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'Heroes, Angels & Legends', A Night of Acoustic Music to benefit The Palapa Society of Todos Santos. Limited to 100 guests, with food provided by Michael's, the restaurant situated in the Galeria de Todos Santos. After speeches by the Palapa Society & their benefactors, in which plans for a new Palapa Center building were unveiled. The music started on the small courtyard stage.

Rhett Miller, Scott McCaughey, Kevn Kinney, Bill Rieflin & Josh Kantor: Wreck Of The Old '97 / You Belong To My Heart

Miller, Peter Buck, McCaughey, Kinney, Rieflin & Kantor: California Stars 

Miller, Buck, McCaughey, Gary Louris, Kinney, Rieflin & Kantor: Driver 8 

Kevn Kinney, McCaughey, Buck, Miller, Rieflin & Kantor: Trail Of Seasons / MacDougal Blues / With The People - King Of Birds 

Steve Wynn, Louris, Joseph Arthur, McCaughey, Rieflin & Kantor: Coney Island Baby 

McCaughey, Wynn, Buck, Rieflin & Kantor : Adios Half Soldier 

Wynn, Marc Perlman, Linda Pitmon, McCaughey, Louris & Kantor: Just Like A Woman 

Wynn, Buck, Perlman, Pitmon, McCaughey & Kantor: Isis 

Joseph Arthur, Buck, Kraig Johnson, Perlman, Louris & Kantor: Crying Like A Man 

Arthur, Kinney, Buck, Louris, Johnson, Perlman, Rieflin & Kantor: Travel As Equals 

Louris, Perlman, Johnson, Rieflin, & Kantor: Tailspin 

Louris, Perlman, Kinney, Arthur, Johnson, Rieflin, Chloe Johnson-Buck & Kantor: Save It For A Rainy Day / Blue 

Louris, Perlman, McCaughey, Wynn, Arthur, Johnson, Rieflin, & Kantor: Reason To Believe 

Kinney, McCaughey, Perlman, Pitmon, Johnson, Louris, Wynn, Buck, Karen Grotberg, Arthur, Johnson-Buck, Rieflin & Kantor: Straight To Hell