints)

1989.11.28 Southampton Joiners Arms        

1989.12.01 Hull University        (supporting Loop, with Dreamgrinder)

1989.12.02 Glasgow QMC    (supporting Loop. Lush didn't play due to a power cut)

1989.12.03 Newcastle Riverside     (supporting Loop, with Dreamgrinder)

1989.12.04 Manchester International        

1989.12.05 Birmingham Irish Centre        

1989.12.06 Kelle University        

1989.12.07 Bristol Bierkeller        

1989.12.08 Northampton Roadmenders        

1989.12.09 Portsmouth Polytechnic


21st January: Hampstead White Horse. 24th January: London ULU

1990.02.01 Nantes St. Sebastian Festival (supporting The Wolfgang Press, with Pale Saints)

21st February: London Kentish Town North London Polytechnic. 22nd February: London ULU

1990.02.22 Windsor The Old Trout     (supporting The Sandkings)

25th February: Camden Falcon

Mad Love Tour

1990.03.01 Portsmouth Polytechnic (supported by Th'Faith Healers)

1990.03.02 Reading After Dark (supported by Th'Faith Healers & Slowdive)

1990.03.03 Egham Royal Holloway College   (supported by Th'Faith Healers)

1990.03.04 Brighton Richmond  (supported by Th'Faith Healers

1990.03.05 Norwich Norwich Arts Centre (supporting Pale Saints)

1990.03.07 Derby, UK Dial Club    (supported by Th'Faith Healers)

1990.03.08 Sheffield, UK Sheffield University      

1990.03.09 Edinburgh The Venue      

1990.03.10 Glasgow, Scotland College Of Technology (supported by The Onionheads)

1990.03.11 Dundee, Scotland  Dance Factory          

1990.03.12 Newcastle Riverside     (supported by Th'Faith Healers)

1990.03.13 Birmingham Burberries (supported by Th'Faith Healers)

1990.03.14 London Subterranea (supported by The Edsel Auctioneer & Th'Faith Healers)

1990.03.16 Manchester Boardwalk   (supported by Th'Faith Healers)

1990.03.17 Coventry Polytechnic  (supported by The Beautiful Happening)

1990.03.18 Bristol Fleece And Firkin (supported by Th'Faith Healers)

1990.03.21 Utrecht, Holland Tivoli (with Pale Saints)

1990.03.22 Gronigen, Holland Vera  (with Pale Saints)

1990.03.23 Amsterdam, Holland Milky Way (with Pale Saints)

1990.03.24 The Hague, Holland Trojan Horse (with Pale Saints)

1990.03.25 Eindhoven, Holland Effenaar  (with Pale Saints)

1990.03.27 Nancy, France Terminal Export (with Pale Saints)

1990.03.28 Lyon, France Le Truck  (with Pale Saints)

1990.03.29 Paris, France New Morning  (with Pale Saints)

1990.03.30 Rennes, France UBU     (with Pale Saints)

1990.03.31 Lille, France L'Aeronef   (with Pale Saints)

1990.04.02 Cologne, Germany Luxor (with Pale Saints)

1990.04.03 Frankfurt, Germany Batschkapp  (with Pale Saints)

1990.04.04 Hildesheim, Germany Vier Linden   (with Pale Saints)

1990.04.05 Berlin, Germany The Loft (with Pale Saints)

1990.04.06 Hamburg, Germany Grosse Freiheit (with Pale Saints)

1990.04.08 Brussels, Belgium Ancienne Belgique   (with Pale Saints)

18th April: Amsterdam Paradiso 19th April: Brussels Ancienne Belgique 20th April: Paris Elysee Montartre

