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Dinner & Music in aid of the Pescadero Baseball Field. An acoustic show, with a variety of musicians gracing the small stage which was backed by minimal lighting. While singing 'Crying Like A Man', Joseph Arthur did a painting beside the stage which was auctioned off via a silent auction for $US1800 in aid of the Field.

Kevn Kinney, Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey & Josh Kantor: Trail Of Seasons

Steve Wynn, Linda Pitmon, McCaughey & Kantor: The Deep End 

Pitmon, Wynn, McCaughey & Kantor: Pascual On The Perimeter 

Chuck Prophet & Kantor: Wish Me Luck / Willy Mays Is Up At Bat 

Prophet, Kantor & Pitmon: Ford Econoline 

McCaughey, Wynn, Pitmon & Kantor: Blue Rickenbacker / Satchel Paige Said 

Joseph Arthur, Buck, Kinney, Pitmon & Kantor: Crying Like A Man 

Arthur & Kantor: I Used To Know How To Walk On Water 

Patterson Hood: Daddy Needs A Drink / Two Daughters And A Beautiful Wife