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• 1/20/2019

Did this concert actually happen?

I have this old vintage concert Tshirt however no where does it have this place or date on their old schedules.

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• 1/10/2019
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• 12/28/2018

Unknown Venue June 1971

The concert mentioned in June, 1971 was at The State Fair Music Hall in Dallas, Tx. It is the one with Quicksilver, Chase, and ZZ. I was there. ZZ stole the show!

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• 11/15/2018

ZZ Top

I was a freshman at UT Austin 1968-69. ZZ Top, under that name, played the New Orleans Club on San Jacinto Avenue around Feb '69. Billy, Frank and Dusty were the band. That's the first time I heard them, and you immediately knew they had something special. They played the old Peter Green/Fleetwood Mac song "Rattlesnake Shake". Billy used his '59 Les Paul, Pearly Gates, and played thru a half stack Marshall with an overdrive boost.Two months later, April '69, I bought their first album at a recored store in Austin. And they had been playing under the name "ZZ Top" at frat parties before that. So I'm not clear about the timeline posted elsewhere on this blog that talks about how ZZ didn't form until Oct '69. Maybe that's when they made it official, but they were playing under the ZZ name months before that.

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• 11/8/2018

I can verify item on Jefferson Airplane concerts list.

JA did play Gaelic Park in NY August 15, 1972. Commander Cody and his LPA opened. Rainy evening. Skies opened up during JA. Grace and another woman came out to lead a chant to stop the rain. Didn’t work. Grace then said if everyone removed their tops, the rain would stop. She did. Most of the audience followed suit. The rain stopped, JA returned, but the rain returned shortly. All left the stage except Jorma and Jack. The harder it rained, the harder they played. But eventually stopped and Grace announced JA would play for free in Central Park the next day to make up for the rain-shortened show. (That also needs to be fixed on the list)

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• 7/25/2018

AEROSMITH fan licking Steven Tyler

I know this is crazy long shot but if anyone has a picture of a young red head at Shoreline Amphitheater Novemeber 3, 2006 licking Steven Tyler I'd be forever grateful. The one time I go to a show without a camera. Before crazy judgment I was only 19 😂
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• 4/15/2018

Billy Gibbons

ZZ Top 9/71 Memphis, Billy's wardrobe that nite was inspired by asking Bill Ham's opinion of what to wear to impress The Allman Brothers. Wet Willie opened. Crazy outfit!
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