1990.04.27 London Borderline, Charing X  (Miki & Emma acoustic set, supporting Ultra Vivid Scene)

1990.05.24 Windsor, England Arts Centre    (supported by Moose)

1990.05.25 London ULU   (supported by Swervedriver & Moose)

1990.06.21 Exeter Exeter University    

1990.06.22 Pilton, UK Glastonbury Festival  (supporting Circus Archaos, Happy Mondays & Adamski, with Pale Saints)

1990.06.25 Cambridge Junction   (supported by Easy)

1990.06.26 Leeds Warehouse  (supported by Easy)

1990.06.27 Leicester Leicester University    (supported by Easy)

1990.06.28 Manchester International  (supported by Swirl & Easy)

1990.08.10 Charring Cross Borderline (supported by Moose)

1990.08.11 London The Garden Party, Crystal Palace Bowl (supported by The Cure, Pixies, All About Eve & James)

Sweetness And Light Tour

1990.10.21 Brighton Zap Club  (supported by Moose)

1990.10.22 Brighton Zap Club   (supported by Faith Over Reason)

1990.10.24 Newcastle Newcastle University      

1990.10.25 Edinburgh Calton Studios    

1990.10.26 Glasgow College Of Building And Printing        

1990.10.27 Sheffield Leadmill        

1990.10.28 Trent  Polytechnic, Nottingham, ENG    

1990.10.29 Bristol Bierkeller      

1990.10.31 Birmingham Institute of Art and Design        

1990.11.01 Manchester Polytechnic

2nd November: Cambridge Junction 

1990.11.03 Southampton Southampton University      

1990.11.04 Norwich Waterfront      

1990.11.05 London Town & Country Club (supported by Faith Over Reason & Moose)

Gala Tour - First US Tour

1990.11.24  Toronto Lee's Palace        

1990.11.26 Boston Nightstage    

1990.11.28 Hoboken, NJ Maxwell's   (supporting Smashing Orange)

1990.11.29 New York CBGB's  (supporting Nation of Ulysses & Velvet Crush)

1990.12.01 Washington DC 9.30 Club    

1990.12.03 San Francisco, CA Kennel Club (supporting Orange)

1990.12.06 Los Angeles, CA Wiltern Theatre.  (supporting The Cocteau Twins)

1990.12.08 Hollywood, CA Lingerie Club    

1990.12.11 Tokyo FM Radio Hall      

1990.12.12 Tokyo FM Radio Hall    

1990.12.14 Osaka Muse Hall   (supporting Secret Goldfish)

1990.12.15 Nagoya Club Quattro


1991.03.14 Warwick Warwick University  (supported by James Taylor Quartet)

1991.03.15 New Cross, London The Venue (supported by Blur & Moose)

1991.03.16 Windsor The Old Trout  (supported by The Cacti Tribe)

Lush and Ride US Tour

1991.03.20 Asbury Park, NJ Fast Lane

1991.03.21 Purchase, NY SUNY Performing Arts Center

1991.03.22 Providence, RI Campus Club

1991.03.23 Boston, MA Paradise Club   (with Ride)

1991.03.26 Toronto, Ontario RPM    (with Ride)

1991.03.27 Detroit, MI Latin Quarter  (with Ride)

1991.03.28 Cleveland, OH Empire Club  (with Ride)

1991.03.29 Cincinnati, OH Bogart's   (with Ride)

1991.03.30 Chicago, IL Cabaret Metro    (with Ride)

1991.04.01 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue   (with Ride)

1991.04.03 Denver, CO Gothic Theatre    (with Ride)

1991.04.06 Sacramento, CA Cattle Club  (with Ride)

1991.04.07 Palo Alto The Edge    (with Ride)

1991.04.08 San Francisco, CA I-Beam   (with Ride)

April 10-11, 1991 The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA (with Ride)

12th April: Long Beach Bogarts.

1991.04.13 San Diego, CA SDSU  (supporting Sisters of Mercy, with Danielle Dax)

1991.04.14 Irvine, CA Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre    (supporting Sisters of Mercy & Gene Loves Jezebel, with Danielle Dax)

1991.04.16 Dallas , TX Deep Ellum  (with Ride)

1991.04.17 Austin, TX Backroom  (with Ride)

1991.04.18 Houston, TX Numbers   (with Ride)

19th April: New Orleans Tipitina's

1991.04.20 Atlanta, GA Cotton Club  (with Ride)

1991.04.22 Chappel Hill, NC Cat's Cradle   (with Ride)

1991.04.23 Washington, DC 9:30 Club   (with Ride)

1991.04.24 Washington, DC 9:30 Club   (with Ride)

25th April: Harrisburg Club Met

1991.04.26 Philadelphia, PA Theatre Of Living Arts  (with Ride)

1991.04.27 Troy, NY Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Fieldhouse  (supporting Jane's Addiction)

1991.04.28 Portland, ME Cumberland County Civic Centre        

1991.04.29 New York, NY Marquee     (supported by Smashing Orange)

1991.04.30 Fitchburg, MA Wallace Civic Centre  (supported by Jane's Addiction)

1991.05.01 Warwick, RI Rocky Point Palladium  

5th May: Chicago Riviera. (Supporting Sisters Of Mercy.) 7th May: Pittsburgh AJ Palumbo Centre. (Supporting Janes Addiction.)

