August 13, 1969 Wonderland Gardens, London, ON (Wonderland Pop Festival, with Frank Zappa, Alice Cooper, Terry & The Pyrates & Solid State)

July 18, 1970 Soldier Field, Chicago, IL (WCFL'S BIG 10 Summer Music Festival, with Chicago, Illinois Speed Press, Illusion, It Doesn't Matter, Happy Day, Pig Iron, Stooges, MC5, Leon Russell, Dreams, Joe Kelley (Former Shadows Of Knight Original Member), Mason Proffit, Bloomsbury People)

September 3, 1971 The Park, North Baltimore, OH (supporting Amboy Dukes, with Sweet Tain)

April 2, 1974 Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA (supporting Sly & The Family Stone, with Rare Earth)

November 10, 1976 Hirsch Memorial Coliseum, Shreveport, LA (supported by Sly & The Family Stone & Bootsy's Rubber Band)

October 17, 1978 Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX (Parliament/Funkadelic, Brides Of Funkenstein)

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