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set: Throw Your Arms Around Me [EV solo]

Sometimes, Breakerfall, Grievance, Corduroy, Animal, God’s Dice, State of Love and Trust, Nothing As It Seems, Alive, Daughter/(ABitW)/(WMA), Once, Lukin, Not For You, Light Years, Leatherman, Improv, Present Tense, Rearviewmirror, Go

enc: Do The Evolution, Insignificance, Even Flow, Wishlist, Better Man, Elderly Woman, Thin Air, Black, Rockin’ In The Free World

notes: Ed performs ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’ solo before Dismemberment Plan’s set. This beautiful venue is in the middle of the city square and the band clearly loves it. People were watching the show from upper windows and roofs of houses in the area. During the first part of the show, Ed waves to them and makes jokes about them – he also noted that he could see “some older folks” too in the windows and gives them a special wave and greeting. During ‘Daughter,’ Ed animates the crowd to sing along to the ‘Another Brick’ improvisation: “So … don’t be shy. Sing with me!” The ‘WMA’ tag lyric is changed to “white male Austrian.” Someone throws something on stage for Mike and he places it on his amp. Ed asks the crowd if they can see the moon (it is a full moon tonight!) because the band cannot see it as it is behind the stage. The improvisation before ‘Present Tense is very cool (lyrics: “I left home 3 years ago..when I came back I was all alone…”) and is just Ed and Mike solo. (It was suggested this is ‘I’m a Boy’ but the lyrics don’t match up with the Pete Townshend song … we’ll have to wait to hear it.) ‘Present Tense’ is also started solo by EV and Mike, then the band joins in. Ed drinks from a red wine bottle and sprays some of it into the first rows after ‘Go.’ Ed is wearing the monkey mask again during the first song of the encores. Before ‘Even Flow,’ Ed comments about the political situation in Austria, saying that many people had suggested that it would be better for them not to play there and that they weren’t even going to mention it [we knew this was coming] as the message is in their songs, but to not play in Austria would be unfair to those who didn’t support the government and he proceeds to give a “double fuck you” pointing both middle fingers out! ‘Thin Air’ is introduced as, “I guess this one is particularly nice under the warm evening sky.” Ed smashes the tambourine on his head during ‘RITFW’ and smashes the mic stand onto the stage at the end of the song. He returns at the end, taking photos and thanks everyone for coming. A great outdoor performance!