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First show of the Todos Santos Music Festival, with Peter Buck (& band) - Peter Buck (Guitar & Vocals), Scott McCaughey (Guitar/Bass & Vocals), Kurt Bloch (Guitar) & Bill Rieflin (Drums). Peter started off their set with 2 songs, & Peter, Scott, Kurt & Bill were the backing band to Steve, Kevn, Joseph, (& Scott who sang lead on 'Aw Shit Man' & 'Strychnine') For Ed Kowalcyzk's set, it was only Ed & Zac Loy on guitar. Scott joined The Autumn Defense on keyboards on Big Star's 'You Can't Have Me', & Pat Sansone joined on guitar on 'Blue' with The Jayhawks.


The Jayhawks soundcheck: I'd Run Away / Tailspin Old 97's soundcheck: You Belong To My Heart

Peter Buck soundcheck: Playhouse / I Can't Stand It (w/ Steve Wynn) / Isis (w/ Wynn) / Aw Shit Man / Strychnine / Honeysuckle Blue (w/ Kevn Kinney)

Ed Kowalczyk (w/ Zac Loy) soundcheck: The Great Beyond


Peter Buck: Playhouse / So Long Johnny / Honeysuckle Blue (w/ Kevn Kinney) / Pushin' Too Hard (w/ Kinney) / I Can't Stand It (w/ Steve Wynn) / Isis (w/ Wynn & Josh Kantor) / I Donated Myself To The Mexican Army (w/ Joseph Arthur) / Heroin (w/ Arthur) / Aw Shit Man / Strychnine (w/ Wynn)  

Ed Kowalczyk (w/ Zac Loy): All Over You / The Great Beyond / Supernatural / Seven / All That I Wanted / I Alone / Lightning Crashes Old 97's: Won't Be Home / Streets Of Where I'm From / Dance With Me / Wasted / W. TX Teardrops / Lonely Holiday / Guadalajara / Over The Cliff / Wish The Worst / You Belong To My Heart / Longer Than You've Been Alive / Mama Tried / Big Brown Eyes / I'm A Trainwreck / All Messed Up / Timebomb The Autumn Defense: Calling Your Name / Written In The Snow / This Thing That I've Found / The Sun In California / Huntington Fair / The Swallows Of London Town / None Of This Will Matter / Feel You Now / It's Just That Simple / Every Day / We Would Never Die / Sentimental Lady / You Can't Have Me (w/ Scott McCaughey)  

The Jayhawks: I'm Gonna Make You Love Me / Big Star / Stumbling Through The Dark / Angelyne / Take Me With You (When You Go) / Somewhere In Ohio / Smile / Tampa To Tulsa / Waiting For The Sun / Blue (w/ Pat Sansone) / Save It For A Rainy Day / Tailspin / I'd Run Away / Sedan Delivery / Until You Came Along