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setlist : Sometimes, Breakerfall, Grievance, Corduroy, Given To Fly, Animal, Nothing As It Seems, Faithfull, Even Flow, Off He Goes, Elderly Woman, Insignificance, Daughter/(WMA), Rearviewmirror, Alive, Go

enc: Do The Evolution, Lukin, Wishlist, Better Man/(Save It For Later), Garden, Black

notes: Ed is in a chatty mood, proposing a toast to Dublin, mentioning that the crowd had waited two albums for them to come to The Point again. He adds, “That’s what we did … how ’bout you? What did you do? You all grew up. You all became a bunch of thieves. You broke out of prison just so you could come here (a note about a local news story about early release of political prisoners under the terms of the Good Friday agreement). Now you have a taste of freedom … here’s to your new found freedom.” Ed dedicates a wonderful version of ‘Off He Goes’ to the fair people of Donegal, noting “all six of ‘em are right over there.” After ‘Alive,’ Ed blesses the crowd with liquid from his wine bottle and Stone comments, “I think tonight was one of those nights where we probably shouldn’t have played that song.” Before ‘Go,’ Ed tells the crowd a lengthy story (full of Irish wit and wisdom) about a farmer, his son and his horses, which is a big crowd pleaser. ‘Go’ finishes with Mike making Hendrix/Townshend type contortions with his guitar while Ed sings lyrics from the Crowded House song, ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over.’ At the beginning of the encore Ed tells the crowd, “If you’re not goin’ we’re not goin’.” After ‘DTE,’ Ed mentions that Monkeywrench opened up for them in London and some of the members of that band used to be in Mudhoney and that the next song was written about one of their members, leading to ‘Lukin.’ After ‘Better Man,’ Ed says that if the crowd’s up for it they’ll play a song they haven’t played in a long time (and that the band would remember the fact that they tried it out in Dublin), leading to ‘Garden’ – definitely a treat. (He asks the front row for help with the second verse.) ‘Black’ is introduced as a tragic little song. At the end of ‘Black,’ Ed covers himself with black tape, climbs up on the speaker at the right hand side of the stage and jumps into the crowd, where he is treated with superhero respect. A fantastic finish to a great concert. Other highlights: a huge, magnificent Better Man (Ed made it disco!), dancing on the intro of ‘DTE’, ‘RVM’ – as good as it’s meant to be, while ‘Insignificance’ and ‘Lukin’ are powerful. Mike ON FIRE and the solos on ‘NAIS’ and ‘Alive’ were stand outs. Songs from Binaural are received like old favorites (although not particularly ‘Insignificance’) throughout and the Yield tracks never performed in Europe before especially (particularly ‘Given To Fly’).