1991.06.28 Kobenhaven, Denmark Roskilde Festival (supporting Sisters of Mercy, with Stereo MC's)

1991.06.30 Giessen, Germany Bizarre Festival  (supporting Iggy Pop & House of Love)

9th July: Leysin Festival, Switzerland

Black Spring Tour

1991.10.07 Lancashire  Colne Municipal Hall   (supported by Gallon Drunk & Nature Things)

1991.10.08 Northampton Irish Centre (supported by Gallon Drunk)

1991.10.09 Powys Square Tabernacle, London, ENG (venue changed from Kensington Imperial College, supported by Gallon Drunk & Stereolab)

1991.10.10 London  Rocket Theatre (Changed from North London Polytechnic, supported by Soul Family Sensation)

1991.10.11 London  Queen Mary College (supported by Spirea X & Rockinbirds)

1991.10.12 London New Cross Venue  (supported by Shelleyann Orphan & Heide Berry)

1991.10.18 Lille, France L'Aéronef (Les Inrockuptibles music festival, supported by Blur & Pulp)

1991.10.19 Paris, France La Cigale (Les Inrockuptibles music festival)

1991.10.21 Queensbury, UK Bradford University   (supported by Gallon Drunk)

1991.10.22 Glasgow Mayfair        

1991.10.23 Manchester UMIST        

1991.10.24 Sheffield Sheffield University        

1991.10.25 Colchester Essex University        

1991.10 26 Cambridge Junction        

1991.10.27 Bristol Bierkeller        

1991.10.28 Wolverhampton Fox's        

1991.10.29 Portsmouth Polytechnic        

1991.11.03 Cambridge, England Junction  (Up The Junction TV recording)

1991.12.19 London ULU   (supporting Ride. This was Steve Rippon's last show)


Spooky World Tour - UK Leg

1992.01.31 Dublin McGonagles Rock Garden

1992.02.01 Belfast Conor Hall

1992.02.04 Reading Reading University  (supported by Spitfire)

1992.02.05 Cambridge, England Junction      

1992.02.06 Leicester Polytechnic      

1992.02.07 Northampton Roadmenders      

1992.02.08 London Town & Country Club

1992.02.09 Norwich UEA    

11th February: Leeds Polytechnic

1992.02.12 Middlesborough Riverside        

1992.02.13 Newcastle Polytechnic      

1992.02.14 Preston Polytechnic      

1992.02.15 Glasgow QMU      

1992.02.16 Edinburgh Queens Hall    

1992.02.17 Aberdeen Pelican Club        

1992.02.19 Southampton Southampton University        

1992.02.20 Bath Pavillion        

1992.02.21 Cheltenham Town Hall        

1992.02.22 Torquay English Riviera Centre        

1992.02.24 Birmingham Institute        

1992.02.25 Manchester Polytechnic        

1992.02.26 Sheffield Polytechnic        

1992.02.27 Liverpool Liverpool University        

1992.02.28 London New Cross Venue   (supported by Pulp)

Spooky World Tour - North America Leg

1992.03.13 Milwaukee, WI The Rave        

1992.03.14 Minneapolis, MN 1st Avenue (supporting James & This Picture)

1992.03.15 Chicago, IL Cabaret Metro     (supported by Catherine)

1992.03.17 Columbus, OH Newport Music Hall   (supported by Babes in Toyland)

1992.03.18 Detroit, MI St. Andrews        

1992.03.19 Cleveland, OH Empire Club        

1992.03.20 Toronto, ON Opera House      

1992.03.21 Montreal, QUE Foufounes      

1992.03.23 New Haven, CT Toad's Place  

1992.03.24 Providence, RI Campus Club        

1992.03.25 Worcester, MA The Pub        

1992.03.26 Boston, MA Paradise      

1992.03.27 New York, NY Ritz   (supported by Babes in Toyland & The Veldt)

1992.03.28 Trenton, NJ City Gardens  (supported by Babes in Toyland)

