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Set List:

I Can't Explain Summertime Blues My Wife My Generation I Am The Sea The Real Me Punk And The Godfather I'm One Helpless Dancer 5.15 Sea And Sand Drowned Bell Boy Dr. Jimmy Love Reign O'er Me Won't Get Fooled Again Pinball Wizard See Me Feel Me

This sell-out show before 17,500 fans was reviewed by Tom Zito of the Washington Post (December 7): "Perhaps because it was their last night on a long tour schedule, or because of a PA system that steadily distorted Roger Daltrey's rustic, raw vocals, or because the mammoth hall echoed the vocals and Pete Townshend's screaming guitar surges, The Who just didn't have the snap, crackle and pop and the sheer energy exuded in a 1970 summer concert at Columbia's Merriweather Post Pavilion that attracted a gate-trampling 20,000. The spirit seemed present in showmanship form, but not in musical content... musically this wasn't the old wild-but-precise Who... the band sounded tired and sloppy, almost like a second rate rock outfit trying to imitate The Who... There were occasional flashes of former glory: Townshend leaping across the entire stage, sounding the bridge chord to 'Won't Get Fooled Again' just as he touched down... But these were exceptions. And the audience, bat hed in huge klieg lights aimed out from the stage during the final overture from Tommy, clapped wildly, especially as Moon demolished his drum kit in old Who fashion - at least one Who fan last night felt the group to be only an echo of an old tidal wave."

The show was supposedly recorded by DIR Radio for broadcast on the King Biscuit Flower Hour but it was the previous night's concert that was broadcast on March 31, 1974. (That show was rebroadcast on the KBFH December 29, 1974.)