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setlist : Sometimes, Breakerfall, Corduroy, Hail Hail, Animal, Dissident, Grievance, Nothing As It Seems, Given To Fly, Even Flow, Daughter, Untitled, MFC, Habit, Better Man Present Tense, State Of Love And Trust, Rearviewmirror

enc 1: Brain of J, Do The Evolution, Light Years, Elderly Woman, Last Kiss, Once

enc 2: Soon Forget, Yellow Ledbetter

notes: “We’ve been here once before but that was a long time ago and its great to be back.” The band start *again* with ‘Sometimes’ before launching into a blistering ‘Breakerfall.’ Ed raises one of the Bugs t-shirts after ‘Animal,’ and wipes his sweaty brow with it. The crowd are perhaps the most ‘lively’ yet but too many people are crowd surfing and too many in the crowd surge right and left and are hurting people, which prompts Ed to say after the first chorus of ‘GTF’, “How ya doin’?” which prompts everyone to cheer. He responds, “I didn’t mean for you to yell, but I think that somebody’s underneath you all.” ‘Habit’ is introduced as a quiet little number, ‘Present Tense’ and ‘Once’ make a very welcome appearance and turn a very good show into a great one. Ed is in fine story telling form, with references to a little old lady he met, how songs have messages and sometimes become prayers, and talking about Mike Scott (from the Waterboys – Irish band – see: ‘Whole of the Moon’ tags from 1998), which gets a great reception from the crowd. The band play two encores, with the reception on the second occasion prompting Eddie to say ‘Be careful, that’s enough to give a guy a big head.’ Mike makes a rare appearance at the mic at the close of the show and in his very best Scottish brogue says, “Bye Scotland.” For the encores, Ed comes back out and tells us all a great story about the last time they were in Glasgow when he met a cleaner called Mrs. Mop who he dedicates ‘Soon Forget’ to. Worth note is that he says, “The last time we were here, which was a long time ago…” and is interrupted by a lot of playful booing (it was 23rd February 1992 so Glasgow was mildly pissed off about that) and he answers by hanging his head in shame then telling how he had a lot of laundry to do and how much of a mess his house was.