1992.03.29 Washington, DC 9:30 Club      

1992.03.31 Raleigh, NC Magellan's  (supported by The Flaming Lips)

1992.04.01 Atlanta, GA Masquerade        

1992.04.02 Athens, GA Tate Student Center  

1992.04.03 Tampa, FL Ritz Theater      

1992.04.04 Orlando, FL Beecham Theatre      

1992.04.06 New Orleans Tipitina's      

1992.04.07 Houston, TX The Vatican

1992.04.08 Austin, TX The Backroom  

10th April: Los Angeles Hollywood Palace. 11th April: Los Angeles Hollywood Palace. 12th April: LA Roxy. 13th April: LA Roxy

1992.04.11 Los Angeles, CA The Palace

1992.04.12 Los Angeles, CA The Palace        

1992.04.12 Hollywood, CA Aron's Records (in-store performance)

1992.04.14 San Francisco, CA Slim's (all ages)

1992.04.14 San Francisco, CA Slim's (18 + over)

1992.04.15 San Francisco, CA Union Square  

1992.04.16 Portland, OR Melody Lane Ballroom  (supported by The Flaming Lips)

1992.04.17 Seattle, WA Rock Candy      

1992.04.18 Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom

1992.04.20 Salt Lake City, UT DV8

1992.04.21 Denver, CO Rock Island

26th April: Washington DC 9:30 Club. (With Babes In Toyland) 29th April: New York Ritz. (With Babes In Toyland)

Spooky World Tour - Europe Leg

1992.05.02 Hamburg, Germany Grosse Freiheit        

1992.05.03 Berlin, Germany  Loft        

1992.05.05 Lund, Sweden Marjeriet        

1992.05.06 Stockholm, Sweden Gladjehuset  

1992.05.07 Uppsala, Sweden Barowiak        

1992.05.08 Oslo, Norway Alaska        

1992.05.09 Gothenburg, Sweden Magasinet        

1992.05.10 Copenhagen, Denmark Loppen  

11th May: Hamburg Markethalle  

1992.05.12 Cologne, Germany  Luxor      

1992.05.13 Frankfurt, Germany  Batschkapp  (supported by Die Hexen)

1992.05.14 Lausanne, Switzerland Dolce Vita

1992.05.15 Geneva, Switzerland L'Usine/PTR        

1992.05.16 Basel, Switzerland  Kaserne Kulturwerkstatt        

1992.05.18 Lyon, France Transclub    

19th May: Rennes UBU

1992.05.20 Bordeaux, France Theater Barbey        

1992.05.21 Madrid, Spain Revolver    (supported by Usura)

1992.05.22 Toulose, France Le Pied          

1992.05.23 Montpellier, France   Salle Victoire        

1992.05.25 Joue le Tours, France   MJC   (supported by Mary Goes Round)

1992.05.26 Rennes, France L'Ubu (Supported by Swam Julian Swam)

1992.05.27 Paris, France Le Bataclan

1992.05.28 Brussels, Belgium Ancienne Belgique      

1992.05.29 Amsterdan, The Netherlands Paradiso        

1992.05.30 Utrecht, Holand Tivoli        

1992.05.31 Eindhoven, Holland Effinar      

1992.06.02 Stuttgart, Germany Universum        

1992.06.03 Munich, Germany Nachtwerk        

1992.06.04 Linz, Germany Posthof        

1992.06.05 Vienna, Austria Szene   (Supported by Philomena's Garden)

1992.06.09 Rome, Italy Arte Palladium   (supported Uzeda)

1992.06.10 Naples, Italy Havannah Club        

1992.06.11 Bologna, Italy Castel Franco

1992.06.12 Perugia, Italy ?        

1992.06.13 The Mithos Club, Meolo, ITY

1992.06.18 Tel Aviv, Israel Roxanne      

1992.06.20 Tel Aviv, Israel Roxanne        

1992.06.22 Tel Aviv, Israel Roxanne        

1992.06.27 Pilton, UK Glastonbury Festival (supporting Shakespeare's Sister, The Shamen & The Fall, with 1000 Yard Stare)

Lollapalooza '92 (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ministry, Ice Cube, Soundgarden, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Pearl Jam & Lush)

