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7th-9th with Johnny Rivers & The Chambers Brothers & supporting Love from the 10th.

On August 15th, Paul Rothchild and Jac Holzman come to the Whisky to hear The Doors. After their second set, Holzman and Rothchild approach the band and offer them a contract that very night! The Doors are excited but tell Elektra they need to think it over. Holzman and Rothchild return to New York and The Doors hire Max Fink as their attorney while thinking the deal over. On the 16th, Max Fink and Elektra begin negotiations. They sign on the 18th but it isn't until November of 1966 while touring in New York that they agree on a complete contract specifying seven albums among other details.

The Doors play their first set without Jim who is becoming more and more absent at the beginning of shows much to the dismay of the owners Phil Tanzini and Elmer Valentine. After the first set, in which Ray handles the singing, they are directed by the owners to track down Morrison. They locate him at his hotel, The Alta Cienega, where he is totally wired and spaced-out on a large quantity of LSD. The band eventually talks him into at least showing up on stage whether he sings or not. He is so out of it they even have to put clothes on him.

The Doors take the stage and Jim is obviously in another world. By the end of the set he is coherent enough to try and sing and tells the band to play "The End". Shortly into the song Jim's mesmerizing bravado quickly entrances the crowd and the club is deadly still with all attention on Jim. He slowly and quietly begins to sing the Oedipal section during one of the song's breaks. The place is still. Jim is gradually pulling the crowd in and they join in on his trip down the hallway. As Jim gets into the worst of it the band plays harder and louder in an attempt to drown out the extremely obscene lyrics but Jim is screaming with a force that cannot be contained. The band quickly brings the song to an end and jets off the stage. After this X-rated performance The Doors are fired by the irate club owner Phil Tanzini who is absolutely appalled by the song and does not care to hear about the Greek myth of Oedipus Rex.

The Doors are let go, but not so soon. This evening's performance takes place on Thursday but the band is booked through the weekend. After Phil's tirade backstage in which he fires The Doors, Robby asks if they should fill out the week and Phil agrees. The Doors play Friday and Saturday with their final show on Sunday 21st