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setlist : Of The Girl, Breakerfall, Grievance, Corduroy, Light Years, Go, Given To Fly, Evacuation, Even Flow, Daughter, Animal, Wishlist, Nothingman, Better Man, Insignificance, Rearviewmirror

enc 1: Last Exit, Once, Black, Timeless Melody, State of Love And Trust, Fuckin’ Up

enc 2: Leatherman, Footsteps, Do The Evolution, Garden, Yellow Ledbetter

notes: EVERYONE is on tonight. Ed flubs the lyrics to the second verse of ‘Even Flow’ AGAIN. Prior to ‘Given to Fly,’ Ed says they are going to play it “under protest.” ‘Thin Air’ is on the setlist but as Stone gets ready to play it, he breaks a string, and we get ‘Wishlist’ instead, after which Ed refers to Stone as his “archnemesis.” Later, when they come out for the first encore, Ed asks for lights and then he and Stone hug, after which someone throws a half full beer at Stone, prompting Ed to say “if anyone fucks with him I’ll kick your fuckin ass!” When they came out for the second encore, Ed said something to the fact that they would only be playing rarities and said about ‘Leatherman’ that they had trouble learning it because they “couldn’t even find it.” ‘Footsteps’ featured the bluesy solo on harmonica, Ed sings the entire second half with his eyes intently closed. During ‘Garden’ Ed drops the second “I don’t show/ I don’t share” lines, and holds the last “stone” for what seems to be forever. Apparently only ‘Fuckin’ Up’ and ‘Ledbetter’ are on the encore setlist; the rest of the songs were audience requests, chosen on the spot by the band!