1992.07.16 San Francisco, CA Slim's    (Lollapalooza warm-up show)

1992.07.18 Mountain View, CA   Shoreline Amphitheater

1992.07.19 Mountain View, CA   Shoreline Amphitheater        

1992.07.21 Vancouver, BC UBC Field     

1992.07.22 Seattle, WA Kitsap Country Fairground        

1992.07.25 Denver, CO Fiddler Green        

1992.07.27 St. Louis, MO Riverport Amphitheatre        

1992.07.28 Cincinnati, OH Riverbend        

1992.07.29 Cleveland, OH Blossom Music Centre        

1992.07.31 Detroit, MI Pine Knob        

1992.08.01 Detroit, MI Pine Knob        

1992.08.02 Chicago, IL World Amphitheatre        

1992.08.04 Saratoga Springs, FL SPAC        

1992.08.05 Toronto, Ontario Molson Park        

1992.08.07 Mansfield, MA Great Woods        

1992.08.08 Mansfield, MA Great Woods        

1992.08.09 Wantagh, Long Island. NY Jones Beach Theater        

1992.08.11 Wantagh, Long Island, NY Jones Beach Theater (Only Lush played, due to rain)

1992.08.12 Stanhope, NY Waterloo Village      

1992.08.14 Reston, VA   Lake Fairfax        

1992.08.15 Scranton, PA Montage Mountain Performing Arts Centre        

1992.08.16 Pittsburgh, PA Starlake Amphitheatre        

1992.08.18 Raleigh, NC Walnut Creek    

1992.08.20 Atlanta, GA Lakewood Amphitheatre        

1992.08.22 Miami, FL Bicentennial Park    

1992.08.23 Orlando, FL Centennial Fairgrounds        

1992.08.25 Charlotte, NC Blockbuster Amphitheatre        

1992.08.26 Chicago, IL Caberet Metro  (not a lollapalooza show)

1992.08.28 Minneapolis, MN Harriet Island          

1992.08.29 East Troy, WI Alpine Valley Music Theatre        

1992.09.01 Atlanta, GA Lakewood Amphitheatre        

1992.09.04 New Orleans, LA UNO Soccer Field        

1992.09.05 Rosenberg, Texas The Woodlands (the Fort Bend County Fairgrounds?)

1992.09.06 Dallas, TX Starplex Amphitheatre        

1992.09.08 Phoenix AZ Desert Sky Pavilion        

1992.09.11 Irvine, CA Irvine Meadows    

1992.09.12 Irvine, CA Irvine Meadows        

1992.09.13 Irvine, CA Irvine Meadows    

15th September: Texas Fort Bend

Spooky World Tour - Asia/Australia Leg

1992.12.01 Osaka Club Quattro        

1992.12.02 Nagoya Club Quattro        

1992.12.04 Tokyo Chitta Kawasaki   (Supported by False Love)

1992.12.05 Tokyo Chitta Kawasaki      

1992.12.08 Sydney Marquee   (supported by Swordfish & Glide)

1992.12.09 Sydney Marquee   (supported by Screamfeeder)

10th December: Melbourne Metro

1992.12.11 Melbourne Palace      

1992.12.12 Brisbane Livid Festival (supporting Nick Cave, with The Clouds & Tumbleweed)

1992.12.13 Brisbane Palace      

1992.12.14 Perth Berlin Club  


July 21, 1993 ICA, London, ENG (4AD's "13 Year Itch" birthday, supported by Bettie Serveert & Underground Lovers)

September 11, 1993 Brixton Academy, London, ENG (supporting Rage Against The Machine, with Senser)


Split tour - UK Leg

1994.06.04 Sheffield Leadmill     (supported by Blessed Ethel)

1994.06.05 Glasgow King Tut's Wah Wah Hut       (supported by Blessed Ethel)

1994.06.06 Manchester Manchester University     (supported by Blessed Ethel)

1994.06.07 Birmingham Edwards No. 8         (supported by Blessed Ethel)

1994.06.08 Bath Hub     (supported by Blessed Ethel)

1994.06.09 London London Astoria 2 (supported by Blessed Ethel & The Fuzz)

Split tour - North America Leg

1994.06.13 Atlanta, GA The Point    

1994.06.14 Washington DC 15 Minutes        

1994.06.16 New York, NY Mercury Lounge    (supported by Cibo Matto)

1994.06.17 Allston, MA Local 186  

1994.06.19 Chicago, IL Double Doors        

1994.06.20 Seattle, WA Weathered Wall        

1994.06.21 San Francisco, CA Bottom Of The Hill    

1994.06.23 Hollywood, CA Luna Park      

1994.07.24 Hoboken, NJ Maxwell's

25th July: New York The Conan O'Brien Show NBC TV. (Hypocrite.)

