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Set List:

I Can't Explain Summertime Blues My Wife My Generation I Am The Sea The Real Me Punk And The Godfather I'm One Helpless Dancer 5.15 Sea And Sand Drowned Bell Boy Dr. Jimmy Love Reign O'er Me Won't Get Fooled Again Pinball Wizard See Me Feel Me Magic Bus

A fine concert, which loosened up at an early stage when 'My Generation' developed into a formless jam. Townshend's introduction to 'I'm One' was met with some impatience: "It's all about - shut up for a minute and I'll tell you what it's all about - the song is all about a kid when he gets to that part of life when he feels he's just not worth a dime... It's like the fucking French Revolution. That's what they said in Chicago. They were crazier than you in Chicago. And after the show somebody said to me 'That was like the French Revolution.' And the promoter said 'You wait till you get to Montreal!'" This concert featured the last live performance of 'Helpless Dancer' which was subsequently dropped for the remainder of the tour. Again, the concert was dominated by the three epic length songs, '5.15', 'Sea And Sand' and 'Drowned', all explained by Daltrey. Keith Moon sang some of his 'Bell Boy' lines in French!

The Who celebrated their sell-out performance in Montreal with post show renovations to a suite at the Bonaventure Hotel which had been booked not to accommodate anyone in particular but simply to use for hospitality purposes. Unfortunately, the last person to leave left the lights on and the door ajar. This was spotted by a night porter who glanced inside and was horrified by the damage.

The police were summoned and The Who and 14 members of their entourage were arrested and jailed. Roger, who as usual had retired early to protect his throat and who'd played no part in the hotel destruction, was not best pleased. The following afternoon local promoter Donald K. Donald delivered $5,995.34 in cash to the police station and everyone was released at 1:15 pm. (John gave an amusing account of the incarceration in his song 'Cell Number 7' on The Ox's Mad Dog album in 1975.)

The episode caused the group to miss their scheduled flight to Boston but they eventually left at 4 pm in time for the show that night at Boston Garden.