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set: Of The Girl, Grievance, Corduroy, Given To Fly, Animal, Red Mosquito, Pilate, Alive, Present Tense, Habit, Untitled, MFC, I Got Shit, Wishlist, Insignificance, Rearviewmirror, Even Flow, Go

enc: Sleight Of Hand, Light Years, Better Man/(Save It For Later), Timeless Melody, Do The Evolution, State of Love And Trust, Once, Black, Yellow Ledbetter

notes: An incredibly hot arena but the band is amazing and energetic. Mike is “on” and active with the crowd in front of him. Ed tell of how he watched a film from the last time they were in Prague and how piercingly cold it was, and how tough the Czech people are for enduring the cold last time. This time, Ed says it is “hotter than the devil’s asshole in here,” and comments how tough everyone is for sticking with them and then raises a bottle of wine and toasts everyone. Mike pretends to put his fingers into his ears while Stone is playing. During ‘Once’ Ed is all over the stage, standing on speakers and really being very enthusiastic with the crowd. ‘Yellow Ledbetter’ is played with all the lights on and everyone singing in harmony, everyone a pool of sweat at this point. As the band leaves the stage, Ed takes polaroids of the audience and is laughing and really seemed happy. Ed says this was the best show of the new tour to date. Live concert debut of ‘Sleight of Hand’ at this show.