1994.07.27 Cleveland, OH Odeon     

1994.07.29 Cincinnati, OH Bogart's   (supported by Weezer & Dillon Fence)

1994.07.30 Detroit, OH St. Andrew's        

1994.07.31 Chicago, IL Vic Theatre        

August 1, 1994 First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (supported by Weezer)

August 2, 1994 Mississippi Nights, St. Louis, MO

August 4, 1994 Ogden's, Denver, CO

August 5, 1994 DV8, Salt Lake City, UT (supported by Weezer & The Dambuilders)

August 7, 1994 Fillmore, San Francisco, CA

August 8-9, 1994 Glam Slam, Los Angeles, CA (supported by That Dog & Weezer (who were replaced by Sammy on the 9th). The PA system blew after 3 songs on the 8th and was rescheduled for the 9th)

August 10, 1994 Deep Ellum Live, Dallas, TX (supported by Weezer)

August 11, 1994 Abyss, Houston, TX

August 12, 1994 Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA

August 13, 1994 Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA (supported by Weezer & The Dambuilders)

August 15, 1994 Radio Music Hall, Washington, DC (supported by Weezer & Throneberry)

August 16, 1994 Avalon, Boston, MA (supported by Weezer)

August 17, 1994 Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA

August 18, 1994 Manhattan Center Ballroom, New York City, NY (supported by Weezer & Throneberry)

August 19, 1994 Rocky Point Park, Warwick, RI (supporting Live, with Weezer)

August 21, 1994 RPM Warehouse, Toronto, ON (supported by Weezer)

August 22, 1994 Le Spectrum, Montreal, QC (supported by Weezer & Throneberry)

August 23, 1994 Fast Lanes, Asbury Park, NJ

August 26, 1994 Reading, ENG (Reading Festival, supported by Sebadoh & Flaming Lips)

Split tour - Europe Leg

1994.09.05 Brighton, UK Zapp Club (broadcast on Radio 1, supported by Echobelly & These Animal Men)

1994.09.08 Bergen, Norway Hulen  (supported by Serene)

1994.09.09 Oslo, Norway Centrum    (supported by Three and Mortal)

1994.09.10 Copenhagen, Denmark Eigens        

1994.09.11 Cologne, Germany Luxor        

1994.09.12 Frankfurt, Germany Batschkapp  

1994.09.13 Amsterdam Milky Way        

1994.09.15 Hamburg, Germany Markthalle  

1994.09.17 Prague, Czech. Eden Hall        

1994.09.19 Vienna, Austria WUK        

1994.09.21 Fribourg, Switzerland Fri-Son        

1994.09.22 Milan, Italy Bloom        

1994.09.24 Barcelona, Spain Plaia de Reis        

1994.09.26 Lisbon, Psian Gartejo        

1994.09.27 Madrid, Spain Revolver        

1994.09.29 Paris, France New Morning (supported by Spring)

1994.09.30 Lyon, France B52's      

1994.10.01 Rennes, France L'Ubu        

1994.10.02 Antwerp, Belgium Pacific Centre        

Split tour - Asia Leg

1994.11.28 Nagoya, Japan Club Quattro        

1994.11.29 Osaka, Japan Muse Hall        

1994.11.30 Osaka, Japan Shinsaibashi Club Quattro    

1994.12.01 Tokyo, Japan Shinjuku Liquid Room (supported by Mama's in a Factory)

1994.12.02 Tokyo, Japan Shinjuku Liquid Room  (supported by Sky Cries Mary)

1994.12.19 Camden Dublin Castle    


1995.07.06 Kentish Town The Forum   (supporting Elastica & Boo Radleys)

1995.08.05 Cork, Ireland Feile Festival   (Blur supporting Elastica & The Boo Radleys)

1995.11.16 Bath Moles Club     (supported by Solar Race)

1995.11.18 Sunderland Sunderland University      

1995.11.19 Northampton Roadmenders      (supported by Pillbox)

1995.11.20 Camden Dublin Castle         (supported by Hooker)


Ladykillers / Lovelife UK tour

1996.01.10 Weybridge/Wycombe Humdrum (supported by Chin)

1996.01.11 Portsmouth Portsmouth University  (supported by Passion Killers)

1996.01.13 Colchester Colchester Arts Center   (supported by The Stand)

1996.01.14 Guilford Surrey University          

1996.01.15 Cardiff Gassy Jacks    

1996.01.17 Bournemouth Old Fire Station    

1996.01.18 Loughborough Loughborough University        

1996.01.19 Brighton Sussex University    (supported by Inertia)

1996.01.20 Coventry Warwick University          

1996.02.08 Atlanta The Point    (supporting Ben Folds Five)

6th March Buckley Tivoli. (Cancelled.)

1996.03.07 Liverpool Lomax    (supported by Coast)

1996.03.08 Leeds Brighton Beach      

1996.03.09 Sheffield Leadmill    (supported by Coast)

1996.03.11 Newcastle Riverside        

1996.03.12 Middlesbrough Arena  (supported by Coast)

1996.03.13 Edinburgh Venue      

1996.03.14 Glasgow Cathouse      

1996.03.15 Derby Derby University Student Union (supported by Inertia)

1996.03.17 Manchester Hacienda      

1996.03.18 Stoke Stoke University    

1996.03.19 Bristol Bierkeller      

1996.03.20 Birmingham Foundry   (supported by Inertia)

1996.03.22 Leicester Princess Charlotte        

1996.03.23 Gloucester Guildhall Arts Centre        

1996.03.24 Blackwood Miners Institute (supported by Novocaine)

1996.03.25 Exeter Cavern        

1996.03.26 Plymouth Cooperage        

1996.03.28 Tunbridge Wells Forum        

1996.03.29 Reading Alleycat        

1996.03.30 Nottingham Connection at Meadow Club        

1996.03.31 Cambridge Junction        

1996.04.01 Norwich Arts Centre        

1996.04.03 Camden, UK Electric Ballroom (supported by Bis & Jack)

Shaving the Pavement tour

1996.04.11 Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom (supported by Mojave 3 & Scheer)

1996.04.12 Seattle, WA Showbox Theatre      

1996.04.13 Portland, OR La Luna    (supported by Mojave 3)

1996.04.15 San Francisco, CA Fillmore        

1996.04.16 Hollywood, CA Tower Records

1996.04.17 Los Angeles, CA Whiskey A Go Go

1996.04.19 Austin, TX Music Hall (radio show)  (supporting Modern English & Poe, with Too Much Joy)

1996.04.20 Houston, TX Woodlands Pavilion (Buzzfest radio show) (supported by Gravity Kills)

1996.04.21 Dallas, TX Starplex (Edgefest '96 radio show)   (with Ruby)

1996.04.22 New Orleans, LA House Of Blues

1996.04.23 Atlanta, GA Masquerada      

1996.04.25 Virginia Beach, VA The Abyss  (supported by Mojave 3 & Scheer)

1996.04.26 Philadelphia, PA Trocadero        

1996.04.27 Washington, DC 9:30 Club        

1996.04.29 Boston, MA Paradise

1996.04.30 Providence, RI Lupo's    

1996.05.02 New York, NY Irving Plaza  (supported by Scheer)

1996.05.04 Toronto, Ontario Opera House      

1996.05.05 Detroit, MI St. Andrews Hall  (supported by Scheer & Mojave 3)

1996.05.06 Cleveland, OH Odeon   (supported by Scheer & Mojave 3)

1996.05.07 Cincinnati, OH Bogart's  (supported by Scheer)

1996.05.09 Chicago, IL Cabaret Metro  (supported by Scheer & Mojave 3)

1996.05.10 St. Louis, MO Mississippi Nights   (supported by Scheer)

1996.05.11 Lawrence, KS Liberty Hall        

1996.05.12 Minneapolis, MN First Ave. A (supported by Mojave 3)

1996.05.14 Boulder, CO Fox Theatre (supported by Scheer)

1996.05.15 Salt Lake City, UT DV8      

1996.05.17 Hollywood, CA Palace (supported by Mojave 3 & Scheer)

Festivals Tour

1996.05.31 Pittsburgh, PA Riverplex (WNRQ)  (supporting The Spin Doctors, with Stabbing Westwards)

1996.06.01 Washington, DC RFK Stadium (WHFS)  (supporting Garbage, with Jawbox)

1996.06.02 Raleigh, NC ?        

1996.06.06 Providence, RI Waterplace Park (WBRU)  (supported by Johnny Bravo)

1996.06.08 Mansfield, MA Great Woods (WBCN)  (supported by Pulp & Sonic Youth)

1996.06.09 Agawam, MA Riverside Park (WMRQ)  (supported by Verve Pipe)

1996.06.14 San Francisco, CA Shoreline Amphitheatre (KITS Live 105)  (supporting Joan Jett & Garbage, with Cast)

1996.06.15 Los Angeles, CA Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre (WROQ Weenie Roast, supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers & Garbage, with Fugees)

1996.06.16 San Diego, CA Hospitality Point (91X)      

1996.06.19 Belfast, North Ireland Queen's Hall

1996.06.20 Dublin, Ireland The Olympia        

1996.06.26 Tourcoing, France Festival    (supported by Wax Doll, a local french band)

1996.06.27 Paris, France Divan du Monde        

1996.06.28 Lorient, France Insolence Festival        

1996.06.30 Milan, Italy Sonoria Festival  (supporting Nick Cave, with Ocean Colour Scene, Sepultura, Bush, Super Furry Animals, Credit to the Nation)

1996.07.13 Balado, Kinross, SCOT (T In The Park festival, supporting The Divine Comedy, Beck & The Prodigy)

1996.07.14 Bristol, England Ashton Court Festival   (supporting Strangelove)

1996.07.17 London Oxford St. Virgin Megastore (1pm show)

1996.07.19 Stratford-Upon-Avon, England Phoenix Festival (headlining stage 2)

1996.07.20 Zeebrugge, Belgium Beach Festival    (supporting The Sex Pistols & Manic Street Preachers, with Sleeper)

1996.08.03 Spain Benicassim Festival    (supporting The Jesus and Mary Chain & Menswear)

500 Tour - US, Hawaii, Japan

1996.08.14 Cleveland, OH Nautica (supporting The Gin Blossoms & The Goo Goo Dolls)

1996.08.15 Toronto, Ontario Phoenix Theatre        

1996.08.16 Montreal, Quebec Cabaret Music Hall        

1996.08.17 Harbor Lights, Boston, MA (supporting The Gin Blossoms & The Goo Goo Dolls)

1996.08.19 Detroit, MI State Theater        

1996.08.20 Milwaukee, WI Rave Central (Summerfest Rockstage, supported by The Eels & Muzzle)

1996.08.22 Indianapolis, IN Vogue Theatre  (supported by The Eels)

1996.08.23 Columbus, OH Newport Music Hall          

1996.08.24 Toledo, OH Asylum          

1996.08.25 Pittsburgh, PA Starlake Amphlitheatre    (supporting The Spin Doctors)

1996.08.28 New York, NY Webster Hall        

1996.08.29 New Haven, CT Toad's Place    (supported by The Eels & Muzzle)

1996.08.30 Washington, DC 9:30 Club      

1996.08.31 Philadelphia, PA Trocadero

1996.09.03 Pamona, CA Glass House (supported by Imperial Teen)

1996.09.04 Los Angeles, CA El Rey Theatre        

1996.09.06 Palo Alto, CA The Edge      

1996.09.07 San Francisco, CA Fillmore (Chris' 30th birthday, supported by Imperial Teen & Muzzle)

1996.09.12 Honolulu, HI Groove        

1996.09.17  Shinjuku Liquid Room, Tokyo, JPN

1996.09.18 Shinjuku Liquid Room, Tokyo, JPN (The last time Lush ever performed)

European tour (cancelled due to Chris' suicide on October 18, 1996)

1996.10.25 Saint-Brieuc, FRA (Festival)          

1996.10.29 Logo, Hamburg, GER        

1996.11.03 Loft, Berlin, GER    

1996.11.05 Backstage, Munich, GER         

1996.11.07 Covo, Bologna, ITY

1996.11.08 Tunnel, Milan, ITY  

1996.11.14 Terminal, Nantes, FRA

1996.11.15 Café de la Danse, Paris, FRA

1996.11.16 La Laiterie, Strasbourg, FRA

1996.11.17 Live Music Hall, Cologne, GER

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